League announce full Cup draws

THE following is the full draw for the Kilkenny & District League’s divisional cup competitions.

THE following is the full draw for the Kilkenny & District League’s divisional cup competitions.

Clubs from junior to schoolboys’ levels will be in cup action as their league seasons wind down, with plenty of silverware up for grabs.

No dates have yet been announced for the games.

Division One Cup

Preliminary Round: AC Kilkenny A v Clover United A. Quarter-finals: (1) Tullaroan v Thomastown United A, (2) Stoneyford United v Spa United, (3) Freshford Town v AC Kilkenny A or Clover United A, (4) Newpark United A v Callan United.

Semi-finals: 2 v 3, 4 v 1.

Division Two Ken & Michael Byrne Memorial Cup

Preliminary Round: Urlingford v Clifden United. Quarter-finals: (1) Urlingford or Clifden v East End United B, (2) River Rangers v Brookville, (3) Highview Athletic v Lions B, (4) Gowran v Thomastown United B.

Semi-finals: 2 v 3, 4 v 1.

Division Three Cup

Preliminary Round: Clover United B v Evergreen C. Quarter-finals: (1) Orchard Rovers v Deen Celtic B, (2) Newpark United B v Clover United B or Evergreen C, (3) St Anne’s v AC Kilkenny B, (4) St John’s v Bridge United B.

Semi-finals: 3 v 1, 4 v 2.

Women’s Cup

Preliminary Round: Deen Celtic v St Joseph’s, Evergreen v East End United, Orchard Rovers v Gowran.

Quarter-finals: (1) Clover United v Urlingford, (2) Deen Celtic or St Joseph’s v Thomastown United, (3) Orchard Rovers or Gowran v Evergreen or East End United, (4) Tullaroan v Bridge United.

Semi-finals: 1 v 2, 4 v 3.

Buckley Youths’ Cup

Quarter-finals: (1) Evergreen City v Clover United, (2) Evergreen v River Rangers (3) Newpark/Ormonde Villa v Freebooters, (4) Thomastown United v Lions.

Semi-finals: 3 v 4, 2 v 1.

Under-17 K&DL Cup

Preliminary Round: Evergreen v Fort Rangers. Semi-finals: East End United v Freshford Town, Evergreen or Fort Rangers v Deen Celtic.

Under-16 Brendan Lonergan Cup

Byes: (1) Highview Athletic, (2) Evergreen A, (3) Clover United, (4) Lions, (5) Thomastown United, (6) Bridge United. Preliminary Round: (7) Freebooters v Evergreen C, (8) Evergreen B v Ormonde Villa.

Quarter-finals: (A) 7 v 8, (B) 8 v 6, (C) 1 v 5, (D) 4 v 2. Semi-finals: D v A, C v B.

Under-15 K&DL Cup

Byes: (1) Thomastown United, (2) Evergreen A, (3) Freshford Town, (4) Freebooters B, (5) Deen Celtic. Preliminary Round: (6) Freebooters A v Ormonde Villa, (7) Evergreen B v Southend United, (8) Bridge United v Callan United.

Quarter-finals: (A) 6 v 1, (B) 4 v 7, (C) 3 v 2, (D) 8 v 5. Semi-finals: D v C, A v B.

Under-14 Declan Fennelly Cup

Byes: (1) Freebooters A, (2) Thomastown United B, (3) Clover United. Preliminary Round: (4) Ormonde Villa v Bridge United, (5) Freshford Town v Urlingford, (6) Paulstown 06 v Thomastown United, (7) Evergreen B v Freebooters B, (8) Highview Athletic v Evergreen A.

Quarter-finals: (A) 5 v 4, (B) 2 v 8, (C) 6 v 7, (D) 3 v 1. Semi-finals: D v B, C v A.

Under-13 Eric Wilcox Cup

Byes: (1) Thomastown United, (2) Freebooters A. First Round: (3) Evergreen B v Paulstown 06, (4) Stoneyford United v Bridge United, (5) Southend United v East End United, (6) Callan United v Evergreen A, (7) Freshford Town v Ormonde Villa, (8) Deen Celtic v Freebooters B.

Quarter-finals: (A) 8 v 7, (B) 3 v 5, (C) 6 v 1, (D) 4 v 2. Semi-finals: D v C, B v A.

Under-12 K&DL Cup

Preliminary Round: (1) Evergreen B v Fort Rangers, (2) Freebooters A v Deen Celtic, (3) Lions v Bridge United, (4) Highview Athletic v East End United, (5) Freebooters B v Southend United, (6) Evergreen A v Thomastown United, (7) Clover United v Ormonde Villa. Bye: Callan United (8).

Quarter-finals: (A) 3 v 8, (B) 2 v 7, (C) 6 v 1, (D) 4 v 5. Semi-finals: A v B, D v C.

Under-11 David Doran Cup

Preliminary Round: Lions v Fort Rangers. Last 16: (1) Paulstown 06 v Evergreen C, (2) Thomastown United A v Deen Celtic, (3) Evergreen B v Freebooters C, (4) Bridge United v Lions or Fort Rangers, (5) Freshford Town v Highview Athletic, (6) Stoneyford United v Evergreen A, (7) Freebooters B v Callan United, (8) East End United v Freebooters A.

Quarter-finals: (A) 1 v 2, (B) 3 v 7, (C) 6 v 5, (D) 4 v 8. Semi-finals: C v A, B v D.