Future stars shine on Grennan stage

THE WEATHER and setting made a fine team as Thomastown hosted the County Track & Field B Championships. A great evening of sporting contests was had by all, with Michael O’Keeffe and his crew providing everything in top order at Grennan.

THE WEATHER and setting made a fine team as Thomastown hosted the County Track & Field B Championships. A great evening of sporting contests was had by all, with Michael O’Keeffe and his crew providing everything in top order at Grennan.

Athletes who had not quite managed to make the medals at the County Championships were given a chance to shine and compete in a relaxed atmosphere.

A great turnout of athletes and mentors including new club Nore Valley (Inistioge) and a good contingent from a revitalised St Kieran’s club in Johnstown competed for the honours. All events were keenly contested and quite a few stars of the future were on show.

Girls’ U-9 ball throw: 1 Roisin Moran (Thomastown), 2 Saoirse Hayes (Brow Rangers), 3 Maeve Richardson (KCH). Girls’ U-11 ball throw: 1 Shannon Feehan (Castlecomer), 2 Keri Whelan (Thomastown), 3 Sinead O’Keeffe (Thomastown).

Boys’ U-9 ball throw: 1 Tommy Flynn (Brow Rangers), 2 Felix Lysaght (Gowran), 3 Oisin Kelly (Brow Rangers). Boys’ U-10 ball throw: 1 Patrick Brennan (Gowran), 2 David Holland (Gowran), 3 C. Keogh (Brow Rangers). Boys’ U-11 ball throw: 1 Lee Tracey (St Senan’s), 2 Conor Kelly (Brow Rangers), 3 Eamon Ryan (Brow Rangers).

Girls’ U-10 long jump: 1 Aine Kirwan (Thomastown), 2 Roisin O’Keeffe (Thomastown), 3 Roisin Dempsey (Thomastown). Girls’ U-12 long jump: 1 Rebecca Keane (KCH), 2 Elly Holohan (KCH), 3 Ella Richardson (KCH). Girls’ U-14 long jump: 1 Grace Richardson (KCH), 2 Aoibhne Murphy (KCH), 3 Ailis O’Shea (Thomastown).

Boys’ U-10 long jump: 1 Sean O Dornan (Castlecomer), 2 John K. Malone (Castlecomer), 3 David Holland (Gowran). Boys’ U-12 long jump: 1 Jack Barcoe (Thomastown), 2 Ned Kirwan (Thomastown) & Lee Tracey (St Senan’s), 3 Conor Clancy. Boys’ U-14 long jump: 1 Adam Kelly (Brow Rangers).

Girls’ U-13 shot-put: 1 Lauren Murphy (Brow Rangers), 2 Tanya Ryan (Brow Rangers), 3 Roisin Ryan (Brow Rangers). Girls’ U-15 shot-put: 1 Clodagh Cassin (Gowran), 2 Lauren Hayde (St Kieran’s), 3 Shannon Kavanagh (KCH).

Boys’ U-13 shot-put: 1 Kevin Dowd (St Joseph’s), 2 Liam Holden (Brow Rangers), 3 Colm Murphy (KCH). Boys’ U-15 shot-put: 1 Oisin Woulfe (Nore Valley).

Girls’ U-8 80m: 1 Saoirse Cullen (St Senan’s), 2 Rose Sheridan (St Senan’s), 3 Anna Connolly (Gowran). Girls’ U-9 80m: 1 Niamh O’Connor (St Joseph’s), 2 Katie Clarke (Castlecomer), 3 Roisin Moran (Thomastown). Girls’ U-10 80m: 1 Roisin Dempsey (Thomastown), 2 Tiffany Fitzgerald (Gowran), 3 Ella Dunne (KCH). Girls’ U-11 80m: 1 Hanna Kelly (KCH), 2 Shana Finn (St Senan’s), 3 Shannon Feehan (Castlecomer). Girls’ U-12 80m: 1 Ella Richardson (KCH), 2 Roisin Allen (Castlecomer), 3 Ellen O’Donnell (Gowran). Girls’ U-13 80m: 1 Aisling Morrissey (KCH), 2 Anne M. Maloney (St Senan’s), 3 Roisin Cody (Brow Rangers). Girls’ U-14 80m: 1 Aisling Barcoe (Thomastown), 2 Grace Richardson (KCH), 3 Orla Hogan (KCH). Girls’ U-15 80m: 1 Shannon Kavanagh (KCH).

Boys’ U-8 80m: 1 James Walsh (St Senan’s), 2 Alan Smyth (Castlecomer), 3 Daniel Hanrahan (St Kieran’s). Boys’ U-9 80m: 1 Jordan Knight (Thomastown), 2 Nicholas Kleijn (St Senan’s), 3 Josh Fenton (St Senan’s). Boys’ U-10 80m: 1 Sean O Dornan (Castlecomer), 2 Peter Connellan (Thomastown), 3 Patrick Brennan (Gowran). Boys’ U-11 80m: 1 Sam Sutton (St Joseph’s), 2 Jamie Holden (Nore Valley), 3 Lee Tracey (St Senans). Boys’ U-12 80m: 1 Jack Barcoe (Thomastown), 2 Oisin Aylward (Thomastown), 3 James Buggy (Castlecomer). Boys’ U-13 80m: 1 Ben Sutton (St Joseph’s), 2 Martin Cullen (Brow Rangers), 3 Nathan Kelly (KCH). Boys’ U-14 80m: 1 Adam Kelly (Brow Rangers), 2 Ben Guilfoyle (St Kieran’s). Boys’ U-15 80m: 1 Craig Byrne (KCH), 2 Oisin Woulfe (Nore Valley).

Girls’ U-8 300m: 1 Saoirse Allen (St Senan’s), 2 Rose Sheridan (St Senan’s), 3 Anna Connolly (Gowran). Girls’ U-9 300m: 1 Aine Kirwan (Thomastown), 2 Katie Clarke (Castlecomer), 3 Niamh O’Connor (St Joseph’s). Girls’ U-10 300m: 1 Tiffany Fitzgerald (Gowran), 2 Roisin Dempsey (Thomastown), 3 Roisin O’Keeffe (Thomastown). Girls’ U-11 300m: 1 Shannon Feehan (Castlecomer), 2 Hannah Kelly (KCH).

Boys’ U-8 300m: 1 Alan Smyth (Castlecomer), 2 Billy Power (Thomastown), 3 Daniel Hanrahan (St Kieran’s). Boys’ U-9 300m: 1 Will Fox (Castlecomer), 2 Josh Fenton (St Senan’s), 3 Felix Lysaght (Gowran). Boys’ U-10 300m: 1 David Holland (Gowran), 2 Patrick Brennan (Gowran), 3 Sean O Dornan (Castlecomer). Boys’ U-11 300m: 1 Sam Sutton (St Joseph’s), 2 Jamie Holden (Nore Valley), 3 Lee Tracey (St Senan’s).

Girls’ U-12 800m: 1 Roisin Allen (Castlecomer), 2 Emma Hickey (St Joseph’s), 3 Ella Richardson (KCH). Girls’ U-13 800m: 1 Anne M. Moloney (St Senan’s), 2 Roisin Cody (Brow Rangers), 3 Isobel Holden (Nore Valley). Girls’ U-14 800m: 1 Grace Richardson (KCH), 2 Sive Behan (Thomastown), 3 Aoibhne Murphy (KCH). Girls’ U-15 800m: 1 Shannon Kavanagh (KCH), 2 Lauren Hayde (St Kieran’s).

Boys’ U-12 800m: 1 Oisin Aylward (Thomastown), 2 James Buggy (Castlecomer), 3 Jack Barcoe (Thomastown). Boys’ U-13 800m: 1 Ross Connolly (Castlecomer), 2 Nathan Kelly (KCH), 3 Ben Sutton (St Joseph’s). Boys’ U-14 800m: 1 Ben Guilfoyle (St Kieran’s), 2 Adam Kelly (Brow Rangers). Boys’ U-15 800m: 1 Craig Byrne (KCH), 2 Oisin Woulfe (Nore Valley).

Girls’ U-13 walk: 1 Isobel Holden (Nore Valley), 2 Aoife Bowman (Nore Valley), 3 Adrienne King (KCH). Girls’ U-15 walk: 1 Isobel Hankin (Nore Valley), 2 Shannon Kavanagh (KCH), 3 Aoibhne Murphy (KCH).

Boys’ U-15 walk: 1 Craig Byrne (KCH), 2 Adam Kelly (Brow Rangers).

Girls’ U-10 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 Brow Rangers. Girls’ U-11 relay: 1 KCH, 2 Thomastown, 3 St Senan’s. Girls’ U-14 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 Nore Valley, 3 Brow Rangers.

Mixed U-13 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 Nore Valley, 3 Castlecomer. Mixed U-15 relay: 1 KCH, 2 Thomastown.

Boys’ U-10 relay: 1 Gowran, 2 Castlecomer, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-12 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 Castlecomer, 3 Nore Valley.


Athletes from Kilkenny Clubs travelled in large numbers to Tullamore for the Leinster Championships at the weekend. They competed with great success and the hard work over the Winter of the athletes and coaches was rewarded with considerable success all round.

With the top four from each event qualifying for the All-Ireland finals, which will be held on July 9 and 10, the results show that Kilkenny will be well represented - and to the fore - in many events.

There were many notable performers on the day and each club had their own star performers. A number of the athletes came home with more than one medal - double gold winners included Jack Saunders (St Joseph’s), Sophie Parkinson (Gowran) and John Joe Kelly (Brow Rangers). Kilkenny also had a one, two, three finish the under-19 400m with Jack Saunders, Ian Boland and Michael Lanigan filling the medal positions.

Results, club by club Gowran AC: Seppi Lysaght (1st U-18 pole vault, 2nd U-18 110m hurdles), Mary Ellen Doyle (1st U-18 3,000m), Sophie Parkinson (1st U-18 discus, 1st U-18 shot-put), Aoife Naddy (2nd U-14 high jump, 6th U-14 200m), Christine O’Donnell (3rd U-14 75m hurdles), Evan Foley (3rd U-16 discus), Sean O’Neill (5th U-16 100m hurdles), Bella Lysaght (5th U-16 80m hurdles), James Byrne (5th U-13 javelin), Grace O’Donnell (5th U-13 60m hurdles), Paul Lysaght (5th U-14 discus), Cormac Buggy (7th U-15 1,500m), Finn Connolly (8th U-15 80m hurdles), Sinead Naddy (7th U-16 high jump).

Thomastown AC: Sean Power (2nd U-15 1,500m), Aoife Holden (2nd U-14 javelin), James Power (8th U-15 1,500m), Ruby Harvey (8th U-14 1,500m), Maeve O’Connor (2nd U-17 2000m steeplechase).

St Joseph’s AC: Jack Saunders (1st U-19 100m, 1st U-19 400m), Paul Manning (1st U-15 200m).

St Senan’s AC: Bronagh Kearns (2nd U-18 3,000m), Orla Butler (2nd U-18 3,000m walk), Aoife Butler (3rd U-18 3,000m walk), Tara Lacey (3rd U-15 2,000m walk), Maggie Delahunty (3rd U-16 2,000m walk), Ailish Conneely (7th U-15 1,500m).

Castlecomer AC: Jack Brennan (3rd U-18 3,000m), Ross Connolly (4th U-13 javelin), Grainne Kenny (5th U-16 shot-put).

Brow Rangers: John Joe Kelly (1st U-15 discus, 1st U-15 shot-put, 3rd U-15 javelin), Adam Kelly (1st U-14 discus, 4th U-14 javelin), Cliona Quirke (1st U-16 shot-put, 4th U-16 discus), Katie Nolan (2nd U-15 discus), Matthew Cullen (3rd U-13 javelin, 4th U-13 shot-put), Katie Nolan (3rd U-15 shot-put), Patrick Darcy (3rd U-13 shot-put), Ciaran Coady (4th U-14 discus), Amy Nolan (4th U-14 discus, 5th U-14 shot-put), Tommy Quirke (5th U-15 discus).

KCH: Lauren Gleeson (1st U13 long jump, 3rd U-13 80m, 3rd U-13 60m hurdles), Luke Fitzpatrick (2nd U-13 600m), Evie Kiely (4th U-13 high jump), Keeva O’Brien (5th U-13 long jump), Jack Manning (5th U-13 80m), Ruben Pim (6th U-13 60m hurdles), John Nolan (6th U-13 600m, 6th U-13 long jump), Roisin Gogarty (1st U-14 javelin), Aisling McDonough (1st U-14 hammer), Jack Manning (3rd U-14 shot-put, 4th U-14 high jump), Victor Costello (2nd U-14 high jump), Anna Robinson (3rd U-14 hammer), Lorraine Hoyne Casey (5th U-14 high jump), Eimear O’Donoghue (1st U-15 high jump, 5th U-15 200m, 5th U-15 100m), Aaron Barron (1st U-15 long jump, 3rd U-15 100m, 3rd U-15 triple jump), Charmaine O’Donoghue (2nd U-15 high jump), Lauren Fitzpatrick (3rd U-15 80m hurdles), Craig Byrne (3rd U-15 250m hurdles, 4th U-15 high jump, 5th U-15 triple jump), Margaret Caldbeck (3rd U-16 200m, 3rd U-16 250m hurdles, 3rd U-16 100m), Anna Sheehan (4th U-16 800m), Sarah-Kate Lacey (4th U-16 100m, 4th U-16 250m hurdles), Cliodhna Manning (1st U-17 300m), Sinead McDonough (joint 1st U-17 high jump, 3rd U-17 100m hurdles, 3rd U-17 long jump), Catriona Twomey (joint 1st U-17 high jump, 2nd U-17 100m hurdles, 2nd U-17 shot-put, 4th U-17 long jump), Elaine McGeary (2nd U-17 100m, 4th U-17 javelin, 5th U-17 long jump), Jonathon Fitzpatrick (1st U-18 2,000m steeplechase, 3rd U-18 1,500m), Lorraine O’Shea (1st U-18 200m, 2nd U-18 100m), David McGeary (2nd U-19 long jump, 3rd U-19 200m), Ian Boland (2nd U-19 400m), Michael Lanigan (3rd U-19 400m).

County team relays: Girls’ U-13, 4th (Claire Kirwan, Keeva O’Brien, Lauren Gleeson and Sinead Touhy, all KCH). Boys’ U-15 1st (Aaron Baron, Aiden Tuohy, Jack Manning, KCH; Paul Manning, St Joseph’s). Girls’ U-17 1st (Elaine McGeary, Sinead McDonough, Catriona Twomey and Cliodhna Manning, all KCH).

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