Exciting finish to championships

Cormac Buggy (Gowran AC) on his way to victory in the men's 5,000m race at the County Track & Field Championships in Scanlon Park. Photo: Michael Brophy
The last round of the county track and field championships might have been blighted by bad weather, but there were some exciting contests and high standards achieved.

The last round of the county track and field championships might have been blighted by bad weather, but there were some exciting contests and high standards achieved.

A great turnout of St Joseph’s athletes ensured they returned to their Rosbercon base laden down with gold, silver and bronze medals. They should be favourites to win the Senior Club Shield in these championships.

There were some fine individual performances at the championships, which was held at Scanlon Park on Friday.

In the field events Sophie Parkinson (Gowran AC) won the senior shot-put, discus and hammer while Brow Rangers athlete Joe Kelly completed the same feat in the senior men’s competition.

There was another triple gold winner on the night, this time in the junior (under-20) competition, where Catriona Twomey (Kilkenny City Harriers - KCH) won the triple jump, long jump and shot-put titles.

On the track the Sean Kelly Shield for top female sprinter was retained by KCH athlete Louise Holmes. The Eamon Costelloe Shield for the championship’s top male sprinter went to Eoin Muldowney (Castlecomer AC).

In the 5,000m track event Gowran celebrated a double when Cormac Buggy won the senior title and Billy Holden the over-35 crown. The relay races were dominated by St Joseph’s, who won both 4x400m races along with the men’s 4x100m. KCH took gold in the women’s 4x100m.


Results, county track and field championships, round four, Scanlon Park (club code: BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, SJ = St Joseph’s, SS = St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown):

Junior women’s 100m: 1 Sophie Becker (SJ), 2 Sinead McDonagh (KCH), 3 Ailis O’Shea (TT). Junior men’s 100m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Paul Manning (SJ), 3 Matthew Cassin (G). Novice women’s 100m: 1 Anita Barry (SJ), 2 Susan Lanigan (SJ). Novice men’s 100m: 1 David Lanigan (SJ), 2 Sean Hokey (SJ). Senior women’s 100m: 1 Louise Holmes (KCH), 2 Anne Doyle (G), 3 Emma Fenlon (SJ). Senior men’s 100m: 1 Eoin Muldowney (CC). Men’s O-35 100m: 1 Paudie Barron (SJ), 2 Conor MacGabhann (KCH). Men’s O-50 100m: 1 Pat Power (SJ), 2 Muiris Bric (G), 3 Sean Hokey (SJ).

Junior women’s 100m hurdles: 1 Sinead McDonagh (KCH), 2 Catriona Twomey (KCH). Junior men’s 100m hurdles: 1 Matt Cassin (G). Senior women’s 110m hurdles: 1 Verena Fenlon (SJ), 2 Anne Doyle (G). Senior men’s 110m hurdles: 1 Sean Hokey (SJ).

Junior women’s 200m: 1 Sophie Becker (SJ), 2 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Junior men’s 200m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Killian Everard (KCH), 3 Brendan Hyland (KCH). Senior women’s 200m: 1 Louise Holmes (KCH), 2 Anne Doyle (G), 3 Emma Fenlon (SJ). Senior men’s 200m: 1 Eoin Muldowney (CC), 2 Killian Everard (KCH), 3 David Lanigan (SJ). Men’s O-45 200m: 1 Conor MacGabhann (KCH), 2 Tom McDonald (SJ), 3 Michael Power (SJ). Men’s O-50 200m: 1 Muiris Bric (G), 2 Sean Hokey (SJ), 3 Tom Cullen (BR). Men’s O-55 200m: 1 Pat Power (SJ). Men’s O-60 200m: 1 Marty Kelly (G).

Junior women’s 400m hurdles: 1 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Senior women’s 400m hurdles: 1 Anne Doyle (G), 2 Verena Fenlon (SJ). Junior men’s 400m hurdles: 1 Matt Cassin (BR). Senior men’s 400m hurdles: 1 Sean Hokey (SJ).

Junior women’s walk: 1 Ailis O’Shea (TT). Junior men’s walk: 1 Nicholas Dunphy (KCH). Senior women’s walk: 1 Maggie Helen Doherty (SJ), 2 Breda Hennessy (SJ), 3 Tracey Malone (SJ). Senior men’s walk: 1 Michael Ryan (SJ), 2 Michael O’Keeffe (TT), 3 J.J. Lawlor (SJ).

Senior men’s 5,000m: 1 Cormac Buggy (G), 2 Bill Carroll (TT), 3 Tom McDonald (SJ). Men’s O-35 5,000m: 1 Billy Holden (G), 2 Rocky Mernagh (SJ). Senior men’s 4x100m: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 Gowran, 3 St Joseph’s. Senior women’s 4x100m: 1 KCH, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 St Joseph’s. Senior men’s 4x400m: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 Gowran, 3 St Joseph’s. Senior women’s 4x400m: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 St Joseph’s.

Junior women’s triple jump: 1 Catriona Twomey (KCH), 2 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Junior men’s triple jump: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Nicholas Dunphy (KCH), 3 Paul Manning (SJ). Senior men’s triple jump: 1 Pat Power (SJ), 2 Conor McGabhann (KCH), 3 David Lanigan (SJ).

Junior women’s long jump: 1 Catriona Twomey (KCH), 2 Sophie Becker (SJ), 3 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Junior men’s long jump: 1 Brendan Hyland (KCH), 2 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 3 Paul Manning (SJ). Senior women’s long jump: 1 Emma Fenlon (SJ), 2 Verena Fenlon (SJ). Senior men’s long jump: 1 David Lanigan (SJ), 2 Michael Ryan (SJ). Men’s O-45 long jump: 1 Tom McDonald (SJ), 2 Conor MacGabhann (KCH), 3 Michael Power (SJ). Men’s O-50 long jump: 1 Pat Power (SJ), 2 Sean Hokey (SJ).

Junior women’s shot-put: 1 Catriona Twomey (KCH), 2 Grainne Kenny (BR), 3 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Junior men’s shot-put: 1 J.J. Kelly (BR), 2 Brendan Hyland (KCH), 3 Martin Mulhall (G). Senior women’s shot-put: 1 Sophie Parkinson (G), 2 Emma Fenlon (SJ), 3 Anne Doyle (G). Senior men’s shot-put: 1 Joe Kelly (BR), 2 Kieran Kelly (BR).

Men’s O-50 discus: 1 Larry Holden (TT), 2 Murty Kelly (BR), 3 Tom Cullen (BR). Senior women’s discus: 1 Sophie Parkinson (G), 2 Verena Fenlon (G), 3 Anne Doyle (G). Senior men’s discus: 1 Joe Kelly (BR), 2 Kieran Kelly (BR). Junior men’s discus: 1 Martin Mullhall (G), 2 J.J. Kelly (BR), 3 Ciaran Coady (BR). Junior women’s discus: 1 Aoife Coady (BR), 2 Grainne Kenny (BR).

Senior women’s hammer: 1 Sophie Parkinson, 2 Anne Doyle (G), 3 Grainne Kenny (BR). Senior men’s hammer: 1 Joe Kelly (BR), 2 Kieran Kelly (BR). Junior men’s hammer: 1 J.J. Kelly (BR), 2 Ciaran Kelly (BR), 3 Martin Cassin (G). Boys’ U-16 hammer: 1 Matt Cullen (BR), 2 James O’Neill (G). Girls’ U-16 hammer: 1 Therese Kelly (BR), 2 Emma Kelly (BR), 3 Darcy Huntcenson (G).


The under-9 to under-11 pairs and the under-12 and 13 individual track and field Championships were held in Tullamore on Saturday. This was a very successful day for the county’s younger athletes, many making the podium.

Particularly satisfied were Thomastown’s athletes and mentors, as the club brought home six gold, two silver and a bronze medal, along with the relay medals their athletes won with the intercounty teams.

Pairs results

Girls’ U-9 300m: 2 Caoimhe Phelan & Juliette Evans (SS). Boys’ U-9 turbo javelin: 2 Cian Farrell & Noah Manogue (TT). Girls’ U-10 60m: 3 Marita Kennedy & Aine Purcell (SJ).

Girls’ U-11 60m: 1 Fiona Dillon & Katie Taylor (TT), 2 Aine Ryan & Erin Foley (SJ). Girls’ U-11 600m: 1 Fiona Dillon & Emma Manogue (TT). Girls’ U-11 turbo javelin: 2 Erin Foley & Aoife Byrne (SJ). Girls’ U-11 long jump: 1 Katie Taylor & Ava Shefflin (TT).

Boys’ U-11 long jump: 1 Michael Raggett & Jack Aylmer (KCH), 2 Cillian Dunne & Charlie Mullins (G). Boys’ U-11 600m: 4 Cian Farrell & Jack Aylmer (KCH). Boys’ U-11 60m: 5 Michael Raggett & Cian Farrell.

Girls’ U-11 inter-county relays: 1 Kilkenny. Boys’ U-11 inter-county relays: 3 Kilkenny.

Boys’ U-12 relay: 3 Kilkenny. Girls’ U-13 relays: 4 Kilkenny.

Girls’ U-12 600m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT, championship record). Girls’ U-12 high jump: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 4 Isobelle Ryan (TT). Girls’ U-12 shot-put: 4 Kelsey Kehoe (SJ).

Boys’ U-12 shot-put: 3 Oisin Kelly (BR). Boys’ U-12 60m: 3 Jordan Knight (TT). Boys’ U-12 60m hurdles: 1 Jordan Knight (TT).

Girls’ U-13 600m: 2 Orla O’Keeffe (TT). Boys’ U-13 shot-put: 3 Kieran O’Neill (G). Girls’ U-13 long jump: 3 Jennifer Leahy (KCH).

The Leinster juvenile track and field team championships were also held in Tullamore recently. Kilkenny results are:

Boys’ U-9: 1 KCH (Brian Moore, Sean Young, Daniel Ring, Edmund Lauhoff).

Boys’ U-10: 3 KCH (Tom Greene, Billy Fitzpatrick, Ned Langton, Harry Boyle), 7 Thomastown (Oisin O’Reilly, David Holden, Ivan Bolger, Cian Farrell).

Girls’ U-10: 6 KCH (Orla Kenny, Orla O’Grady, Becky Peters, Isabel Roberts), 7 Thomastown (Marie O’Keeffe, Cliona Ryan, Tara Fenlon, Niamh Galway).

Boys’ U-11: 2 KCH (Mikey Raggett, Jack Aylmer, Conor Kavanagh, Eoin Deely).

Girls’ U-11: 1 Thomastown (Katie Taylor, Fiona Dillon, Ava Shefflin, Orla Walsh), 2 KCH (Rachel Leahy, Emma Shortall, Caoimhe Carroll, Tara McGuire).

Girls’ U-12: 4 Thomastown (Aine Kirwan, Anna Cass, Isabelle Ryan, Sinead Galway).

Boys’ U-12: 4 Thomastown (Jordan Knight, Stephen Neville, Thomas Comerford, Billy Power).

Girls’ U-13: 1 Thomastown (Ciara O’Keeffe, Orla O’Keeffe, Ellen Ryan, Dearbhla O’Reilly), 2 KCH ( Jennifer Leahy, Lizzie McGee, Emma Poyntz, Alannah O’Neill).

Girls’ U-15: KCH: Leah Raggett, Ciara Deely, Martyna Balcer, Ella Richardson.


The county road novice championships were held in conjunction with the Little South Run In Kilmacow on Sunday. Organised by St Senan’s AC, the event attracted 350 runners and walkers, who supported the Hospice and Rosedale Residential Home.

The winner was Brian Maher (KCH) who completed the four mile course in 19 minutes and 45 seconds. Gowran’s Tommy Evans had a fine run to finish third overall. Paul Moran (KCH) had a top ten finish with local athletes Conor Rochford and Sean Caulfield hot on his heels.

The men’s novice title went to Eddie O’Keeffe (KCH) with Tom O’Keeffe (KCH) second and Danny Shanahan (Thomastown) third. KCH won the men’s team prize and St Joseph’s silver.

The women’s novice race was a clean sweep for St Joseph’s. Sally Forristal was the individual winner with Elaine O’Donovan second and Anita Barry third. Team gold and silver also went to St Joseph’s.

Men: 1 Eddie O’Keeffe (KCH), 2 Tom O’Keeffe (KCH), 3 Danny Shanahan (TT), 4 John Maye (KCH), 5 Paul Sheehan (SJ), 6 John Richardson, 7 Colum Sheridan (SS), 8 David Lanigan (SJ), 9 Tom McDonald (SJ), 10 Conor Quinlan (KCH), 11 Chris McNamara (SJ), 12 Paul Manning (SJ). Teams: 1 KCH, 17pts; 2 St Joseph’s, 28pts.

Women: 1 Sally Forristal (SJ), 2 Elaine O’Donovan (SJ), 3 Anita Barry (SJ), 4 Mairead O’Donovan (SJ), 5 Emily Maher (KCH), 6 Susan Lanigan (SJ), 7 Kathy Carter (KCH), 8 Tracey Malone (SJ), 9 Helen McDonald (SJ). Teams: 1 St Joseph’s, 6pts; 2 St Joseph’s, 18pts.


Wednesday, June 18: County B championships, Grennan.

Friday, June 20: County race walking championships (road), Paulstown.

Sunday, June 22: Pink Rock 10k, Rosbercon.

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