Soccer Scoreboard

The fixtures and results from the Kilkenny & District League

The fixtures and results from the Kilkenny & District League


Under-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League

Freebooters B v Ormonde Villa, 7.15pm.


Youths’ Division Two

Fort Rangers v Newpark, 2pm.

Thomastown United v Deen Celtic, 2pm.

Under-17 TC Tyres League

East End United v Evergreen B, 11am.

Freebooters A v Clover United, 11am.

Callan United v Evergreen A, 11am.

Under-16 TC Tyres League

Deen Celtic v Evergreen A, 1.30pm.

Highview Athletic v Lions, 11am.

Under-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League

Bridge United v Freebooters A, 3pm.

Freshford Town v Evergreen B, 11am.

Brookville v Evergreen A, 1.30pm.

Under-14 K&DL Macron Girls’ League

Freebooters v Lions, 3pm.

Thomastown United v Evergreen, 3pm.

Under-13 SFAI Euro Tab Cup

Drogheda v Kilkenny & DL, Derdimus 1pm.

Kilkenny & DL v Wicklow, Scan Pk 3pm.

Under-12 SFAI Jim Cashin Cup

Kilkenny & DL v Midlands, O’Connell Park Birr 1pm.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers League Division One

Thomastown United v Bridge United, 12.30pm.

Lions v Deen Celtic, 2.30pm.

Freebooters A v Evergreen A, 1pm.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers League Division Two

Callan United B v Clover United, 1pm.

Deen Celtic B v Fort Rangers, 11am.

Evergreen B v Stoneyford United, 11am.

Freebooters B v Freshford Town, 3.30pm.

Southend United v Newpark, 11am.

Under-9 Barnaville Print & Graphic Games

Evergreen City v Deen Celtic Reds, 10.30am.

East End United v Deen Celtic Blacks, 11am.

Stoneyford United v Thomastown United, 11am.

Freebooters B v Bridge United, 10.30am.

Evergreen United v Freebooters A, 10.30am.

Evergreen Town v Fort Rangers, 11.30am.

Callan United Blues v Evergreen Ath, 2pm.

Callan United Yellows v Paulstown 06, 3pm.

Lions v Freebooters C, 1pm.


KCLR McCalmont Cup

Freshford Town v Ballacolla, 2pm.

St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division

Bridge United A v Thomastown United A, 11am.

Freebooters A v East End United A, 11am.

Lions A v Fort Rangers, 11am.

Newpark A v Evergreen A, 11am.

Division One

Deen Celtic A v Callan United, 11am.

Southend United v Tullaroan, 11am.

Clover United A v Freebooters B, 2pm.

Newpark B v Spa United, 2pm.

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

Brookville v St Anne’s, 11am.

Bridge United B v River Rangers, 2pm.

Duiske Glass Division Three

Brookville B v Castlewarren Celtic, 2pm.

Lions B v St John’s, 2pm.

Newpark C v East End United B, 2pm.

Women’s Shield

East End United v Tullaroan, 2pm.

Women’s Division Two

Freshford Town v Newpark, 11am.

Piltown v Ballacolla, 11am.

Under-13 SFAI Euro Tab Cup

SDFL v Kilkenny &DL, Derdimus 3pm.


Oscar Traynor Trophy

Kilkenny & DL 1, AUL 3.

Division One

Clover United A 0, Deen Celtic 1.

Southend United 1, Spa United 5.

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

Freshford Town 6, Brookville 3.

Duiske Glass Division Three

Newpark C 0, Thomastown United C 3.

Brookville B 0, Lions B 2.

East End United B 3, Castlewarren Celtic 2.

Women’s Shield

Freshford Town 0, Lions 3.

Women’s Division Two

Newpark 2, Piltown 0.

Youths’ Division One

Ormonde Villa 1, Evergreen A 4.

Under-16 TC Tyres League

Spa United 2, Deen Celtic 0.

Evergreen A 3, Evergreen B 0.

Freebooters A 4, Paulstown 06 1.

Highview Athletic 0, Clover United 4.

Ormonde Villa 3, Lions 1.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts Division One

Deen Celtic 2, Evergreen A 5.

Lions 3, East End United 4.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts Division Two

Freebooters B 3, Bridge United 4.

Callan United 3, Brookville 0.

Highview Athletic 2, Paulstown 06 1.

Clover United 1, Evergreen B 1.

Under-12 K&DL Macron Girls’ League

Evergreen 1, Freebooters 4.

Thomastown United 3, East End United 0.

Newpark 1, Lions 5.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Two

Evergreen City 0, Lions 4.

Paulstown 06 0, Freebooters B 4.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers League Division Two

Freshford Town 0, Stoneyford United 1.

Southend United 2, Evergreen City 0.