It was May, but it was like Winter

The athletics calendar may have said May, but the county track & field championships started in almost Winter-like conditions at an overcast Scanlon Park on Sunday.

The athletics calendar may have said May, but the county track & field championships started in almost Winter-like conditions at an overcast Scanlon Park on Sunday.

Despite the cold weather competition proved red hot with a good attendance of athletes from across the clubs in action. All clubs featured in the relays with Thomastown, St Joseph’s and Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) winning two sets of gold medals each.

In the individual event highlights, the senior women’s 1,500m race was won by Maria Griffin (St Joseph’s) with her club-mate Frances Mullally second. To add too the saintly clean sweep Tracey Malone won the over-30 section of the same race.

There was a golden finish for Lauren Dermody (Castlecomer) in the junior women’s 1,500m final. The men’s 1,500m race saw Peter Lynch (KCH) claim gold with Oliver Mullally (St Senan’s) and Tommy Bric (Gowran) having to settle for silver and bronze.

The senior men’s 1,500m race was won by Pat Purcell (KCH) with his club-mate Pat Young winning the over-35 section, where David Lanigan (St Joseph’s) claimed the silver.

In the men’s over-50 section, run over the same distance, Gowran athletes David Farrell and Marty Kelly secured gold and bronze with Sean Hokey (St Joseph’s) third.


Results, day one county track and field championships (club code: BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, SJ = St Joseph’s, SK = St Kieran’s, SS= St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown)

Girls’ U-15 250m hurdles: 1 Ciara Deely ( KCH), 2 Laura Monaghan (SS), 3 Amy Redmond (SS). Girls’ U-16 250m hurdles: 1 Meadbh Delaney (CC). Girls’ U-17 250m hurdles: 1 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 2 Allanna Counihan (KCH).

Girls’ U-8 80m: 1 Caoimhe Power (TT), 2 Laura Leahy (KCH), Clogadh Ftizpatrick (KCH). Girls’ U-9 80m: 1 Juliette Evans (SS), 2 Grace Lennon (SJ), 3 Angela Carroll (KCH). Girls’ U-10 80m: 1 Ella Cusack (G), 2 Maria Kennedy (SJ), 3 Maria O’Keeffe (TT). Girls’ U-11 80m: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Aine Ryan (SJ), 3 Katie Taylor (TT).

Girls’ U-8 200m: 1 Nessa Godwin (KCH), 2 Lilly Doyle (SJ), 3 Nicole Murray (KCH). Girls’ U-9 200m: 1 Juliette Evans (SS), 2 Grace Lennon (SJ), 3 Caoimhe Phelan (SS). Girls’ U-10 200m: 1 Ella Cusack (G), 2 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Maria Kennedy (SJ). Girls’ U-12 200m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 3 Sophie Mullally (SJ). Girls’ U-13 200m: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 3 Orla O’Keeffe (TT). Girls’ U-14 200m: 1 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 2 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 3 Alice Monaghan (SS). Girls’ U-15 200m: 1 Leah Raggett (KCH), 2 Lorna Monaghan (SS), 3 Amy Redmond (SS). Girls’ U-16 200m: 1 Sarah Lawlor (SJ), 2 Keeva O’Brien (KCH). Girls’ U-17 200m: 1 Clara Kennedy (SJ), 2 Niamh McMullen (KCH), 3 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 200m: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ), 2 Sophie Becker (SJ), Eimear McMullen (KCH).

Girls’ U-11 500m: 1 Fiona Dillon (TT), 2 Saoirse Allen (SS), 3 Emma Manogue (TT). Girls’ U-12 800m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 3 Clogadh Monaghan (SS). Girls’ U-13 800m: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Ellen Ryan (TT), 3 Emma Poytnz (KCH). Girls’ U-14 800m: 1 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 2 Linda Lawlor (SJ), Aine Phelan (SS). Girls’ U-15 800m: 1 Ella Richardson (KCH), 2 Hannah Murphy (CC), 3 Molly O’Shea (SS). Girls’ U-17 800m: 1 Mia Griffin (SJ), 2 Ailis O’Shea (TT). Girls’ U-18/19 800m: 1 Anna Sheehan (KCH), Aoibhe Richardson (KCH), 3 Lauren Dermody (CC).

Boys’ U-15 hurdles: 1 Eoin Walsh (TT), 2 Michael Power (TT), 3 James Buggy (CC). Boys’ U-16 hurdles: 1 Luke Ftizpatrick (KCH), 2 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 3 Ben Sutton (SJ). Boys’ U-17 hurdles: 1 Ciarian Coady (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 hurdles: Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 John Joe Kelly (BR), 3 Craig Byrne (KCH).

Boys’ U-8 80m: 1 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 2 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 3 Darragh Dunne (G). Boys’ U-9 80m: 1 Daniel Ring (SS), 2 Brian Moore (KCH), 3 Sean Young (KCH). Boys’ U-10 80m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Keelin Roche (SS), 3 David Holden (TT). Boys’ U-11 80m: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Michael Ragget (KCH), 3 Tomas Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-12 80m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 3 Nicholas Klgne (SS). Boys’ U-13 80m: 1 Fichra Knox (SS), 2 Killian Griffin (SJ), 3 Sean O’Dornan (CC). Boys’ U-14 80m: 1 Jack Elliott (SJ), 2 Sam Sutton (SJ), 3 Darragh McDonald (SJ).

Boys’ U-15 100m: 1 David Murphy (G), 2 Eoin Maher (SS), 3 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH). Boys’ U-16 100m: 1 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 2 Ben Sutton (SJ), 3 Ryan Poyntz (KCH). Boys’ U-17 100m: 1 Anderi Lennon (G), 2 Ciarian Coady (BR), 3 Adam Kelly (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 100m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), Donogh Mahon (G), 3 Craig Byrne (KCH).

Boys’ U-8 300m: 1 Albi Paul (G), 2 Aaron Fox (CC), 3 Bobby Brennan (CC). Boys’ U-9 300m: 1 Ben Wallis (SS), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Brian Moore (KCH). Boys’ U-10 300m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Calum Regan (SS), 3 Aiden Keogh (SJ).

Boys’ U-11 500m: 1 Tomas Mulallly (SJ), 2 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 3 Evan O’Toole (SJ). Boys’ U-12 500m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Beirne (SJ), 3 Jack Murphy (CC). Boys’ U-13 500m: 1 Killian Griffin (SJ), 2 Cathal Kearney (KCH), 3 Gavin Manning (G). Boys’ U-14 500m: 1 Oisin Griffin (SJ), 2 Shay McEvoy (KCH), 3 Jack Elliott (SJ).

Boys’ U-15 400m: 1 Adam Ftizpatrick (KCH), 2 Aaron Donnelly (SS), 3 Eoin Maher (SS). Boys’ U-16 400m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 3 Ryan Poyntz (KCH). Boys’ U-17 400m: 1 Matheusz Pietrzykowski (SK), 2 Andre Lennon (G), 3 Ciaran Coady (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 400m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 John Joe Kelly (BR), 3 Peter Lynch (KCH).

Girls’ U-17 walk: 1 Ailis O’Shea (TT). Girls’ U-18 walk: 1 Ailis Conneely (SS). Boys’ U-15 walk: 1 Eamon Mahon (G), 2 Colm Murphy (KCH).

Girls’ U-11 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 KCH, 3 St. Joseph’s. Girls’ U-13 relay: 1 Thomastown, 2 KCH A, 3 KCH B. Girls’ U-15 relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s, 3 Castlecomer. Boys’ U-11 relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-13 relay: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 St Senan’s, 3 Gowran. Boys’ U-15 relay: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 Gowran. Boys’ U-17 relay: 1 KCH.

Girls’ U-10 turbo javelin: 1 Rachel Foley (SJ), 2 Libby Murphy (SS), 3 Caoimhe Taylor (SS). Girls’ U-11 turbo javelin: 1 Erin Foley (SJ), 2 Fiona Dillon (TT), 3 Doireann Knox (SS). Girls’ U-12 turbo javelin: 1 Kelsey Kehoe (SJ), 2 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 3 Eve O’Dwyer (G).

Girls’ U-10 long jump: 1 Ella Cusack (G), 2 Caithlin Mullally (SJ), 3 Maria O’Keeffe (TT). Girls’ U-11 long jump: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH), 3 Erin Foley (SJ). Girls’ U-12 long jump: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Isobel Ryan (TT), 3 Eve O’Dwyer (G). Girls’ U-13 long jump: 1 Ciara Kehoe (TT), 2 Emma Poyntz (KCH), 3 Dearbhla O’Reilly (TT). Girls’ U-14 long jump: 1 Kate Dunphy (KCH), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Emily Taylor (TT). Girls’ U-15 long jump: 1 Leah Raggett (KCH), 2 Amy Redmond (SS), 3 Martyna Balcer (KCH). Girls’ U-16 long jump: 1 Keeva O’Brien (KCH), 2 Sarah Lawlor (SJ), 3 Sinead Tuohy (KCH). Girls’ U-17 long jump: 1 Niamh McMullan (KCH), 2 Ailis O’Shea (TT), 3 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH).

Girls’ U-13 javelin: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Dearbhla O’Reilly (TT), 3 Jennifer Leahy (KCH). Girls’ U-14 javelin: 1 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Emily Kleign (KCH). Girls’ U-15 javelin: 1 Martyna Balcer (KCH), 2 Grainne Kelly (BR), 3 Emma Kelly (BR). Girls’ U-16 javelin: 1 Sinead McEvoy (SS), 2 Sinead Tuohy (KCH), 3 Meadbh Delaney (CC). Girls’ U-17 javelin: 1 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), Rachel Bolger (BR), 3 Aisling McDonough (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 javelin: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ).

Boys’ U-14 discus: 1 Luke Whelan (KCH), 2 Nicky Connolly (CC), 3 Shay McEvoy (KCH). Boys’ U-15 discus: 1 David Murphy (G), 2 Liam Kenny (BR), 3 Thomas Sheridan (SS). Boys’ U-16 discus: 1 James O’Neill (G), 2 Patrick Darcey (BR), 3 Mathew Cullen (BR). Boys’ U-17 discus: 1 Ciarian Coady (BR), 2 Adam Kelly (BR), 3 Jack Manning (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 discus: 1 John Joe Kelly (BR), 2 Martin Mulhall (G), 3 Aaron Fenlon (SJ).

Boys’ U-12 high jump: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Oisin Kelly (BR), Stephen Neville (TT). Boys’ U-13 high jump: 1 Jack Ryan (SJ), 2 Daire Holden (TT), 3 Jack Mullally (SJ) & Peter Dunne (G). Boys’ U-14 high jump: 1 Rory McGabhann (KCH), 2 Darragh McDonald (SJ), 3 Luke Whelan (KCH). Boys’ U-15 high jump: 1 Thomas Sheridan (SS), 2 David Murphy (G), 3 Michael Power (TT). Boys’ U-16 high jump: 1 Ryan Poytnz (KCH), 2 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 3 James O’Neill (G). Boys’ U-17 high jump: 1 Jack Manning (KCH), 2 Ciarian Coady (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 high jump: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2 Craig Byrne (KCH), 3 Aaron Fenlon (SJ).

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