Tips to protect your dogs from theft following spate of Kilkenny incidents

Christopher Dunne


Christopher Dunne


Tips to protect your dogs from theft following spate of Kilkenny incidents

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'Dog-napping’ incidents have increased across Kilkenny city and county in recent months and local Gardaí continue to issue advice to all local dog owners in a bid to deter such criminal activity.

Below are six pieces of advice from An Garda Síochána that’ll make dog theft more difficult for criminals:

Get your dog microchipped - It’s the law, and makes dogs easier to identify if found, especially if found quickly.

Keep your dog in sight - Even in the garden! Thieves take advantage of unsupervised dogs, especially if they notice patterns of time when they are continually unsupervised.

Think about CCTV - It can help keep your dog safe at home and give you more peace of mind, especially if your dog is a high value breed.

Don’t tie your dog up in public - Leaving your dog outside a shop, for example, creates an ideal opportunity for thieves.

Report theft immediately - It’s important to act quickly when reporting dog theft to Gardaí and may significantly improve outcomes.

Only buy from a trusted source - When buying a dog, check out the seller. Only buy from a reputable seller or you may unknowingly be supporting criminal activity.

Some additional tips from Blue Cross:

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car, even for a few minutes. 

Take clear photographs of your dog from various angles, and update them regularly. Make a note of any distinguishing features.

Ensure that your garden is secure and fit a bell to the gate so you can hear if anyone opens it.

Check references for people who provide dog or house-sitting services.

Vary your times of walks and routes; some dogs are actually targeted and snatched during walks.