Kilkenny & District League Cup draws

Kilkenny & District League Cup draws

The following are the Cup draws for the Kilkenny & District League's schoolboys' and junior Divisional Cup competitions:

Under-11 David Doran Cup

Preliminary Round: Freebooters Grey v Callan Utd Blue, Freebooters Wine v Callan Utd Yellow, Freebooters Blues v Evergreen Athletic, Evergreen City v Freshford Town A, Evergreen Utd v East End Utd, Thomastown Utd Green v Bridge Utd, Evergreen Albion v Deen Celtic B, Lions v Fort Rangers. Byes: Freebooters Whites, Thomastown Utd Whites, Paulstown 06, Thomastown Utd Blues, Deen Celtic A, Evergreen Athletic, Freshford Town B, Stoneyford Utd.

Last 16: 1 Freshford Town B v Thomastown Utd Blues, 2 Evergreen Albion/Deen Celtic B v Deen Celtic A, 3 Paulstown 06 v Thomastown Utd Green/Bridge Utd, 4 Evergreen City/Freshford Town A v Evergreen Athletic, 5 Freebooters Wine/Callan Utd Yellow v Freebooters Grey/Callan Utd Blue, 6 Thomastown Utd Whites v Evergreen Utd/East End Utd, 7 Freebooters Blue/Evergreen Athletic v Stoneyford Utd, 8 Lions/Fort Rangers v Freebooters Whites.

Quarter-finals: Q1 3 v 1, Q2 8 v 2, Q3 7 v 4, Q4 5 v 6. Semi-finals: Q4 v Q3, Q1 v Q2.

Under-12 Nicholas Marnell Cup

Preliminary Round: Lions v Newpark, Callan Utd v Bridge Utd B, East End Utd B v Freshford Town, Thomastown Utd B v Evergreen Utd, Fort Rangers v Evergreen Town, Deen Celtic B v Stoneyford Utd, Highview Athletic v Clover Utd, Freebooters C v Paulstown 06. Byes: Evergreen Athletic, Deen Celtic A, Freebooters A, East End Utd A, Thomastown Utd A, Freebooters B, Evergreen City, Bridge Utd A.

Last 16: 1 Freebooters B v Deen Celtic A, 2 Deen Celtic B/Stoneyford Utd v Evergreen City, 3 East End Utd A v Freebooters A, 4 Lions/Newpark v Callan Utd/Bridge Utd, 5 East End Utd B/Freshford Town v Thomastown Utd A, 6 Fort Rangers/Evergreen Town v Freebooters C/Paulstown 06, 7 Highview Athletic/Clover Utd v Thomastown Utd B/Evergreen Utd, 8 Evergreen Athletic v Bridge Utd A.

Quarter-finals: Q1 7 v 8, Q2 1 v 6, Q3 3 v 5, Q4 4 v 2. Semi-finals: Q1 v Q3, Q4 v Q2.

Under-13 Eric Wilcox Cup

Preliminary Round: Southend Utd v Callan Utd, Thomastown Utd B v Freshford Town, Evergreen B v Freebooters C, Newpark v Fort Rangers, Deen Celtic B v Lions, Freebooters B v Highview Athletic. Byes: Bridge Utd B, Bridge Utd A, Clover Utd, Deen Celtic A, Evergreen A, Freebooters A, Thomastown Utd A.

Last 16: 1 Bridge Utd A v Evergreen A, 2 Freebooters B/ Highview Athletic v Deen Celtic A, 3 Deen Celtic B/Lions v Southend Utd/Callan Utd, 4 Bridge Utd B v Evergreen B/Freebooters C, 5 Clover Utd v Freebooters A. Byes: 6 Thomastown Utd A, 7 Thomastown Utd B/Freshford Town, 8 Newpark/Fort Rangers.

Quarter-finals: Q1 3 v 1, Q2 2 v 7, Q3 6 v 8, Q4 4 v 5. Semi-finals: Q1 v Q4, Q2 v Q3.

Under-14 Declan Fennelly Cup

Preliminary Round: 1 Evergreen B v Bridge Utd, 2 Stoneyford Utd v Highview Athletic, 3 Evergreen City v Evergreen A, 4 East End Utd v Thomastown Utd, 5 Lions v Deen Celtic. Byes: 6 Newpark, 7 Fort Rangers, 8 Freebooters.

Quarter-finals: Q1 8 v 1, Q2 6 v 7, Q3 2 v 5, Q4 4 v 3. Semi-finals: Q3 v Q1, Q2 v Q4.

Under-15 Macron Cup

Preliminary Round: 1 Clover Utd v Callan Utd, 2 Evergreen City v Bridge Utd, 3 Highview Athletic v Evergreen B, 4 Lions v Thomastown Utd B , 5 Stoneyford Utd v Freebooters B, 6 Evergreen A v Thomastown Utd A, 7 Freebooters A v East End Utd. Bye: 8 Deen Celtic.

Quarter-finals: Q1 5 v 8, Q2 4 v 3, Q3 2 v 7, Q4 1 v 6. Semi-finals: Q2 v Q4, Q3 v Q1.

Under-16 Brendan Lonergan Cup

Preliminary Round: 1 Paulstown 06 v Clover Utd, 2 Evergreen B v Bridge Utd, 3 Callan Utd v Brookville.

Byes: 4 Lions, 5 Thomastown Utd, 6 Southend Utd, 7 Evergreen A, 8 Freebooters.

Quarter-finals: Q1 5 v 4, Q2 6 v 8, Q3 3 v 7, Q4 2 v 1. Semi-finals: Q1 v Q4, Q2 v Q3.

Under-17 Macron K&DL Cup

Preliminary Round: 1 Deen Celtic v Evergreen B, 2 Castlewarren Celtic v Callan Utd. Byes: 3 Freshford Town, 4 Thomastown Utd, 5 Evergreen A, 6 Freebooters, 7 Ormonde Villa, 8 Highview Athletic.

Quarter-finals: Q1 1 v 6, Q2 2 v 4, Q3 5 v 7, Q4 3 v 8. Semi-finals: Q4 v Q3, Q2 v Q1.

Women’s Seven-A-Side Cup

Quarter-finals: Tullaroan v Clover Utd, Evergreen v Thomastown Utd.

Semi-finals: Callan Utd v Evergreen/Thomastown Utd, Tullaroan/Clover Utd v Freshford Town.

Buckley Youths’ Cup

Semi-finals: Freebooters A/Evergreen A v Thomastown Utd, Ormonde Villa v River Rangers.

Division One Cup

1 Thomastown Uud B v Spa Utd, 2 Brookville v Clover Utd, 3 Freebooters B v Bridge Utd, 4 Tullaroan v Fort Rangers. Semi-finals: 1 v 4, 3 v 2.

Division Two Cup

1 Highview Athletic v Newpark B, 2 Evergreen C v Deen Celtic A, 3 East End Utd v Callan Utd B, 4 River Rangers v Lions B. Semi-finals: 4 v 3, 2 v 1.

Division Three Cup

Preliminary Round: Ormonde Villa v Castlewarren Celtic. Bye: Deen Celtic B.

Quarter-finals: 1 Clover Utd B v St John’s, 2 Ormonde Villa/Castlewarren (bye), 3 Paulstown 06 v Deen Celtic B, 4 Evergreen 46 v Thomastown Utd C. Semi-finals: 4 v 1, 2 v 3.

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