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The fixtures (April 29 to May 6) and results from the Kilkenny & District League

The fixtures (April 29 to May 6) and results from the Kilkenny & District League


St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division (6.45pm)

Callan United v Evergreen A

Evergreen B v Freebooters A

Spa United v Thomastown United A

Women’s League

Freebooters v Newpark, 6.45pm.


Under-17 K&DL Cup

Evergreen A v Evergreen B, 6.45pm.

Under-15 K&DL Cup

Thomastown United v Clover United, 7pm.


Buckley Youths’ Cup final

Callan United v Evergreen A, Derdimus 3pm.

Under-17 K&DL Cup

Highview Athletic v Ormonde Villa, 11am.

Paulstown 06 v Spa United, 11am.

Freebooters A v Freebooters B, 1.30pm.

Under-15 K&DL Cup

Southend United v Evergreen B, 11am.

Freebooters A v Evergreen A, 11.30am.

Under-13 Eric Wilcox Cup

Bridge United v Freebooters, 11am.

Evergreen A v Deen Celtic, 11am.

Evergreen City v Newpark, 12.30pm.

Highview Athletic v Paulstown 06, 1pm.

East End United v Callan United, 3pm.

Stoneyford United v Lions, 3pm.

Evergreen United v Fort Rangers, 5pm.

Under-12 K&DL Girls’ League (1pm)

Callan United v Thomastown United.

Evergreen A v Newpark.

Under-11 David Doran Cup

Deen Celtic B v Evergreen United, 11am.

Fort Rangers v Stoneyford United, 11am.

Lions v Evergreen Athletic, 11am.

Deen Celtic A v Bridge United, 12.30pm.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers SSG Group A

East End United A v Clover United, 11am.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers SSG Group B

Freebooters B v Paulstown 06, 11am.

Under-11 Nolan Jewellers SSG Group C

East End United B v Highview Athletic, 12.30pm.

Callan United v Freebooters Whites, 1pm.

Evergreen United v Thomastown United Whites, 3pm.


KCLR McCalmont Cup

Evergreen B v Newpark A, 11am.

St Mary’s v Evergreen A, Derdimus 11am.

Thomastown United A v Callan United, 2pm.

Division One Cup final

Clover United A v Stoneyford United, Derdimus 4.30pm.

Division Three Cup final

Highview Athletic A v Callan United B, Derdimus 1.30pm.

O’Neills LFA Cup

St Paul’s Artane v Freebooters, 2pm.


KCLR McCalmont Cup

St Ann’s v Freebooters A, 12 noon.

Under-15 K&DL Cup

Callan United v Brookville, 11am.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division Two (11am)

Castlewarren Celtic v Evergreen City.

Evergreen United v Highview Athletic.

Thomastown United B v Clover United.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Two (11am)

Evergreen City v Freebooters B.

Freshford Town v Fort Rangers.

Highview Athletic v Callan United.

Southend United v Deen Celtic B.


Under-16 TC Tyres League

Callan United v Deen Celtic, 6.45pm.


Under-12 K&DL Girls’ League

Lions v Thomastown United, 7pm.

Under-12 Nicholas Marnell Cup

Bridge United v Freebooters A, 6.45pm.

St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division

Evergreen B 1, Thomastown United A 4.

Lions A 0, Evergreen A 5.

Freebooters A 2, Evergreen B 0.

Newpark A 0, Evergreen A 3.

KCLR McCalmont Cup

Freebooters A 5, Stoneyford United 0.

Eamonn Maher Division Two playoff

Evergreen C 4, Lions B 0.

Division Three Cup

Highview Athletic 2, Castlewarren Celtic 1.

St John’s 0, Callan United B 4.

Buckley Youths’ Cup

Evergreen A 1, Freebooters 0.

Youths’ League

Callan United 1, Freebooters 3.

Under-16 Brendan Lonergan Cup

Callan United 1, Evergreen B 3.

Ormonde Villa 3, Evergreen A 2.

Brookville 1, Thomastown United 6.

Under-16 TC Tyres League

Freshford Town 1, Freebooters A 3.

Under-14 K&DL Girls’ League

Freebooters 0, Evergreen 3.

Lions 0, Thomastown United 7.

Under-14 Declan Fennelly Cup

Evergreen United 2, Freebooters B 1.

Freshford Town 3, Castlewarren Celtic 0.

Lions 4, Clover United 1.

Bridge United 2, Deen Celtic 6.

Callan United 2, Evergreen City 6.

Stoneyford United 1, East End United 3.

Under-13 Kilkenny People League Division One

Highview Athletic 1, Lions 1.

Under-12 K&DL Girls’ League

Thomastown United 3, Evergreen A 1.

Callan United 1, East End United 5.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Two

Deen Celtic B 4, Freebooters C 4.

Under-12 Nicholas Marnell Cup

Lions 3, Evergreen City 2.

Bridge United B 1, Thomastown United 4.

Callan United 0, Deen Celtic A 7.

Freebooters C 7, Highview Athletic 4.

Freshford Town 0, Clover United 3.

Southend United 5, Deen Celtic B 3.

Under-11 David Doran Cup

Evergreen City 3, Freebooters B 1.

Freshford Town 0, Freebooters A 3.

East End United 3, Thomastown United Blue 1.