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Cross-country season gets off to flying start

And they're off! Competitors in the girls' under-14 event dash from the start line at the cross-country race in Ballycurran Cross on Sunday.
The county cross-country season got off to a flying start when the first round of the championships was held at Ballycurran Cross on Sunday.

The county cross-country season got off to a flying start when the first round of the championships was held at Ballycurran Cross on Sunday.

The first golds of the day were won by the under-8 athletes, where Juliet Evans (St Senan’s) and Thomastown’s Conor Kelly (Thomastown) took individual honours. At under-10 level there were golds for St Senan’s Saoirse Allen (St Senan’s) and Billy Power (Thomastown), but team gold went to Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) in both races.

Thomastown secured another first place finish at under-12 level, where Ciara O’Keeffe also led her Thomastown team to victory. In the boys’ race individual winner Killian Griffin (St Joseph’s) also led his club to team gold.

The girls’ under-14 race was a closely-contested affair. Eva Roche (St Joseph’s) beat Ruth Kennedy (Gowran), but Katie Murphy (St Senan’s) challenged all the way to finish in third. Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH) won the boys’ race while St Senan’s won team gold.

At under-16 level Helen Hoynes (St Joseph’s) won gold with St Senan’s winning the team prize. The boys’ race saw Castlecomer’s Sean Buggy take the individual prize. Second-placed Luke Fitzpatrick had the consolation of team gold with KCH.

Rachel Butler (St Senan’s) continued her good form to win the under-18 girls’ race. Making an early break, she maintained her lead to the finish line, beating KCH duo Anna Sheehan and Aoibhe Richardson. The boys’ under-18 race was another hotly contested event with Peter Lynch continuing his rich vein of form to take individual gold. St Senan’s were the strongest team on the day and were led to the gold medals by second-placed Oliver Mullally.

St Senan’s have healthy lead in the quest for victory in the overall juvenile club shield competition. With 16 points they are four clear of KCH and St Joseph’s, both of whom will be hoping for more good results when the second round of races is held in Castlecomer (Kilkenny Road venue) on Sunday at 11am.

The women’s masters cross-country race for athletes in the over-40 age group was also held on Sunday, with athletes competing over a 3km distance. The race saw a battle between Maria Griffin (St Joseph’s) and Niamh Richardson (KCH), with the city club athlete winning in the end. Frances Mullally (St Joseph’s) was the bronze medal winner.

St Joseph’s, with a great turnout, won gold and silver medals in the team event. Some of their athletes have come from the Fit4Life programme.

In the 6km men’s masters David Farrell (Gowran) was a worthy winner. Together with Rodger Middleton (third) and Muiris Bric (11th), Farrell helped Gowran take team gold with 15pts. St Joseph’s were silver medal winners, five of their athletes finishing together to give them 18pts. Pat Young (KCH) won individual silver and led his team to the bronze medals.

Thanks went to the Grennan family, who hosted the event, and to organisers Tom McDonald and the St Joseph’s club.


Girls’ U-8: 1 Juliet Evans (SS), 2 Orla Kirwan (TT), 3 Maeve Bookle (SJ), 4 Aisling Brown (KCH), 5 Caoimhe Phelan (TT), 6 Caoimhe Power (TT), 7 Molly Hogan (CC), 8 Grace Ramaswamy (SS), 9 Mairead Mullally (SJ), 10 Sinead Carroll (KCH), 11 Katie Grace (STY), 12 Lily Doyle (SJ), 13 Molly Kavanagh (TT), 14 Orla Henebry (SS), 15 Laura Leahy, 16 Nicole Murray (KCH), 17 Sarah Mackey (SJ).

Boys’ U-8: 1 Conor Kelly (TT), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 4 Eoin Aylward (SS), 5 Shane Morrissey (SS), 6 Ben Beil (TT), 7 Shane Duige (SJ), 8 Noah Minogue (KCH), 9 Jack Johnson (KCH), 10 Jamie Walsh (SS), 11 Oisin Mullally (SJ), 12 David Sheridan (SS), 13 Alex Fennelly (STY), 14 Ray McEvoy (KCH), 15 Matt McAvinney (G), 16 Luke Brown (KCH), 17 Darragh Brown (TT), 18 James Fenlon (TT).

Girls’ U-10: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Emma Manogue (KCH), 3 Fiona Dillon (KCH). 4 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 5 Claire Mullally (SJ), 6 Danielle Griffin (SJ), 7 Emma Shorthall (KCH), 8 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH), 9 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 10 Erin Foley (SJ), 11 Aine Ryan (SJ), 12 Tara McGuire (KCH), 13 Katie Taylor (TT), 14 Aoife Redmond (SS), 15 Doireann Knox (SS), 16 Orla Walsh (TT), 17 Aoife Byrne (SJ), 18 Rose Sheridan (SS), 19 Tara Fenlon (TT) 21 Molly O’Dornan (CC), 22 Libby Murphy (SS), 23 Emily Murphy (CC), 24 Rachel Foley (SJ), 25 Sophie Williams (SS), 26 Caoimhe Kavanagh (SS), 27 Ella Buggy (CC), 28 Amelie Bolger (CC), 29 Kate Alyward (SS), 30 Bronagh (SJ), 31 Cliona Ryan (TT), 32 Nicola Galway (TT), 33 Rosyln Morrissey (CC), 34 Kalyn Doyle (TT). Teams: 1 KCH, 16pts; 2 St Joseph’s, 32pts; 3 St Senan’s, 48pts; 4 Thomastown, 57pts; 5 Castlecomer, 99pts; 6 St Senan’s B.

Boys’ U-10: 1 Billy Power (TT), 2 Jack Alymer (KCH), 3 Cian Farrell (KCH), 4 Thomas Mullally (SJ), 5 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 6 Michael Raggett (KCH), 7 David Williams (SS), 8 Charlie Miller (KCH), 9 Killian Dunne (G), 10 Jack Campion (TT), 11 Colm Regan (SS), 12 Aidan Kehoe (SJ), 13 Luke Ramaswamy (SS), 14 Danny Dowling (SJ), 15 Robbie Cord (KCH), 16 Joe Roche (SS), 17 Conor Johnston (KCH), 18 Thomas Comerford (TT), 19 Pauric Kirwan (TT), 20 Michael Brennan (CC), 21 Jimmy Maher (TT), 22 Peter McDonald (SS), 23 Shane Flynn (KCH), 24 Declan Murphy (SJ), 25 Alex Bailey (SS), 26 Jay McEnroe (KCH), 27 Keelin Roche (SJ), 28 Joey Ryan (CC), 29 Aidan Lawlor (SJ), 30 Patrick Walsh (SS), 31 Evan McCormack (TT), 32 Oisin Farrell (KCH), 33 Patrick O’Connor (SJ), 34 Donal Griffin (SS), 35 Michael O’Shea (STY). Teams: 1 KCH, 19pts; 2 St Joseph’s, 35pts; 3 St Senan’s, 47pts; 4 Thomastown, 48pts; 5 KCH B; 6 St Senan’s B.

Girls’ U-12: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Tara Ramaswamy (SS), 3 Aine Kirwan (TT), 4 Ellen Ryan (TT), 5 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 6 Orla O’Keeffe (TT), 7 Chloe Mullally (SJ), 8 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 9 Kim Jolly (SS), 10 Katie Bookle (SJ), 11 Katie Clarke (CC), 12 Anne Cass (TT), 13 Sarah Brophy (CC), 14 Kate Byrne (G), 15 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 16 Aobhinn Brophy (CC), 17 Lizzy McGee (KCH), 18 Aine McDonald (SJ), 19 Eidee Maher (TT), 20 Hannah O’Keeffe (KCH), 21 Cait Whelan (KCH), 22 Paula Lamas (CC), 23 Clodagh Monaghan (SS), 24 Kate Sheridan (SS), 25 Roisin Moran (TT), 26 Lauren Grace (STY), 28 Sinead Galway (TT), 28 Dara Murphy (KCH), 29 Shauna McGabhainn (KCH), 30 Cliona Dunne (KCH), 31 Sophie Kealy (CC), 32 Katie Hynes (KCH), 33 Caoimhe O’Reilly (CC), 34 Aoife Maher (SS). Teams: 1 Thomastown, 14pts; 2 St Joseph’s, 43pts; 3 St Senan’s, 58pts; 4 Castlecomer, 62pts; 5 KCH, 63pts; 6 Thomastown B.

Boys’ U-12: 1 Killian Griffin (SJ), 2 Gavin Manning (G), 3 Jack Mullally (SJ), 4 Ian Byrne (SJ), 5 Jack Ryan (TT), 6 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 7 Cian Kavanagh (SS), 8 Jack Murphy (CC), 9 Josh Fenton (SS), 10 Tom Holden (TT), 11 Brogan McAvinney (G), 12 Robert Finn (SS), 13 Paul Murphy (SJ), 14 Conor Campion (TT), 15 Fiachra Knox (SS), 16 Cathal O’Reilly (CC), 17 Kevin Malone (CC), 18 Finn Vogelaar (SS), 19 Jordan Knight (TT), 20 Mark Finn (SS), 21 Adam Cooke (SS), 22 Tom O’Shea (TT), 23 Sean O’Dornan (CC), 25 Jack Ryan (SJ), 26 Kevin Saunders (SJ), 27 Paddy Regan (SS), 28 Stephen Nevin (TT), 29 James O’Shea (STY), 30 Jason Byrnes (STY). Teams: 1 St Joseph’s, 14pts; 2 St Senan’s, 43pts; 3 Thomastown, 48pts; 4 Castlecomer, 63pts; 5 St Senan’s B.

Girls’ U-14: 1 Eva Roche (SJ), 2 Ruth Kennedy (G), 3 Katy Murphy (SS), 4 Hannah Murphy (CC), 5 Aoife Allen (SS), 6 Emma Hokey (SJ), 7 Grace Mullally (SJ), 8 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT), 9 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 10 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 11 Aoife Cahalan (CC), 12 Nell Murphy (SS), 13 Shauna Finn (SS), 14 Aoife Moore (G), 15 Caoimhe Kelly (TT), 16 Linda Lawlor (SJ), 17 Amy Redmond (SS), 18 Jade Maher (KCH), 19 Ellen Buggy (CC), 20 Caoimhe Kelly (G), 21 Laoise Murray (KCH), 22 Annie McEvoy (KCH), 23 Eimear Stone (CC). Teams: 1 St Joseph’s, 30pts; 2 Senan’s, 33pts; 3 KCH, 56pts; 4 Castlecomer, 57pts; 5 Gowran, 62pts.

Boys’ U-14: 1 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Oisin Griffin (SJ), 3 Aaron Donnelly (SS), 4 Eoin Walsh (TT), 5 David O’Carroll (G), 6 Tom Sheridan (SS), 7 Jack Elliott (SJ), 8 Colm Murphy (KCH), 9 Lee Treacy (SS), 10 Shay McEvoy (KCH), 11 Eoin Maher (SS), 12 Rory Aylward (TT), 13 Killian Hogan (CC), 14 Jeremiah Burke (CC), 15 James Buggy (CC), 16 William Wallis (SS), 17 Conor Phelan (SS), 18 Cian Shanahan (TT), 19 Adam Jacob (CC), 20 Nicky Connolly (CC), 21 Killian Byrnes (STY). Teams: 1 St Senan’s, 29pts; 2 Castlecomer, 61pts.

Girls’ U-16: 1 Helen Hoynes (SJ), 2 Grace Richardson (KCH), 3 Ailis O’Shea (TT), 4 Mia Griffin (SJ), 5 Anne-Marie Maloney (SS), 6 Isabel Morgan (SS), 7 Maedbh Delaney (CC), 8 Katie Dillon-Dunphy (SS), 9 Roisin Coady (BR), 10 Caoimhe Kearns (SS), 11 Sarah Butler (SS), 12 Eva Dowd (CC). Teams: 1 St Senan’s, 29pts.

Boys’ U-16: 1 Sean Buggy (CC), 2 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 3 Jonathon Crowley (SS), 4 Tommy Bric (G), 5 Richard Hennessy (SJ), 6 Billy Delahunty (SS), 7 Aaron Redmond (SS), 8 Bill Cody (KCH), 9 Ross Connolly (CC), 10 Eamon Fennelly (KCH), 10 Jack Walsh (G), 11 Ben Hamilton (CC), 12 Miguel Domequiz (KCH). Teams: 1 KCH, 32pts.

Girls’ U-18: 1 Rachel Butler (SS), 2 Anna Sheehan (KCH), 3 Eva Richardson (KCH), 4 Lauren Dermody (CC), 5 Sinead Whelan (TT), 6 Michelle McDonald (SS), 7 Niamh O’Shea (TT).

Boys’ U-18: 1 Peter Lynch (KCH), 2 Oliver Mullally (SS), 3 Cormac Buggy (G), 4 Hugh Morgan (SS), 5 Conor Foskin (SS), 6 Michael Ryan (KCH), 7 Craig Byrne (KCH), 8 Kieran Dillon Dunphy (SJ), 9 Liam Og Carey (KCH), 10 Alan Mooney (KCH), 11 Paul Manning (SJ), 12 Jack O’Kelly (G). Teams: 1 St Senan’s, 19pts; 2 KCH, 23pts.

Masters (O-40) women: 1 Niamh Richardson (KCH), 2 Maria Griffin (SJ), 3 Frances Mullally (SJ), 4 Breda Hannessy (SJ), 5 Katie Millett (KCH), 6 Mag O’Connor (SJ), 7 Siobhan O’Dwyer (G), 8 Eleanor Murphy (SJ), 9 Breda Roche (SJ), 10 Triona Foley (SJ).

Master (O-40) men: 1 David Farrell (G), 2 Pat Young (KCH), 3 Rodger Middleton (G), 4 Jack Carey (KCH), 5 Patrick Bookle (SJ), 6 Seamus Power (SJ), 7 Paul Keane SJ), 8 Rocky Mernagh (SJ), 9 Michael Power (SJ), 10 Bill Carroll (TT), 11 Muiris Bric (G), 12 Sean Hokey (SJ), 13 Mick Walsh (G), 14 Marty Kelly (G), 15 Kieran Cullen (SJ), 16 Willie McTiernan (KCH), 17 Jimmy Lennon (G), 18 Denis Cormack (G).


Sunday: County cross-country juvenile boys and girls (under-7 to under-19) and Masters men (over-45), Castlecomer 11am.

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