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Busy time on the tracks for county’s athletes

IT WAS a busy weekend for athletes from the Kilkenny clubs.

IT WAS a busy weekend for athletes from the Kilkenny clubs.

After Friday night’s county track and field championship action in Scanlon Park, many swapped their club colours for school singlets as they travelled to Santry on Saturday for the Leinster Schools championships. Then, on Sunday, it was off to Greystones for the Leinster inter-clubs relays.

On the local scene Scanlon Park was the place to be on Friday for the third round of the county championships. The main events on the track were the hurdles and the longer distances (1,500m and 3,000m) while the high jump, discus and shot-put all featured in the field events.

Gowran’s Jimmy Barcoe was a comfortable winner in the men’s 3,000m with Joe Woulfe (Gowran) winning the over-40 race and Jack Brennan (Castlecomer) the junior race. Maria Griffin (St Joseph’s) took the title in the women’s 3,00m while Aine Kinsella (St Senan’s) took gold in the junior women’s race. Mary Doolan (St Joseph’s) was the winner of the over-30 race.

The fourth and final round of the Co Kilkenny Track & Field championships will be held in Scanlon Park this Friday, with the action starting at 6.45pm.

Results, Kilkenny Co Track & Field Championships, round three

Girls’ U-8 200m: 1 Saoirse Allen, St Senan’s; 2 Rose Sheridan, St Senan’s; 3 Emma Minogue, KCH. Girls’ U-9 200m: 1 Sarah O’Donnell, Gowran; 2 Aine Kirwan, Thomastown; 3 Katie Clarke, Castlecomer. Girls’ U-10 300m: 1 Alice Monaghan, KCH; 2 Rachel Kelly, KCH; 3 Aine Phelan, St Senan’s. Girls’ U-11 300m: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe, Thomastown; 2 Orla O’Keeffe, Thomastown; 3 Molly Coogan, Castlecomer. Girls’ U-12 300m: 1 Rebecca Keane, KCH; 2 Ruth Kennedy, Gowran; 3 Eve Lacey, St Senan’s. Girls’ U-13 300m: 1 Lauren Gleeson, KCH; 2 Isobel Morgan, St Senan’s; 3 Chloe Richardson, St Joseph’s.

Boys’ U-8 200m: 1 Evan O’Toole, St Joseph’s; 2 Thomas Mullally, St Senan’s; 3 Joe Fitzpatrick, KCH. Boys’ U-9 200m: 1 Jordan Knight, Thomastown; 2 Will Fox, Castlecomer; 3 Joseph Fenton, St Senan’s. Boys’ U-10 300m: 1 Rory O’Connor, St Joseph’s; 2 Killian Griffin, St Joseph’s; 3 Conor Cleere, Gowran. Boys’ U-11 300m: 1 Conor Clarke, Castlecomer; 2 Sean Burke, KCH; 3 Jack Cahill, Thomastown. Boys’ U-12 300m: 1 Edward Dunne, KCH; 2 Eoin Walsh, Thomastown; 3 Colm Murphy, KCH. Boys’ U-13 300m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick, KCH; 2 Rueben Pimm, KCH; 3 John Nolan, KCH.

Girls’ U-12 60m Hurdles: 1 Ciara Deely, KCH; 2 Martina Baker, KCH; 3 Ruth Kennedy, Gowran. Girls’ U-13 60m Hurdles: 1 Lauren Gleeson, KCH; 2 Grace O’Donnell, Gowran; 3 Aisling Morrissey KCH. Girls’ U-14 60m Hurdles: 1 Christine O’Donnell, Gowran; 2 Ciara Kearney, St Joseph’s; 3 Lorraine Hoyne-Casey, KCH. Girls’ U-15 80m Hurdles: 1 Rebecca Kennedy, Gowran; 2 Emer McMullen, KCH; 3 Claire Appazatto, Castlecomer. Girls’ U-16 80m Hurdles: 1 Sarah K Lacey, KCH; 2 Emer Rice, Castlecomer; 3 Bella Lysaght, Gowran. Girls’ U-17 100m Hurdles: 1 Sinead McDonagh, KCH.

Boys’ U-12 60m Hurdles: 1 Michael Power, Thomastown; 2 Johnny Collins, KCH; 3 James Buggy, Castlecomer. Boys’ U-13 60m Hurdles: 1 Rueben Pimm, KCH; 2 Luke Fitzpatrick, KCH; 3 Jimmy Byrne, Gowran. Boys’ U-15 80m Hurdles: 1 Aaron Barron, KCH; 2 Finn Connolly, Gowran; 3 Craig Byrne, KCH. Boys’ U-16 100m Hurdles: 1 Aaron Fenlon, St Joseph’s; 2 Evan Foley, Gowran.

Girls’ U-14 1,500m: 1 Mia Griffin, St Joseph’s; 2 Ruby Harvey, Thomastown; 3 Ailis O’Shea, Thomastown. Girls’ U-15 1,500m: 1 Rebecca Kennedy, Gowran; 2 Ailish Connolly, St Senan’s; 3 Aoife Farrell, Thomastown. Girls’ U-16 1,500m: 1 Anna Sheehan, KCH; 2 Aoife Richardson, KCH; 3 Niamh O’Shea, Thomastown. Women’s Junior 3,000m: 1 Aine Kinsella, St Senan’s. Women’s Senior 3,000m: 1 Maria Griffin, St Joseph’s; 2 Niamh Richardson, KCH; 3 Frances Mullally, St Joseph’s. Women’s O-30 3,000m: 1 Mary Doolan, St Joseph’s; 2 Margaret Power, St Joseph’s; 3 Irma Moore, Thomastown. Girls’ U-15 4x400: 1 Thomastown, 2 Gowran. Girls’ U-17 4x400: 1 KCH.

Boys’ U-14 1,500m: 1 Shane Power, St Joseph’s. Boys’ U-15 1,500m: 1 Sean Power, Thomastown; 2 Cormac Buggy, Gowran; 3 James Power, Thomastown. Boys’ U-16 1,500m: 1 Hugh Morgan, St Senan’s; 2 Aaron Fenlon, St Joseph’s; 3 Evan Foley, Gowran. Men’s Junior 3,000m: 1 Jack Brennan, Castlecomer; 2 Liam O’Shea, Thomastown. Men’s Senior 3,000m: 1 Jimmy Barcoe, Gowran; 2 Paul Monahan, KCH; 3 Jim Power, Thomastown. Men’s O-40 3,000m: 1 Joe Woulfe, Gowran; 2 David Farrell, Gowran; 3 Denis Carrigan, KCH.

Field Events

Girls’ U-14 Discus: 1 Amy Nolan, Brow Rangers; 2 Aoife Holden, Thomastown; 3 Aoife Naddy, Gowran AC. Girls’ U-16 Discus: 1 Cliona Quirke, Brow Rangers; 2 Niamh O’Shea, Thomastown; 3 Margaret Caldbeck, KCH.

Girls’ U-14 High Jump: 1 Aoife Naddy, Gowran; 2 Aisling McDonagh, KCH; 3 Lauren Hoyne-Casey, KCH. Girls’ U-15 High Jump: 1 Charmaine O’Donoghue, KCH; 2 Emer O’Donoghue, KCH; 3 Rebecca Kennedy, Gowran.

Boys’ U-10 Shot-put: 1 Jack Mullally, St Joseph’s; 2 Ed Fitzpatrick, KCH; 3 Peter Connelan, Thomastown. Boys’ U-12 Shot-put: 1 Michael Power, Thomastown; 2 Liam Hoban, Brow Rangers. Boys’ U-13 Shot-put: 1 Patrick Darcey, Brow Rangers; 2 Matt Cullen, Brow Rangers; 3 Jimmy Butler, Gowran. Boys’ U-16 Shot-put: 1 Aaron Fenlon, St Joseph’s; 2 Evan Foley, Gowran.

Leinster Schools

Sophie Parkinson had a day to remember at the Leinster Schools Track & Field intermediate and senior championships, which were held on Saturday. Representing Kilkenny College, Parkinson had a double gold in the intermediate shot and discus, achieving a personal best in the shot-put.

Louise Holmes had a sprint double in the senior girls events, winning the 100m and 200m titles while Sarah Buggy (Castlecomer CS) had a championsip best performance to win the senior girls triple jump (11m 37). She also won silver in the long jump. Emma Fenlon took gold in the shot-put.

In the senior boys events Michael O’Sullivan was a winner in the long jump and Ian Boland was third in the 400m sprint.

All medal winners qualify to compete in the All-Ireland Schools finals, which will be held in Tullamore on June 4.

Kilkenny results are:

Intermediate Girls’ 100m: 2 Cliodhna Manning (Loreto Kilkenny), 12.75. Girls’ 200m: 2 Cliodhna Manning (Loreto Kilkenny), 26.20. Girls’ 1,500m: 2 Megan Morrissey (Presentation Kilkenny), 5.13.62. Girls’ relay: 1 Loreto Kilkenny 52.38. Girls’ Long Jump: 2 Nessa Cooper-Millet (Kilkenny College). Girls’ High Jump: 3 Sinead McDonagh (Loreto Kilkenny), 1.50m. Girls’ Shot: 1 Sophie Parkinson (Kilkenny College), 11.31m. Girls’ Discus: 1 Sophie Parkinson (Kilkenny College), 37.13.

Senior Girls’ 100m: 1 Louise Holmes (Kilkenny College), 13.18. Girls’ 200m: 1 Louise Holmes (Kilkenny College) 25.84. Girls’ Long Jump: 2 Sarah Buggy (Castlecomer CS), 5.07m. Girls’ Triple Jump: 1 Sarah Buggy (Castlecomer CS), 11.37m. Girls’ Shot-put: 1 Emma Fenlon (OLL Rosbercon), 10.19m.

Intermediate Boys’ 1,500m: 2 James Maher (St Kieran’s Kilkenny), 4.22.10. Senior Boys’ 400m: 3 Ian Boland (CBS Kilkenny), 52.00. Boys’ High Jump: 1 Michael O’Sullivan (CBS Kilkenny).

Leinster Relay

Kilkenny clubs performed with distinction at the Leinster club relay championships, which were held in Greystones on Sunday. The Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) dominated proceedings, bringing home five sets of gold medals, two sets of silver medals and one bronze.

St Joseph’s also did well, winning three sets of gold medals while they also had two fourth place finishing teams. St Senan’s took silver in the under-9 boys’ race. Thomastown were also in the medals, with their girls’ under-10 team securing second place.

Results (times in brackets)

Girls’ U-10 4x100m: 2 Thomastown (1.09.11). Girls’ U-11 4x100m: 5 St Joseph’s (1.07.28). Girls’ U-12 4x100m: 1 KCH ‘B’ (59.71), 4 St Senan’s (1.02.66). Girls’ U-13 4x100m: 1 KCH ‘B’ (58.28). Girls’ U-14 4x100m: 2 KCH ‘A’ (57.09). Girls U-15 4x100m: 1 KCH ‘A’ (54.23), 6 St Joseph’s (57.77). Girls’ U-16 4x100m: 2 KCH (54.07). Girls’ U-17 4x100m: 1 KCH (51.56). Girls’ U-18 4x100m: 1 KCH (51.68).

Boys’ U-9 4x100m: 2 St Senan’s (1.11.78), 4 St Joseph’s (1.14.65). Boys’ U-10 4x100m: 5 Gowran (1.10.00). Boys’ U-11 4x100m: 1 St Joseph’s (1.00.88), 4 KCH (1.02.48). Boys’ U-12 4x100m: 4 KCH (1.00.83). Boys’ U-13 4x100m: 3 KCH ‘A’ (57.76). Boys’ U-14 4x100m: 3 KCH ‘A’ (55.91). Boys’ U-15 4x100m: 4 St Joseph’s (55.35). Boys’ U-19 4x100m: 1 St Joseph’s (45.62). Boys’ U-19 4x400m: 1 St Joseph’s (3.39.31)

Maher, Five Mile

Brian Maher (KCH) had another successful outing in the recent Sportsworld Five Mile Classic. With over 400 runners going to the start line, Maher romped home in first place in 24 minutes 27 seconds.

The Kilkenny Road Series reached the penultimate stage with the Five Miler on Wednesday. Gowran’s Paul Deegan was first man home in 26 minutes 47 seconds. First for the women was Sinead Maher, Portarlington. Her time was 30 minutes 34 seconds.

The final stage of the series, the Six Mile event, goes ahead this evening (Wednesday).

The second annual Stoneyford 10k challenge was held on Sunday and attracted close to 500 participants.

Local man Paul Moran (KCH) finished second behind Ardfinnan’s David Ryan. Angela McCann (Clonmel AC) was the first woman home, followed closely by Niamh Richardson (KCH).

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