Soccer Scoreboard

Umbro Kilkenny & District League

Umbro Kilkenny & District League

Tonight (Wednesday)

St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division (6.30pm)

St Pat’s Boys v Deen Celtic A.

Freebooters A v Fort Rangers.

Fix & Build League Division One (6.30pm)

River Rangers v Stoneyford United.

Highview Athletic A v Bridge United A.


U-12 Marble City Fireplaces Division One (6.45pm)

East End United v Fort Rangers.

Evergreen A v Freebooters A.

U-12 Glanbia Division Two (6.45pm)

Highview Athletic v Southend United.

Deen Celtic v Freebooters B.

Good Friday

Duiske Glass Division Three (5.30pm)

Highview Athletic B v AC Kilkenny B.

Newpark United B v East End United B.

Evergreen C v Clover United B.

Rico’s of Gowran Women’s League (5.30pm)

Tullaroan v East End United.

Thomastown United v Bridge United.

Jimmy Cuddihy Memorial Plate (5.30pm)

Ballymurphy Celtic v Callan United.

Freshford Town v Clover United.

U-13 Eric Wilcox Cup

Freebooters B v Freebooters A, 6.45pm.

Easter Saturday

U-9 J&G Print League North

Freebooters A v Deen Celtic, 1pm.

Fort Rangers v Paulstown 06, 2.30pm

Lions v Evergreen City, 11am.

Clover United v Freebooters C, 2.30pm.

U-9 J&G Print League South Evergreen United v Thomastown United.

East End United v Highview Athletic, 11am.

U-11 David Doran Cup

Freebooters B v Evergreen B, 11am.

Clover United v Paulstown 06, 1pm.

Thomastown United v Callan United, 1pm.

Ormonde Villa v Freshford Town, 11am.

U-13 Eric Wilcox Cup

Evergreen A v Southend United, 11am.

Fort Rangers v Freshford Town, 1pm.

Ormonde Villa v Bridge United, 1pm.

Highview Athletic v Callan United, 1pm.

U-13 Kilkenny People League Division One

Clover United v Thomastown United, 11am.

U-15 Umbro K&DL Cup

Fort Rangers v Clover United, 11am.

U-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League (11am)

Ormonde Villa v Evergreen.

Thomastown United v East End United.

Highview Athletic v Freshford Town.

U-14 Castleinch Carpets Schoolgirls’ League

Evergreen v Lions, 2pm.

Stoneyford v Freebooters, 11am.

East End United v Thomastown United, 2pm.

St Joseph’s Carlow v Freshford Town, 2pm.

Easter Sunday

Youths’ Inter-League All-Ireland final

Kilkenny & District League v Cork League, Castlecomer 3pm

Note: Admission to the game is E8.

Bennettsbridge Parts Women’s Cup semi-finals (11am)

Bridge United v East End United.

Callan United v Thomastown United.

Fix & Build Division One (11am)

Lions A v Newpark United A.

Freshford Town v Stoneyford United.

Easter Monday

Duiske Glass Division Three

Urlingford v East End United B, 12 noon.

U-12 Marble City Fireplaces Division One

Fort Rangers v Bridge United, 1pm.

Freebooters A v Lions, 1pm.

Evergreen A v Thomastown United, 11am.

U-12 Glanbia Division Two

Paulstown 06 v Clover United, 11am.

Freebooters B v Deen Celtic, 3pm.

Thomastown United B v Highview Athletic, 11am.

Southend United v Evergreen B, 11am.

U-14 MacDonagh Junction Division One (11am)

Freebooters v Clover United.

Ormonde Villa v Fort Rangers.

U-14 Kim’s Kakes Division Two

Lions v Paulstown 06, 11am.

U-16 TC Tyres League (11am)

Bridge United v Thomastown United.

Evergreen A v Fort Rangers.

Wednesday, April 27

St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division (6.45pm)

Deen Celtic A v Freebooters A.

Evergreen A v East End United.

Fix & Build Division One (6.45pm)

Highview Athletic A v Stoneyford United.

Bridge United A v Callan United.

Freshford Town v Lions A.

U-11 Nolan Jewellers Division Two

Evergreen B v Stoneyford United, 6.45pm.

U-14 MacDonagh Junction Division One

Bridge United v Evergreen A, 6.45pm.

U-14 Kim’s Kakes Division Two (6.45pm)

Highview Athletic v Evergreen B.

Thomastown United v Evergreen C.

U-16 TC Tyres League (6.30pm)

Evergreen B v Bridge United.

Ormonde Villa v Thomastown United.

River Rangers v Evergreen A.


Pat Maher Shield final

Freebooters A 0, Lions 0

AET – ’Booters won 4-3 on pens.

St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division

St Pat’s Boys 3, Southend United 0.

Evergreen A 5, St Pat’s Boys 3.

Freebooters A 3, Southend United 0.

Fix & Build Division One

Newpark United A 1, Bridge United A 4.

Stoneyford United 1, Thomastown United A 2.

Highview Athletic A 0, Freshford Town 2.

Callan United 0, Lions A 1.

Thomastown United A 0, Bridge United 0.

Stoneyford United 3, Highview Athletic 2.

River Rangers 1, Newpark United A 4.

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

Lions B 0, Clover United A 3.

Clover United A 8, Bridge United B 2.

Duiske Glass Division Three

Newpark United B 0, AC Kilkenny B 4.

Rico’s of Gowran Women’s Division One

Thomastown United 3, East End United 2.

Jimmy Cuddihy Memorial Women’s Division Two

Ballymurphy Celtic 2, Freshford Town 1.

Rafter Dempsey’s Youths’ League Division One

Freebooters A 4, Highview Athletic 2.

Callan United 2, Thomastown United 2.

Freebooters A 1, Evergreen A 5.

U-11 Nolan Jewellers Division Two

Freebooters B 4, Paulstown 06 4.

Deen Celtic 6, Evergreen B 1.

U-12 Marble City Fireplaces Division One

Thomastown United 4, East End United 3.

Lions 1, Evergreen A 4.

Ormonde Villa 5, Fort Rangers 1.

Bridge United 0, Freebooters A 6.

U-12 Glanbia Division Two

Freebooters B 6, Southend United 2.

Clover United 9, Paulstown 06 0.

U-14 MacDonagh Junction Division One

Clover United 0, Evergreen 1.

U-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League

Highview Athletic 2, Ormonde Villa 7.

U-16 TC Tyres League

Deen Celtic 2, Clover United 1.

Bridge United 4, Lions 1.

Thomastown United 3, Freebooters 0.

Ormonde Villa 0, Evergreen A 3.

U-16 SFAI Barry Cup

Evergreen 1, St Francis (DDSL) 1

AET - St Francis won 6-5 on pens.

U-12 K&DL Girls’ League

Thomastown United 2, East End United 0.

McCalmont Cup draw

THE draw has been made for the quarter-finals of the McCalmont Cup.

In the pick of the ties Freebooters are guaranteed to have a team in the final four - their A and B teams have been drawn against each other!

Callan United v Clover United A

River Rangers v East End United A

Evergreen A v St Pat’s Boys

Freebooters B v Freebooters A.

The matches will be played on Sunday, May 1. The semi-finals will be held on Sunday, May 8, with the final pencilled in for Sunday. May 22.