Radical Politician and Broadcaster George Galloway comes to c ity for film Premiere


Radical Politician, Peace Activist and Broadcaster George Galloway comes to Kilkenny City for the Irish Premiere of his film 'The Killing$ Of Tony Blair'.

As part of Rhyme N Reason - Spoken Word Festival George Galloway will attend the Irish premier of 'The Killing$ Of Tony Blair' and be part of a question and answer session after the screening in The Watergate Theatre Kilkenny on Sunday, September 18 at 8pm.

This is the first year of Rhyme N Reason -Spoken Word Festival and the organisers are hopeful it will get people talking in a powerful, passionate and peaceful manner.

The creators of the of Rhyme N Reason festival believe that listening to people's concerns, ideas and solutions is an antidote to mental health issues, in essence, a form of therapy for a suffering society.