Fenlon takes gold tally to 9!

Jordan Knight (Thomastown AC) crosses the line to win the boys under-11 60m sprint during the second day of the county athletics championships in Scanlon Park. Photo: Michael Brophy
DESPITE the unseasonal weather there were plenty of hot performances to warm up the athletes who travelled to Scanlon Park for the second round of the county track and field championships on Sunday.

DESPITE the unseasonal weather there were plenty of hot performances to warm up the athletes who travelled to Scanlon Park for the second round of the county track and field championships on Sunday.

There were some notable performances from individual athletes but there was also a good spread of medal winners among the clubs, especially in the younger age groups.

St Joseph’s athlete Aaron Fenlon, competing in the boys’ U-18/19 age group won the 100m and 800m finals on the track.

Those wins, along with the first place finishes in the javelin and the long jump, gave him a total of nine golds in this year’s championships.

Thomastown’s Jordan Knight had a good day also, picking up two gold medals on the track with victories in the under-11 60m and 500m finals.

He also took gold with a first place finish in the long jump competition.

In the walks Castlecomer AC athlete Nicky Connolly, who is new to the sport of race walking, put in a great performance along with St Senan’s athletes Isabel Morgan and Molly O’Shea who were both victorious in the respective events. Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) showed their strength in depth as a number of athletes gave great performances while their relay teams won six of the eight relay races. Brow Rangers will also be pleased with the performances of their athletes, especially in the throwing events.

The championships will take a break until June, when the third round will be held on Friday, June 24.

There will be sprint hurdles and 1,500m events on the track from 6.45pm along with high jump and discus events for girls and shot-put and triple jump for boys.

The programme will also include track events for juniors, seniors and masters with 800m and 3,000m races also down for decision.


Results, round two count track and field championships (club code: BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, NV = Nore Valley, SJ = St Joseph’s, SK = St Kieran’s, SS = St Senan’s, STY = Stoneyford, TT = Thomastown):

Girls’ U-8 60m: 1 Caoimhe Phelan (KCH), 2 Blaithin Holden (STY), 3 Ava O’Grady (KCH). Boys’ U-8 60m: 1 Leo McKiernan (STY), 2 Ben Wallis (SS), 3 Cian Farrell (TT).

Girls’ U-9 60m: 1 Ella Cusack (G), 2 Libby Murphy (SS), 3 Caitlin Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-9 60m: 1 Kielan Walsh (SS), 2 Aideen Keogh (SJ), 3 Aileen Lawlor (SJ).

Girls’ U-10 60m: 1 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 2 Saoirse Allen (SS), 3 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH). Boys’ U-10 60m: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Cian Dunne (KCH), 3 Cian Farrell (KCH).

Girls’ U-11 60m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 3 Anna Cass (TT). Boys’ U-11 60m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 3 Darragh Whelan (KCH).

Girls’ U-8 200m: 1 Caoimhe Phelan (KCH), 2 Blaithin Holden (STY), 3 Mairead Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-8 200m: 1 Leo McKiernan (STY), 2 Ben Wallis (SS), 3 Billy Fitzpatrick (KCH).

Girls’ U-9 200m: 1 Libby Murphy (SS), 2 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Ella Cusack (G). Boys’ U-9 200m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Aidan Kehoe (SJ), 3 Cian Walsh (SS).

Girls’ U-10 200m: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Emma Manogue (KCH), 3 Aoife Redmond (SS). Boys’ U-10 200m: 1 Thomas Mullally (SJ), 3 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 3 Billy Power (TT).

Boys’ U-12 200m: 1 Rory O’Connor (SJ), 2 Gavin Manning (G), 3 Jack Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-13 200m: 1 Jack Elliott (SJ), 2 Sam Sutton (SJ), 3 Darragh Maher (KCH). Boys’ U-14 200m: 1 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Aaron Donnelly (SS), 3 Ritchie Murphy (SJ). Boys’ U-15 200m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Ben Sutton (SJ), 3 Ryan Poyntz (KCH). Boys’ U-16 200m: 1 Eamon Fennelly (KCH), 2 Mateuz Pieterzkyowski (SK), 3 Jonathan Crowley (SS). Boys’ U-17 200m: 1 Callan Byrne (KCH), 2 Aaron Barron (KCH), 3 Paul Manning (SJ). Boys’ U-18/19 200m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Kevin Murphy (KCH).

Girls’ U-12 80m: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Orla O’Keeffe (TT). Girls’ U-13 80m: 1 Alice Monaghan (SS), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Emily Taylor (TT). Girls’ U-14 80m: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH), 2 Katie Murphy (SS), 3 Lorna Monaghan (SS). Girls’ U-15 100m: 1 Maeve Shaw (KCH), 2 Aisling Morrissey (KCH), 3 Sarah Lawlor (SJ). Girls’ U-16 100m: 1 Mia Griffin (SJ), 2 Aisling McDonagh (KCH). Girls’ U-17 100m: 1 Sophie Becker (SJ), 2 Emer O’Donoghue (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 100m: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ), 2 Cliona Quirke (BR), 3 Aoife Cody (BR).

Girls’ U-11 500m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 3 Eve O’Dwyer (G). Boys’ U-11 500m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 3 Jack Murphy (CC). Girls’ U-12 500m: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 3 Tara Ramaswamey (SS). Girls’ U-13 500m: 1 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Aoife Allen (SS). Girls’ U-14 500m: 1 Katie Murphy (SS), 2 Laoise Murray (KCH), 3 Hannah Murphy (CC).

Boys’ U-12 800m: 1 Rory O’Connor (SJ), 2 Gavin Manning (G), 3 Jack Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-13 800m: 1 Conor Clarke (CC), 2 Darragh Maher (KCH), 3 Luke Whelan (KCH). Boys’ U-14 800m: 1 Adam Fitzpatrick, 2 Aaron Donnelly (SS), 3 Colm Murphy (KCH). Boys’ U-15 800m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 David O’Connor (SJ), 3 John Nolan (KCH). Boys’ U-16 800m: 1 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 2 Eamon Fennelly (KCH), 3 Tommy Bric (G). Boys’ U-17 800m: 1 J.J. Kelly (BR), 2 Craig Byrne (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 800m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Andrew Dowd (SJ).

Girls’ U-18/19 300m: 1 Aoife Coady (BR).

Girls’ U-14 walk: 1 Molly O’Shea (SS), 2 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Lizzy Buckley (TT). Boys’ U-14 walk: 1 Nicky Connolly (CC), 2 Thomas Sheridan (SS), 3 Colm Murphy (KCH). Girls’ U-15 walk: 1 Isabel Morgan (SS), 2 Aoife McDonald (SJ).

Girls’ U-10 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-10 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 St Senan’s. Girls’ U-12 4x100m relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-12 4x100m relay: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 St Senan’s, 3 Castlecomer. Girls’ U-14 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-14 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s. Girls’ U-16 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-16 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 KCH.

Girls’ U-12 high jump: 1 Kym Jolly (SS), 2 Jennifer McGee (KCH), 3 Allanna O’Neill (KCH). Girls’ U-13 high jump: 1 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 2 Hannah Kelly (KCH), Emily Taylor (TT).

Girls’ U-10 shot-put: 1 Victoria Lupton (SK), 2 Niamh O’Keeffe (SS), 3 Amelie Bolger (CC). Girls’ U-11 shot-put: 1 Katie Hynes (KCH), 2 Eadoin Coady (BR), 3 Aine Kirwan (TT). Girls’ U-12 shot-put: 1 Shauna Coady (BR), 2 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Kate Cullen (BR). Girls’ U-13 shot-put: 1 Therese Kelly (BR), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Hannah Kelly (KCH). Girls’ U-14 shot-put: 1 Dearbhal O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Saoirse Delaney (SS), 3 Grainne Kelly (BR). Girls’ U-15 shot-put: 1 Sinead McEvoy (SS), 2 Sinead Tuohy (KCH), 3 Shannon Treacy (SS). Girls’ U-16 shot-put: 1 Aoife Naddy (G), 2 Aisling McDonagh (KCH), 3 Ailish O’Shea (TT). Girls’ U-17 shot-put: 1 Eimear O’Donohue (KCH), 2 Ciara Tracey (KCH). Girls’ U 18/19 shot-put: 1 Cliona Quirke (BR), 2 Grainne Kenny (BR), 3 Niamh O’Shea (TT).

Boys’ U-10 turbo javelin: 1 Thomas Comerford (TT), 2 Kian Dunne (KCH), 3 Evan O’Toole (SJ). Boys’ U-11 turbo javelin: 1 Oisin Kelly (BR), 2 Liam Doyle (CC), 3 Darragh Mahon (G). Boys’ U-12 turbo javelin: 1 Tom Cullen (NV), 2 Jamie Power (SJ), 3 Michael Dermody (SK). Boys’ U-13 javelin: 1 Nicky Connolly (CC), 2 Lee Treacy (SS), 3 Daragh McDonald (SJ). Boys’ U-14 javelin: 1 Declan Buggy (CC), 2 Michael Power (TT), 3 Ciaran Maher (G). Boys’ U-15 javelin: 1 Ross Connolly (CC), 2 Darragh Raggett (KCH), 3 Math Cullen (BR). Boys’ U-16 javelin: 1 Jack Manning (KCH), 2 Adam Kelly (BR), 3 Ciaran Coady (BR). Boys’ U-17 javelin: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2 J.J. Kelly (BR), 3 Craig Byrne (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 javelin: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Brendan Hyland (KCH), 3 Andrew Dowd (CC).

Boys’ U-10 long jump: 1 Mateuz Balcyer (KCH), 2 Thomas Mullally (G), 3 Thomas Comerford (TT). Boys’ U-11 long jump: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 3 Brogan McAvinney (TT). Boys’ U-12 long jump: 1 Peter Dunne (G), 2 David Holland (KCH), 3 Cian Kavanagh (SS). Boys’ U-13 long jump: 1 Lee Tracey (SS), 2 Rory McGabhann (KCH), 3 Conor Clarke (CC). Boys’ U-14 long jump: 1 Tom Sheridan (SS), 2 Michael Power (TT), 3 James Buggy (CC). Boys’ U-15 long jump: 1 Ben Sutton (SJ), 2 Ryan Poyntz (KCH), 3 Dermot Coffey (KCH). Boys’ U-16 long jump: 1 Math Pieterzykowski (SK)., 2 Shane Power (SJ), 3 Ben Guilfoyle (SK). Boys’ U-17 long jump: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2 J.J. Kelly (BR), 3 Craig Byrne (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 long jump: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Andrew Dowd (CC), 3 Matthew Cassin (G).


The Leinster juvenile inter-club relay championships will be held on Sunday.

Start time at the Shoreline Sports Park, Greystones is at 10.30am.

Elsewhere Brow Rangers had seven medal-winners at the South Leinster schools athletics championships, which were held in Scanlon Park recently.

John Joe Kelly was second in the shot-put and discus while Cliona Quirke was third in the 100m and was part of the 4×100m relay team that finished third. Tommy Quirke was second in the shot in his age group.

All three athletes represented Castlecomer Community School.

Aoife Coady, who competed for Loreto Kilkenny, was second in the hammer and third in the discus.

Stoneyford 10k

All roads lead to Stoneyford this Sunday for the fourth annual 10k Challenge.

The race, a fund-raiser for the local primary school, has an AAI race permit and is open to athletes over 18.

There will be cash prizes for the first three athletes home (male and female) and bonus prize if the course record is broken.

Entry fee is E20 for 10k runners (chipped), E8 for 5k juvenile runners (chipped) and E10 for 10K walkers/fun runners. Runners can register online at or enter on the day.

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