Graignamanagh -

William Hoare


William Hoare



Last weeks numbers were 4,13,20 &23. There was no winner of the £10,000 jackpot. Consolation winners were Kay Doyle, Patrick Gill, Amanda Reddy, Anthony O’Brien and Declan Murphy. The reserve jackpot has now risen to £3,700.


The next lecture organised by the Graignamanagh Historical Society will be held at the Library on Friday 18th October.Guest speaker will be Michael Desmond well known historian and author..He will speak on the BATTLE OF LE PILLY in OCTOBER 1914. As this is the 99th anniversary of the battle and given that there many local people involved in the First World War there is a possibility that there will be a big attendance. All are welcome with proceedings getting underway at 8pm.


Many of the miracles written in the Old Testament are associated with water with the Parting of the Red Sea,The Wedding Feast at cCana and the miracle of the Loaf and Fishes readily coming to mind. The miracle of the twentieth Century also has a water theme and was witnessed in the recent past in the homely confines of the Duiske River which meanders lazily through the glen tojoin with the Barrow at Brandondale.The Clapper Bridge which had spanned the Duiske for centuries fell or was knocked and lay in pieces in the weed filled waters.Despite many years of campaigning and a bucket full of broken promises the re-erection of the historic bridge seemed as far away as ever.During the course of last week the miracle took place. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes the Bridge rose from the waters low and behold there it was once more in in all its medieval glory spanning the gurgling stream.People speak in whispers of wraith like figures and white robed monks flitting in the eerie darknes scarrying shovels and other building instruments.Perhaps the truth will never be known but to many it is a miracle and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the builders be they real or imaginery. One local who was spotted sipping from Ladywell just a few paces from the bridge when questioned on his sudden urge revealed that he was only testing to see if the water in the well had been changed into wine. Two miracles on the one day is asking for too much. It is encumbent on us all now to ensure that the bridge remains safe and above water.

As I ramble by the Millrace and my lonely vigil keep,

Hear the Speir Bhean of Dubh Uisce sin her praises from the deep,

To the folk who toiled and laboured neath Brandons verdant ridge

To erect with oaths and laughter our historic Clapper Bridge