Darren needs a bike!

Hello! Anyone out there, asks Barrie Henriques.

Hello! Anyone out there, asks Barrie Henriques.

During our trip to Paulstown we met Olympic Games boxing team captain, Darren O’Neill - what a breath of fresh air the guy is - and he welcomed us and thanked us for the exposure the KP has afforded himself, his beloved Paulstown club, and other boxing centres over the years.

He was not in good shape, having just had wisdom teeth -four - extracted earlier in the week. He was grey with pain, but he saw it as a duty to turn up for the commemoration of Eamon Cahill, a dear friend of all in the parish.

“I certainly owed that to the Cahill family,” he insisted.

Are you back in training?

“No. I had to get these teeth out, and they have knocked the hell out of me. I just cannot train with the pain.”

What about your teaching job?

“That is gone,” he revealed. “I sacrificed a lot to get to the Olympics, including my job.

“I didn’t know that there would be no job when I came back, but I still would have gone the Olympic route whether or which.”

No job!

“I could do with a racing bike to get me up and going again, as the Europeans are coming up next year, and the Worlds are on the year after. I need a bike to train. Have you got one?”

No I haven’t Darren, but maybe we might be able to get one for you.

Over to you folks.

Is there any Kilkenny man out there with the means to produce a racing bike for our Olympic Games boxing team captain, to get him up and going?

We gloried in his achievement. Can we match it with a practical demonstration of that appreciation?

I hope so!