Martin Hayes Quartet for Arts Festival has a Gloaming feeling

Martin Hayes Quartet for Arts Festival has a Gloaming feeling

Steeped in the rich repertoire and poise of the music of East Clare, Martin Hayes continues to challenge both himself and the listener with his curious spirit.

On Tuesday, August 9, the Martin Hayes Quartet play in St Canice's Cathedral as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

A global artist in the truest sense, Hayes draws from a boundless imagination, thrilling audiences as he distils diverse influences through his own musical integrity and mastery.

Hayes’ eloquence finds natural partners in the members of his newest collaborative venture, drawing on influences from baroque to jazz. Kentucky-born traditional fiddler Liz Knowles is a celebrated solo performer and arranger as well as a member of the acclaimed group String Sisters; clarinettist Doug Wieselman is as comfortable a band member with Antony and the Johnsons or Robert Wilson as he is a front man in his own daring exploits in jazz and contemporary composition; the quartet is completed by Hayes’ longtime musical partner Dennis Cahill, an inimitable guitarist of understated brilliance, virtuosity and nuance.

The Martin Hayes Quartet invites us on a journey into unexplored territory, sounding new depths and striking sparks off their combined musical genius.

' Martin Hayes speaks with the soul of a poet....a remarkable artist, the only one of his type'

The Sunday Independent