Crowds come out for opening round of the championships

A LARGE and enthusiastic group of athletes flocked to Scanlon Park on Sunday for the opening round of the county track and field championships.

A LARGE and enthusiastic group of athletes flocked to Scanlon Park on Sunday for the opening round of the county track and field championships.

There were many fine individual performances on the day. Thomastown’s Aine Kirwan won gold in the 80m, 300m, the turbo javelin and the long jump in the girls’ under-11 category. St Joseph’s athletes Shannen Dawkins and Aaron Fenlon were star performers in the older age group winning. Fenlon won gold in the under-18/19 high jump and discus to add to his track golds for the hurdles, 100m and 400m. Dawkins won the hurdles and 200m on the track and was first in the girls’ under-18/19 long jump.

Elsewhere Gowran’s Donagh Mahon showed his skills winning the hurdles and the high jump in the boy’s under-17 category. Young Leo McKiernan was the standard bearer for new club Stoneyford, winning the boys’ under-8 80m race.

The championships continue this Sunday at Scanlon Park from 11am.


(Club code: BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, SJ = St Joseph’s, SK = St Kieran’s, SS = St Senan’s, STY = Stoneyford, TT = Thomastown).

Girls’ U-15 250m hurdles: 1 Maeve Delaney (CC). Boys’ U-15 250m hurdles: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Daragh Roberts (KCH), 3 James O’Neill (G).

Girls’ U-16 250m hurdles: 1 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 2 Christine O’Donnell (G). Boys’ U-16 250m hurdles: 1 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 2 Shane Power (SJ), 3 Sean Buggy (CC).

Boys’ U-17 300m hurdles: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2 Phillip O’Donnell (G), 3 Aaron Barron (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 300m hurdles: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ), 2 Sinead McDonagh (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 300m hurdles: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Matthew Cassin (G).

Girls’ U-8 80m: 1 Caitlin Mullally (SJ), 2 Blaithin Holden (STY), 3 Orla Kirwan (TT). Boys’ U-8 80m: 1 Leo McKiernan (STY), 2 Cian Farrell (TT), 3 Sean Young (KCH), 4 Conor Kelly (TT).

Girls’ U-9 80m: 1 Libby Murphy (SS), 2 Orla Kenny (KCH), 3 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 4 Molly O’Dornan (CC). Boys’ U-9 80m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 David Holden (TT), 3 Callum Ryan (SS), 4 Kielan Roche (SS).

Girls’ U-10 80m: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH), 3 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 4 Katie Taylor (TT). Boys’ U-10 80m: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 James Walsh (SS), 3 Cian Farrell (KCH), 4 Thomas Comerford (TT).

Girls’ U-11 80m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 3 Mary Clare O’Dwyer (SJ), 4 Niamh O’Connor (SJ). Boys’ U-11 80m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Cathal Byrne (SJ), 3 Zac Behamond (TT), 4 Darragh Whelan (KCH).

Girls’ U -12 200m: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Chloe Mullally (SJ). Girls U-13 200m: 1 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 2 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 3 Alice Monahan (SS). Girls’ U -14 200m: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH), 2 Katie Murphy (SS), 3 Leah Raggett (KCH). Girls’ U-15 200m: 1 Sinead Touhy (KCH), 2 Keeva O’Brien (KCH), 3 Sarah Lawlor (SJ). Girls’ U-16 200m: 1 Clara Kennedy (SJ), 2 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 3 Aoife Naddy (G). Girls’ U-17 200m: 1 Eimear McMullen (KCH), 2 Eimear O’Donohue (KCH), 3 Olga Cantwell (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 200m: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ), 2 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH), 3 Sarah-Kate Lacey (KCH).

Boys’ U-14 100m: 1 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Michael Power (TT), 3 Eamon Mahon (G). Boys’ U-15 100m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Dylan Drennan Smyth (KCH), 3 Ben Sutton (SJ). Boys’ U-16 100m: 1 Jack Manning (KCH), 2 Eamon Fennelly (KCH), 3 Mateuz Pieterzykowski (SK). Boys’ U-17 100m: 1 Callan Byrne (KCH), 2 Aaron Barron (KCH), 3 Paul Manning (SJ). Boys’ U-18/19 100m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Leon Gordon (G).

Girls’ U-9 300m: 1 Libby Murphy (SS), 2 Marie O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Molly O’Dornan (CC). Boys’ U-9 300m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Callum Regan (SS), 3 Aidan Kehoe (SJ).

Girls’ U-10 300m: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Fiona Dillon (KCH), 3 Emma Manogue (KCH). Boys’ U-10 300m: 1 Cian Farrell (KCH), 2 Robbie Cord (KCH), 3 Tomas Mullally (SJ).

Girls’ U-11 300m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Marie Claire O’Dwyer (SJ), 3 Sophie Mullally (SJ). Boys’ U-11 300m: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 2 Zac Bayhannond (TT), 3 Cathal Byrne (SJ).

Boys’ U-12 500m: 1 Cillian Griffin (SJ), 2 Gavin Manning (G), 3 Ian Byrne (SJ). Boys’ U-13 500m: 1 Jack Elliot (SJ), 2 Oisin Griffin (SJ), 3 Conor Clarke (CC). Boys’ U-14 500m: 1 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Colm Murphy (KCH), 3 Richie Murphy (SJ).

Girls’ U-12 800m: 1 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Tara Ramaswamy (SS), 3 Chloe Mullally (SJ). Girls’ U-13 800m: 1 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 2 Aoife Allen (SS), 3 Aine Phelan (SS). Girls’ U-14 800m: 1 Ella Richardson KCH), 2 Hannah Murphy (CC), 3 Caoimhe Kelly (TT). Girls’ U-15 800m: 1 Annie O’Connor (KCH), 2 Jennifer O’Keeffe (KCH), 3 AM Moloney (SS). Girls’ U-16 800m: 1 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 2 Grace Richardson (KCH), 3 Mia Griffin (SJ). Girls’ U-17 800m: 1 Lauren Dermody (CC). Girls’ U-18/19 800m: 1 Anna Sheehan (KCH), 2 Aoibhe Richardson (KCH), 3 Sinead Whelan (TT).

Girls’ U-16 Walk: 1 Ailis O’Shea (TT). Boys’ U-15 Walk: 1 Patrick Darcy (BR). Boys’ U-16 Walk: 1 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 2 Peter Mullen (KCH). Boys’ U-17 Walk: 1 Alan Mooney (KCH). Boys’ U- 18/19 Walk: 1 Nicholas Dunphy (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 Walk: 1 Ruth Carey (KCH), 2 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH), 3 Sinead McDonagh (KCH).

Boys’ U-15 400m: 1 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 2 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 3 John Nolan (KCH). Boys’ U-16 400m: 1 Eamon Fennelly (KCH), 2 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 3 Mateuz Pieterzykwoski (SK). Boys’ U-17 400m: 1 Aaron Barron (KCH), 2 J.J. Kelly (BR), 3 Peter Lynch (KCH). Boys’ U-18/19 400m: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Tom Kane (G), 3 Leon Gordon (G).

Girls’ U-11 4x100m relay: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 KCH, 3 Thomastown. Boys’ U-11 4x100m: 1 St Senan’s, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Thomastown.

Girls’ U-13 4x100m: 1 KCH A, 2 Thomastown, 3 St Senan’s. Boys’ U-13 4x100m: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 St Senan’s, 3 KCH.

Girls’ U-15 4x100m: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s, 3 Thomastown. Boys’ U-15 4x100m: 1 KCH, 2 KCH.

Girls’ U-17 4x100m: 1 KCH. Boys’ U-17 4x100m: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 Gowran.

Girls’ U-18/19 4x100m: 1 KCH. Boys’ U-18/19 4x100m: 1 Gowran.

Girls’ U-10 turbo javelin: 1 Fiona Dillon (KCH), 2 Doireann Knox (SS), 3 Amelie Bolger (CC). Girls’ U-11 turbo javelin: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Caoimhe O’Reilly (TT), 3 Aideen Coady (BR). Girls’ U-12 turbo javelin: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Ellen Ryan (TT), 3 Niamh O’Shaughnessy (KCH).

Girls’ U-13 javelin: 1 Hannah Kelly (KCH), 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH), 3 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT). Girls’ U-14 javelin: 1 Martina Balcyer (KCH), 2 Grainne Kelly (BR), 3 Saoirse Delaney (SS). Girls’ U-15 javelin: 1 Sinead McEvoy (SS), 2 Shannon Treacy (SS), 3 Roisin Coady (BR). Girls’ U-16 javelin: 1 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 2 Aoife Naddy (G), 3 Ailish O’Shea (TT). Girls’ U-17 javelin: 1 Eimear O’Donohue (KCH), 2 Eimear McMullen (KCH). Girls’ U-18/19 javelin: 1 Catriona Twomey (KCH), 2 Kathryn Urban (TT), 3 Sinead McDonagh (KCH).

Girls’ U-10 long jump: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Emma Manogue (KCH), 3 Caoimhe Carroll (KCH). Girls’ U-11 long jump: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Caoimhe O Reilly (TT), 3 Aileen Cody (BR). Girls’ U-12 long jump: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Ciara O’Keeffe ((TT), 3 Miriam Brennan (G). Girls’ U-13 long jump: 1 Aoife Allen (SS), 2 Emily Taylor (TT), 3 Hannah Kelly (KCH). Girls’ U-14 long jump: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH), 2 Leah Ragget (KCH), 3 Orla Casey (KCH). Girls’ U-15 long jump: 1 Keeva O’Brien (KCH), 2 Meabh Delaney (CC), 3 Roisin Coady (BR). Girls’ U-16 long jump: 1 Niamh McMullen (KCH), 2 Aoibhe O’Shea (KCH), 3 Grace Richardson (KCH). Girls’ U-17 long jump: 1 Eimear McMullen (KCH), 2 Eimear O’Donohue (KCH), 3 Lauren Doyle (SK). Girls’ U-18/19 long jump: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ), 2 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH), 3 Sinead McDonagh (KCH).

Boys’ U-14 discus: 1 Michael Power (TT), 2 Richard Murphy (SJ), 3 James Buggy (CC). Boys’ U-15 discus: 1 James O’Neill (G), 2 Mathew Cullen (BR), 3 Patrick Darcy (BR). Boys’ U-16 discus: 1 Jack Manning (KCH), 2 Kieran Coady (BR), 3 Adam Kelly (BR). Boys’ U-17 discus: 1 Martin Mulhall (G) , 2 J.J. Kelly (BR), 3 Tommy Quirke (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 discus: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Matthew Cassin (G), 3 Leon Gordon (G).

Boys’ U-12 high jump: 1 George O’Shea (SS), 2 Peter Dunne (G), 3 Tom Holden (TT). Boys’ U-13 high jump: 1 Rory McGabhann (KCH), 2 Lee Tracey (SS), 3 Conor Clarke (CC). Boys’ U-14 high jump: 1 Michael Power (TT), 2 Thomas Sheridan (SS), 3 Eamon Mahon (G). Boys’ U-15 high jump: 1 Darragh Roberts (KCH), 2 Ryan Poyntz (KCH), 3 Ben Sutton (SJ). Boys’ U-16 high jump: 1 Jack Manning (KCH), 2 Sean Buggy (CC), 3 Ciaran Coady (BR). Boys’ U-17 high jump: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2 Phillip O’Donnell (G), 3 J.J. Kelly (BR). Boys’ U-18/19 high jump: 1 Aaron Fenlon (SJ), 2 Leon Gordon (G), 3 Matthew Cassin (G).


The Leinster road novice and masters championships were held in Gowran on Bank Holiday Monday. There was a huge turnout for the races, with twice the normal amount of athletes attending from all over the province.

Kilkenny’s women athletes had a good day as Thomastown, led home by third-placed Aoife O’Connor, won the club silver medals in the novice event. Also on the team were Sinead Whelan, Maeve O’Connor, Niamh O’Shea and Margaret Power.

Thomastown’s athletes made up the nucleus of the Kilkenny team which took silver in the county event, KCH athlete Donna Dowling the only non-Thomastown member.

The women’s masters race saw KCH produce a gold medal team performance through Catriona Corr, Barbara Rossiter and Kate Millea. The trio also won silver in the county team event.

Elsewhere KCH runner Toss Hayes continued his preparation for the track season by winning an open 10km road race in Portlaoise at the weekend.

Future road events include the Stoneyford AC 10km challenge on Sunday, May 19. There will also be a special 5km race for juvenile athletes. The course will be accurately measured and an AAI permit has been applied for. There are cash prizes for the winners and for anyone who can break Brian Maher’s course record.

Other activities include the annual Little South Run in Kilmacow on June 9 and the Pink Rock 10k on June 23.

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