Sunday success in Adamstown

That's my girl! - Ger Kirwan is a proud father after watching his daughter Aine win the girls' under-11 Leinster cross-country title for Thomastown AC at Adamstown on Sunday.
Sunday proved to be a day of great success for the Kilkenny athletes who travelled to Adamstown for the Leinster cross-country championships.

Sunday proved to be a day of great success for the Kilkenny athletes who travelled to Adamstown for the Leinster cross-country championships.

With races for juvenile uneven age groups, as well as intermediate men and women, the Wexford venue saw plenty of fine individual performances from the locals on Sunday.

The day got off to a great start when Thomastown’s Aine Kirwan won the girls’ under-11 race. Fiona Dillon from Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) also made the podium, finishing in sixth place to help Kilkenny win county gold while KCH also took club silver.

In the boys’ under-11 race two Kilkenny athletes made the podium, with Cathal Beirne (St Joseph’s) 10th and Jack Murphy (Castlecomer) 11th. The county team won silver medals while St Senan’s, led by Josh Fenton, packed well to pick up club bronze.

The county won team gold in the girls’ under-13 race. St Senan’s won the club silver with Aoife Allen (10th) and Nell Murphy (12th) leading the way while Ciara and Sinead O’Keeffe helped Thomastown secure bronze. In the boys’ under-13 race Oisin Griffin (St Joseph’s) had a brilliant run to finish in second place overall.

In the girls’ under-15 race St Joseph’s were again to the fore with podium finishes for Eva Roche (fifth) and Helen Hoynes (eighth). Together with Annie O’Connor and Ella Richardson (KCH), Katie Murphy (St Senan’s) and Hannah Murphy (Castlecomer) they secured county gold for Kilkenny.

Richie Hennessy (St Joseph’s) finished in 11th position to secure an individual medal. The county team, led home by David O’Carroll (Gowran), secured silver medals with Aaron Donnelly and Billy Delahunty (St Senan’s), Eoin Walsh (Thomastown) and Luke and Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH) completing the scoring six. St Senan’s won team bronze medals.

There was more success at under-17 level as Lauren Dermody (Castlecomer) led the county team to bronze medals and a place in the All-Ireland finals.

In the boys’ race Kilkenny athletes were to the fore as Peter Lynch (KCH) put in an excellent run to claim the silver medal. He was joined on the podium by Thomastown athletes Sean and James Power, who were fourth and 11th, while Cormac Buggy (Gowran) was 12th. With Michael Ryan (KCH) and Sean Buggy (Castlecomer) completing the team the county finished in first place, while KCH won club silver.

There was a double gold for the county at under-19 level. In the girls’ race Rachel Butler (St Senan’s) finished third and together with Aoibhe Richardson (KCH), Anna Sheehan (KCH) and Megan Morrissey (Thomastown) led the county team to gold. Thomastown won club bronze with strong runs by Sinead Whelan, Maeve O’Connor and Niamh O’Shea.

St Senan’s led the way in the boys’ race as Hugh Morgan (sixth), Oliver Mullally (seventh) and Conor Foskin (ninth) made the top ten. KCH athletes Luke O’Connor (11th), Tom O’Keeffe (12th) and Conor Quinlan (14th) completed the gold medal-winning county team. With Kieran Dillon-Dunphy finishing 18th St Senan’s bagged the club gold medals.

The large medal haul ensured Kilkenny will have a big contingent competing at the juvenile All-Irelands, which will be held in Waterford on Sunday, December 15.

In the men’s Intermediate 8k race there were just two athletes from the county taking part, but both made a big impact. Conor Rochford (St Senan’s) finished in fourth place while a great run saw Ray Lonergan (KCH) finish 10th.


Kilkenny results, Leinster cross-country championships, Adamstown (club code: CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, SJ = St Joseph’s, SS = St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown)

Girls’ under-11 - 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 6 Fiona Dillon (KCH), 13 Emma Manogue (KCH), 14 Marie Claire O’Dwyer (SJ), 18 Saoirse Allen (SS), 21 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 22 Anna Cass (TT), 28 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 29 Danielle Griffin (SJ), 31 Keara Ryan (KCH), 32 Katie Ryan (KCH), 39 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH), 56 Erin Foley (SJ), 58 Edie Maher (TT), 60 Aine Ryan, 65 Aine McDonald, 69 Ciara Mullally, 74 Emma Shortall (KCH), 87 Katie Clarke (CC) 96 Katie Taylor.

County: 1 Kilkenny (Aine Kirwan, Fiona Dillon, Emma Manogue, Marie Claire O’Dwyer, Saoirse Allen, Sophie Mullally). Club teams: 2 KCH (Fiona Dillon, Emma Manogue, Keara Ryan, Katie Ryan), 82pts; 4 St Joseph’s (Marie Claire O’Dwyer, Sophie Mullally, Danielle Griffin, Erin Foley Aoife Byrne), 120pts; 5 Thomastown (Aine Kirwan, Anna Cass, Edie Maher, Katie Taylor), 177pts; 10 St Senan’s (Saoirse Allen, Aoife Redmond, Doireann Knox, Clodagh Monaghan, Rose Sheridan), 264pts.

Boys’ under-11 - 10 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 11 Jack Murphy (CC), 20 Josh Fenton (SS), 21 Robert Finn (SS), 32 James Foot (SS), 36 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 41 Cathal O’Reilly (CC), 42 Adam Croke (SS), 43 Brogan McAvinney (G), 45 Michael Sheehy (TT), 46 Thomas Mullally (SJ), 55 Jordan Knight (TT), 63 Cian Farrell (KCH), 66 Colm Roche (SJ), 66 Billy Power (TT), 73 Jack Alymer (KCH), 80 Daragh Whelan (KCH), 92 Tom O’Shea (TT), 99 Charlie Miller (KCH), 100 Tadgh Connolly (TT).

County: 2 Kilkenny (Cathal Beirne, Jack Murphy, Josh Fenton, Robert Finn, James Foot, Evan O’Toole). Club teams: 3 St Senan’s (Josh Fenton, Robert Finn, James Foot, Adam Croke), 115pts; 6 St Joseph’s (Cathal Beirne, Evan O’Toole, Thomas Mullally, Colm Roche); 14 Thomastown; 15 KCH.

Girls’ under-13 - 10 Aoife Allen (SS), 12 Nell Murphy (SS), 15 Tara Ramaswamy (SS), 16 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 19 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 22 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT), 25 Ellen Ryan (TT), 27 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 28 Aoife Cahalan (CC), 30 Jane Rochford (SS), 36 Orla O’Keeffe (TT), 43 Chloe Mullally (SJ), 46 Eimear Holden (KCH), 49 Aine Phelan (SS), 51 Grace Mullally (SJ), 53 Shauna Finn (SS), 59 Kym Jolly (SS), 72 Aine McEvoy (KCH), 82 Linda Lawler (SJ), 106 Lily May O’Dwyer (SJ).

County: 1 Kilkenny (Aoife Allen, Nell Murphy, Tara Ramaswamy, Ciara O’Keeffe, Rachel Kelly, Sinead O’Keeffe). Club teams: 2 St Senan’s (Aoife Allen, Nell Murphy, Tara Ramaswamy, Jane Rochford), 3 Thomastown (Ciara O’Keeffe, Sinead O’Keeffe, Ellen Ryan, Orla O’Keeffe), 5 KCH (Rachel Kelly, Hannah Kelly, Eimear Holden, Annie McEvoy), 10 St Joseph’s.

Boys’ under-13 - 2 Oisin Griffin (SJ), 20 Lee Treacy (SS), 22 Killian Griffin (SJ), 26 Daragh Maher (KCH), 34 Jack Elliott (SJ), 39 Rory Aylward (TT), 41 Andrew O’Donnell (G), 46 Conor Clarke (CC), 48 Padraig Dempsey (SS), 50 Shay McEvoy (KCH), 52 Jack Mullally (SJ), 59 Killian Hogan (CC), 62 Dara Glynn (KCH), 64 Luke Whelan (KCH), 70 Ian Byrne (SJ), 80 Fiachra Knox (SS), 91 Jack Ryan (SJ).

County: 4 Kilkenny (Oisin Griffin, Lee Treacy, Killian Griffin, Daragh Maher, Jack Elliot, Rory Aylward). Club teams: 6 St Joseph’s, 8 KCH.

Girls’ under-15 - 5 Eva Roche (SJ), 8 Helen Hoynes (SJ), 16 Annie O Connor (KCH), 18 Katie Murphy (SS), 22 Ella Richardson (KCH), 26 Hannah Murphy (CC), 35 Emma Hokey (SJ), 38 Caoimhe Kelly (TT), 43 Anne Marie Maloney (SS), 69 Lorna Monaghan (SS), 70 Amy Redmond (SS), 75 Isabel Morgan (SS).

County: 1 Kilkenny (Eva Roche, Helen Hoynes, Annie O Connor, Katie Murphy, Ella Richardson, Hannah Murphy). Club teams: 7 St Senan’s.

Boys’ under-15 - 11 Richie Hennessy (SJ), 14 David O’Carroll (G), 18 Aaron Donnelly (SS), 20 Eoin Walsh (TT), 21 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 22 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH), 23 Billy Delahunty (SS), 37 Thomas Sheridan (SS), 43 John Nolan (KCH), 47 Aaron Redmond (SS), 48 Bill Cody (KCH), 55 Colm Murphy (KCH), 62 Eoin Maher (SS).

County: 2 Kilkenny (David O’Carroll, Aaron Donnelly, Eoin Walsh, Luke Fitzpatrick, Adam Fitzpatrick, Billy Delahunty). Club teams: 3 St Senan’s (Aaron Donnelly, Billy Delahunty, Thomas Sheridan, Aaron Redmond), 4 KCH (Luke Fitzpatrick, Adam Fitzpatrick, John Nolan, Bill Cody).

Girls’ under-17 - 13 Lauren Dermody (CC), 18 Ailis O’Shea (TT), 19 Michelle McDonald (SS), 21 Ruby Harvey (SJ), 25 Mia Griffin (SJ), 33 Kate Dillon-Dunphy (SS), 36 Ailish Conneely (SS), 38 Sarah Butler (SS).

County: 3 Kilkenny (Lauren Dermody, Ailish O’Shea, Michelle McDonald, Ruby Harvey, Mia Griffin, Kate Dillon Dunphy). Club teams: 5 St Senan’s.

Boys’ under-17 - 2 Peter Lynch (KCH), 4 Sean Power (TT), 11 James Power (TT), 12 Cormac Buggy (G), 15 Michael Ryan (KCH), 26 Sean Buggy (CC), 30 Craig Byrne (KCH), 47 Tommy Bric (G), 50 Patrick Maher (KCH), 52 James Nugent (KCH), 60 Jonathon Crowley (SS), 62 Jack Walsh (G).

County: 1 Kilkenny (Peter Lynch, Sean Power, James Power, Cormac Buggy, Michael Ryan, Sean Buggy). Club teams: 2 KCH: Peter Lynch, Michael Ryan, Craig Byrne, Patrick Maher.

Girls’ under-19 - 3 Rachel Butler (SS), 4 Aoibhe Richardson (KCH), 7 Anna Sheehan (KCH), 8 Megan Morrissey (TT), 10 Sinead Whelan (TT), 19 Maeve O’Connor (TT), 22 Niamh O’Shea (TT).

County: 1 Kilkenny (Rachel Butler, Aoibhe Richardson Anna Sheehan, Megan Morrissey). Club teams: 3 Thomastown (Megan Morrissey, Sinead Whelan, Maeve O’Connor).

Boys’ under-19 - 6 Hugh Morgan (SS), 7 Oliver Mullally (SS), 9 Conor Foskin (SS), 11 Luke O’Connor (KCH), 12 Tom O’Keeffe (KCH), 14 Conor Quinlan (KCH), 18 Kieran Dillon-Dunphy (SS).

County: 1 Kilkenny (Hugh Morgan, Oliver Mullally, Conor Foskin, Luke O’Connor, Tom O’Keeffe, Conor Quinlan). Club teams: 1 St Senan’s (Hugh Morgan, Oliver Mullally, Conor Foskin, Kieran Dillon-Dunphy).


Sunday - Stook 10 mile and 5k, Dungarvan Co Kilkenny, 12 noon ( National cross-country championships (juvenile even age groups and senior inter-county championships), Santry Demense 12 noon.

The KCH Fit 4 Life youth section meets on Wednesdays at the Water Shed (6 to 7pm) and on Saturdays in the Castle Park (11am to 12 noon) for supervised training. Training is open to people from 13 to 19 years, with no running experience needed. Cost is €2 per session.

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