29 Nov 2021

Kilkenny’s fallen - the soldiers who died in WWI



Anderson, Edward Patrick, Mullinavat, 1916-08-08, France.

Aspell, Edward, Kilkenny, 1917-08-10, France.

Alyward, Edward, Thomastown, 1917-08-10, France.

Aylward, William, Ballyhale, 1914-10-19, France.

Barron, John, Graignamanagh, 1916-09-03, France.

Barry, William, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1916-10-19, France.

Barry, John, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1916-06-26, France.

Bateman, Fred, Kilkenny, 1916-10-26, France.

Beehan, John, Urlingford, 1915-05-14, France.

Bell, Charles F.J., Kilkenny, 1915-08-16, Gallipoli.

Bennett, Thomas, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1916-07-13, Salonica.

Bergin, John, Kilkenny, 1915-05-12, France

Bergin, James, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-08-15, France.

Bergin, John, Callan, 1915-03-15, France.

Bergin, Andrew, Dunnamaggan, 1916-10-14, France.

Bergin, Patrick, Callan, 1918-04-03, France.

Blanchfield, Michael, Kilkenny, 1917-08-07, France.

Bolger, Nicholas, Kilkenny, 1916-10-09, France.

Bolger, Michael, Clough, 1917-08-12, France.

Bolger, William, Graiguenamanagh, 1914-11-06, France.

Bolger, Pierce, Graiguenamanagh, 1916-10-12, France.

Booth, William, Castlecomer, 1916-07-14, France.

Bourke, William, Thuboram, Piltown, 1916-09-03, France.

Bourke, John, Kilkenny, 1914-12-14, France.

Bowman, Albert Aldridge, Kilkenny, 1917-04-25, Balkans.

Boyle, William, Butts, Kilkenny, 1916-07-05, France.

Boyne, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1914-11-05, France.

Breen, Richard, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1918-03-28, France.

Brennan, John, Kilmanagh, 1914-10-21, France.

Brennan, John, Kilkenny, 1918-04-27, France.

Brennan, John, Gowran, 1916-04-24, Home.

Brennan, James, Ballyhale, 1918-11-06, France.

Bridgett, Martin, Graignamanagh, 1915-10-04, France.

Brien, Edward, Thomastown, 1918-03-27, France.

Broderick, James, Johnstown, 1916-09-03, France.

Brophey, Michael, Kilkenny, 1915-07-03, France.

Brophy, John, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-08-07, France.

Brophy, John, Ballyragget, 1915-06-11, France.

Buckley, George, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-07-14, France.

Buckley, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1915-04-26, France

Buckley, John, Thomastown, 1916-07-08, France.

Burden, Patrick, Thomastown, 1915-05-27, France.

Burke, Edward, Urlingford, 1916-09-15, France.

Burke, Michael, Kilkenny, 1916-03-27, France.

Burke, William, Cuff’s Grange, Kilkenny, 1916-07-10, France.

Burke, Thomas, Dungarvan, Co Kilkenny, 1915-03-10, France.

Burke, Michael, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1914-09-14, France.

Burke, Michael, Kilkenny, 1918-05-04, France.

Burke, John, Urlington (possibly Urlingford), Co Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Burke, James, Kilkenny, 1916-08-13, Mesopotamia.

Burns, George Henry, Kilkenny, 1918-04-18, France.

Butler, William Patrick, Kilkenny, 1918-09-17, Serbia.

Butler, Philip, Newtownbarry, Co Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Byrne, James, Callan, 1915-05-13, France.

Byrne, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1917-10-09, France.

Byrne, Thomas, Thomastown, 1917-12-30, unknown.

Byrne, Martin, Kilkenny, 1917-07-31, France.

Cahill, John, Kilkenny, 1917-11-16, France.

Campbell, Alexander, Kilkenny, 1914-10-27, France.

Carr, Albert, Kilmoganny, 1918-01-19, France.

Carroll, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1918-03-10, Palestine.

Clancy, Michael, Windgap, 1915-04-26, France.

Cleary, Patrick, Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, 1917-08-30, unknown.

Cleary, William, Kilmacow, 1917-07-19, France.

Cleer, John, Ballingarry, Co Kilkenny, 1914-09-20, France.

Cleeve, John, Ballyhale, 1914-09-20, France.

Clowry, James, Kilkenny, 1915-08-25, Gallipoli.

Coady, James, Kilkenny, 1915-01-29, unknown.

Coady, Edward, Urlingford, 1915-12-14, Salonica.

Coady, Simon, Graiguenamanagh, 1915-03-16, France.

Cody, James, Thomastown, 1916-02-10, France.

Cody, Joseph Francis, Kilkenny, 1917-09-25, France.

Colclough, Henry W., Clonmantagh, 1917-09-14, France.

Coleman, Edward, Kilkenny, 1917-08-06, France.

Colfer, Patrick, Shankhill, Co Kilkenny, 1917-04-22, France.

Collins, William Millar, Kilkenny, 1915-01-25, France.

Collins, Patrick, Donamaggin, Co Kilkenny, 1915-12-05, Salonica.

Comerford, John, Castlecomer, 1914-10-26, France.

Comerford, James, Castlecomer, 1915-04-21, France.

Connell, Denis, Castlecomer, 1916-09-09, France.

Connell, Michael, Maudlin St, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-08-24, Gallipoli.

Connell, Cornelius, Maudlin St, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-03, France.

Connell, Richard, Maudlin St, St John’s, Kilkenny. Died 29/09/18, France.

Connell, Martin, Callan, 1916-09-09, France.

Connolly, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1916-09-05, France.

Conville, Patrick, Clough, Castlecomer, 1917-08-17, France.

Conway, William, Windgate (possibly Windgap), Co Kilkenny, 1917-04-12, France.

Conway, James, Windgap, 1917-06-07, France.

Corcoran, Nicholas, Callan, 1918-03-09, Palestine.

Corcoran, Richard, Piltown, 1916-09-28, France.

Corolan, John, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-08-02, France.

Corr, David, Danesfort, Co Kilkenny, 1918-10-17, Egypt.

Costigan, William, Muckalee, 1916-09-03, France.

Costigan, Patrick, Thomastown, 1918-06-08, Egypt.

Costigan, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-15, France.

Cox, James, Thomastown, 1915-11-07, unknown.

Crampton, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1917-08-16, France.

Cranny, John, Kilkenny, 1916-09-03, France.

Cuddihy, William, Newmarket, Co Kilkenny, 1917-04-24, France.

Culbert, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1915-06-15, Gallipoli.

Cullen, James Joseph, St John’s, Kilkenny, 191811-01, unknown.

Culleton, Thomas, Goresbridge, 1916-03-15, France. Service No. 3491 2nd Bttn / Leinsters, Menin Road Sth Cem.

Culleton, John, Kilmacow, 1914-11-14, France.

Cullinan, Joseph, Callan, 1917-12-28, Palestine.

Cummins, John, Kilkenny, 1917-05-30.

D’Arcy, James, Johnstown, 1915-04-03, France.

D’Arcy, Edmund, Kilkenny, 1915-02-14, France.

Daly, John, Hugginstown, 1915-08-16, Gallipoli.

Daly, Edward, Ballycallan, 1914-10-25, France.

Darcy, Matthew, Danesford, 1917-11-05, Hospital, Boulogne.

Darcy, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1915-09-30, France.

Dawson, Michael, Kilmanson ? Co Kilkenny, 1915-05-25, France.

Deevy, Daniel, Castlecomer, 1915-04-30, France.

Delahunty, John, Kilkenny, 1917-10-09, France.

Delaney, Christopher, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-15, France.

Delaney, Joseph Patrick, Kilkenny, 1914-11-02, France.

Delaney, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1918-09-28, France.

Delaney, Michael, Kilkenny, 1916-07-25, France.

Dempsey, William, Dunamaggin, 1916-04-23, France.

Denton, Thomas James, Kilkenny, 1915-01-07, France.

Dermody, Joseph, St Peter’s, Kilkenny, 1915-01-07, unknown.

Devereux, Michael, Kilkenny, 1914-11-01, France.

Devereux, William P, Kilmacon?, Co Kilkenny, 1915-08-20, France.

Devlin, Thomas, Castlecomer, 1918-11-01, unknown.

Dobbyn, Michael, Kilmacow, 1916-06-06, France.

Doherty, Patrick, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-10-09, France.

Dohoney, Philip, Tullaroan, 1915-05-24, France.

Dooley, John, Thomastown, 1916-02-05, unknown.

Dooley, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-12-16, France.

Dougherty, John Edward, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-09, France.

Dower, James, Killen, Co Kilkenny, 1918-07-06, unknown.

Dowling, Matthew, Gowran, 1917-01-26, France.

Dowling, Pierce, Kilkenny, 1914-10-14, France.

Dowling, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1917-09-27, France.

Dowling, Patrick, Newtown, Callan, 1918-03-21, France.

Downey, Michael Joseph, Castlecomer, 1917-04-08, France.

Doyle, William, Kilkenny, 1918-03-17, unknown.

Doyle, Patrick, Thomastown, 1914-10-19, France.

Doyle, Michael, Tullaherin, 1915-09-27, France.

Drea, Kieran, Cuffesgrange, 1918-07-06, France.

Dreeling, Nicholas, Gowran, 1917-10-09, France.

Dreeling, Edward, Gowran, 1916-07-14, France.

Dryden, Robert, Thomastown, 1918-04-24, France.

Duggan, John, Kilkenny, 1915-04-24, France.

Duggan, Thomas, Templemore, Piltown, Co Kilkenny, 1916-06-26, France.

Duggan, Patrick, Tullaroan, 1917-09-13, France.

Duggan, Michael, Ballyhale, 1917-08-05, France

Duggan, Michael, Poulrone, Owning, Piltown 1916 France.

Duggan, Martin, Windgap, 1917-12-12, France.

Dullard, James, St Canice’s, Co Kilkenny, 1915-02-26, unknown.

Dullard, Nicholas, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-24, France.

Dullard, Martin, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-09, France.

Dunne, Richard, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-24, France.

Dunne, John, Graiguenamanagh, 1916-07-14, France.

Dunne, John, Kilkenny, 1917-03-04, France.

Dunne, James, Skehana, Co Kilkenny, 1918-09-27, France.

Dunne, Edward, Kilkenny, 1916-04-27, France.

Dunne, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1915-06-30, Gallipoli.

Dunphy, James, Kilmacow, 1915-04-26, France.

Dunphy, John, Castlecomer, 1914-09-21, France.

Egan, Michael, Ballyragget, 1914-11-01, France.

Fannon, Patrick, Urlingford, 1918-03-25, France.

Farrell, Edward, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1914-12-20, France.

Fenton, Frederick, Kilkenny, 1917-03-12, France.

Fernie, Noel, Kilmacow, 1914-10-19, France.

Fitzpatrick, Michael, Piltown, 1916-07-05, France.

Fitzpatrick, Matthew, Slieverue, 1918-03-21, France.

Fitzpatrick, Stephen, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-04-05, France.

Fitzpatrick, William, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1915-02-03, France.

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1916-07-14, France.

Fleming, Thomas, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-07, France.

Fleming, Michael, Callan, 1915-05-26, France.

Flood, Patrick, Graiguenamanagh, 1916-10-15, France.

Flood, Thomas, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1917-04-05, France.

Fogarty, Thomas, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1914-11-15, France.

Foley, James, Kilkenny, 1918-03-21, France.

Foley, Patrick, Lisdowney, Ballyragget, 1915-04-27, France.

Foley, James, Kilkenny, 1915-05-02, France.

Franklin, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1917-05-15, France.

Gardiner, Joseph, Castlecomer, 1914-08-24, France.

Gaule, John, Glenmore, 1918-07-04, France.

Geoghegan, Martin, Graigue, Co Kilkenny,1917-08-05, unknown

Gleeson, Cornelius, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1915-03-13, France.

Gleeson, Kiernan, Slieverue, 1916-12-21, France.

Gleeson, John, Paulstown, 1918-05-29, unknown.

Gleeson, Richard, Paulstown, 1918-09-04, France.

Glennon, William, Rosbercon, 1916-10-12, France.

Glennon, Jeremiah, Castlecomer,1916-09-09, France.

Gorman, John, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1914-12-03, France.

Grace, William, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Grace, James, Co Kilkenny, 1917-07-20, France.

Grady, John, Castlecomer, 1915-12-07, Salonica.

Graham, George, Long Easter, Kilderry, Co Kilkenny, 1918-04-11, France

Grant, Patrick, Glenmore, 1918-04-28, unknown.

Grant, Edmund, Kilkenny, 1917-12-30, unknown.

Griffen, John, Kilkenny, 1915, 09-30, France.

Hackett, Thomas, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1915-07-07, France.

Hall, Frederick William, Kilkenny, 24/4/15, Ypres. Awarded posthumous VC.

Hanrahan, Matthew, Stoneyford, 1915-05-19, France.

Hart, Patrick, Clara, Co Kilkenny, 1918-04-12, France.

Hayden, George, Johnstown, 1916-04-22, France.

Hayden, Edward, Slieverue, 1916-09-09, France.

Hayes, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1914-10-24, France.

Hayes, Michael, Kilkenny, 1915-04-30, Gallipoli.

Healy, John, Thomastown, 1915-02-16, France.

Heffernan, Patrick, Windgap, 1917-10-09. France.

Heffernan, James, Drumgoole, Castlecomer, 1914-10-22.

Heffernan, Robert, Freshford, 1916-04-30, France.

Hennebry, Michael, Fiddown, 1917-03-08, France.

Hennessey, Patrick, Kilmacow, 1917-02-17, France.

Higgins, Patrick, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Higgins, John, Kilkenny, 1918-03-21, France.

Hill, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-06-08, France.

Hoban, Gregory, Gowran, 1917-09-13, France.

Hogan, William, Kilkenny, 1917-12-22, France.

Holden, Patrick, Callan, 1916-12-09, France.

Holland, Joseph, Butts, Co Kilkenny1918-07-02, France.

Holmes, William J. Killaloe, Co Kilkenny, 1915-12-31, France.

Holohan, Thomas, Graigue, Co Kilkenny, 1916-09-28, France.

Holohan, Richard, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1918-03-26, France.

Holohan, Patrick, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1918-03-26, France.

Hughes, Patrick, Freshford, 1918-03-24, France.

Ivory, William, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1916-05-07, Mesopotamia.

James, William Alfred, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-24, France.

Jennings, Martin, Kilkenny, 1917-12-06, France.

Jordan, Nicholas, Gowran, 1916-02-01, France.

Kavanagh, Thomas, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Kavanagh, John, Callan, 1915-02-14, France.

Kavanagh, Edward, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-09, France.

Kavanagh, James, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1918-01-13, Home.

Keane, William, Piltown, 1917-02-17, France.

Kearns, Tobias, Kilkenny,1917-09-15, France.

Keating, James, Kilkenny, 1914-10-21, France.

Keating, John, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-02-14, France.

Keating, Thomas, Ballyragget, 1915-05-15, France.

Keefe, John, Ballyhale, 1915-04-02, France.

Keeffe, William, Connety (Conahy?), 1915-04-25, Gallipoli.

Keeffe, John, Mooncoin, 1914-10-23, France.

Keeffe, Edmund, Mooncoin, 1914-10-23, France.

Kelly, James, Kilkenny, 1916-07-01, France.

Kelly, John, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1918-03-31, France.

Kelly, Henry, Kilkenny, 1915-06-06, France.

Kelly, Thomas, Callan, 1916-09-09, France.

Kelly, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-26, France.

Kelly, Denis, Thomastown, 1916-09-03, France.

Kelly, John, Ballyhale, 1915-08-21, Gallipoli.

Kennedy, Robert, Freshford, 1917-05-23, France.

Kennedy, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1915-09-26, France.

Kenny, Patrick, Callan, 1916-07-14, France.

Kenny, Thomas, St Canice’s, Kilkenny,1916-12-16, France.

Keogh, William, Callan, 1914-10-19, France.

Kiely, Patrick, Ahenny, Co Kilkenny, 1917-09-04, France.

King, John, Ballyhale, 1915-02-14, France.

King, Francis, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-08-08.

Knox, John, Piltown, 1917-09-11, France

Lake, Sidney, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-07-24, France.

Lanigan, James, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1914-08-24, France.

Lannon, James, Callan, 1915-10-08, unknown.

Lawless, Patrick, Conahy, Co Kilkenny, 1916-07-18, France.

Lawless, Michael, Kilkenny, 1916-09-15, France.

Lawlor, Michael, Muckalee, Co Kilkenny, 1915-05-03, France.

Lawlor, William, Kilkenny, 1915-08-30, France.

Leahy, Edward, Kilkenny, 1914-12-18, France.

Leahy, Richard, Kilkenny, 1917-09-22, France.

Leahy, John, Kilkenny, 1914-10-27, unknown.

Ledger, Edward, Kilkenny, 1916-07-07, France.

Lee, Arthur James, Kilkenny, 1915-02-10, France.

Loughman, William, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-20, France.

Lynch, James, Kilkenny, 1918-05-23, unknown.

Madden, Stephen, Kilkenny, 1917-08-16, France.

Maher, John, Callan, 1915-05-09, France.

Maher, Michael, Urlingford, 1915-05-24, France.

Maher, Michael, Callan, 1915-05-24, France.

Mahon, Patrick, Clough, Co Kilkenny, 1918-01-01, Egypt.

Mahoney, John, Kilmacow, 1918-09-07, France.

Malone, James, Kilkenny, 1915-08-15, Gallipoli.

Maloney, Andrew, Ballyhale, 1917-04-12, France.

Manning, Christopher, Kilkenny, 1915-10-01, France.

Marnell, Walter, Dunnamaggin, 1916-07-01, France.

Martin, Michael, Gowran, 1916-09-15, France.

McCarthy, James, Gowran, 1917-10-10, France.

McCarthy, John, Danesfort, Kilkenny, 1915-05-03, France.

McConville, Edward, Kilkenny, 1916-07-05, France.

McDonald, Archibald, Kilkenny, 1914-10-28, France.

McDonnell, John, Cuff’s Green (Cuffesgrange?), Co Kilkenny, 1916-05-09, France.

McFadden, George, Kilmanagh, 1915-06-03, unknown.

McGee, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1916-04-27, France.

McGee, Paul, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1916-06-06, France.

McGrath, Patrick, Ballyragget, 1915-09-22, France.

McGuire, Philip, Mooncoin, 1916-01-25, France.

McKenna, Michael, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-26, France.

McNamee, Peter, Kilkenny, 1915-06-18, France.

Mealy, Stephen, Clough, Co Kilkenny, 1915-05-12, France.

Meara, Patrick, Rosservarn, Callan, 1919-06-23, War Hospital, Belfast.

Meehan, Michael, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1917-12-08, France.

Meehan, Kieran, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1915-08-21, Gallipoli.

Melea, Michael, Kilmoganny, 1917-08-16, France.

Miller, James Charles, Bennetsbridge, Co Kilkenny, 1915-01-07, France.

Mines, Michael, Hugginstown, 1915-02-14, unknown.

Minogue, Pagtrick, Thomastown, 1914-10-22, unknown.

Molloy, Michael, Callan, 1916-05-08, France.

Moore, James, Killcasey, Co Kilkenny, 1916-10-21, France.

Moran, John, Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, 1914-11-06, France.

Moran,Edward, Kilmogamy, (Kilmoganny?),1915-05-25, France.

Morley, Patrick, Callan, 1915-04-24, France.

Morressey, Patrick, Danesfort, Co Kilkenny, 1917-12-09, France.

Morris, Michael J. Callan, 1917-04-27, Salonica.

Morris, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-05-11, France.

Morrissey, Robert, Pitt, Co Kilkenny, 1914-09-13, France.

Morrissy, John, Gowran, 1918-03-27, France.

Morton, William, Kilkenny, 1918-10-08, France.

Moynes, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1914-09-13, France.

Mulhall, Daniel, Kilkenny, 1915-04-26, Gallipoli.

Mulrooney, Patrick, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1916-01-21, Mesopotamia.

Murphy, Patrick, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-11-20, France.

Murphy, William, Clough, Co Kilkenny, 1916-05-22, unknown.

Murphy, Denis, Gowran, 1915-06-25, France.

Murphy, Andrew, Clough, Co Kilkenny, 1916-04-06, France.

Murphy, Peter, Kilkenny, 1918-04-11, France.

Murphy, John, Rosbercon, Co Kilkenny, 1915-08-16, Gallipoli.

Murphy, John, Kilkenny, 1917-04-25, Salonica.

Murphy, James, Kilkenny, 1917-02-17, unknown.

Murphy, James, Callan, 1915-09-24, Gallipoli.

Murphy, James, Kilfane, Co Kilkenny, 1915-03-17, France.

Murray, James, Kilkenny, 1914-10-29, France.

Murray, Peter, Kilkenny, 1917-04-29, France.

Mynes, James, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-26, France.

Naylor, Benjamin, St Denniss, Kilkenny, 1915-10-13, France.

Nevin, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1916-06-19, France.

Nolan, William, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-03, France.

Nolan, Thomas, Castlecomer, 1915-05-04, France.

Nolan, Michael, Castlecomer, 1916-12-18, France.

Nolan, John, Castlecomer, 1915-05-24, France.

O’Brien, John, Ballyragget, 1916-09-03, France.

O’Brien, James, Mooncoin, 1918-11-29, France.

O’Connell, Richard, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1918-09-29, France.

O’Connor, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1919-02-23, Union House, Thomastown (from battle injuries).

O’Connor, Arthur, Ballyragget, 1916-08-31, France.

O’Gorman, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-12-08, with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

O’Keeffe, Michael, Kilkenny, 1915-08-09, Gallipoli.

O’Keeffe, Michael, Thomastown, 1915-04-04, France.

O’Keeffe, Henry, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-03, France.

O’Keeffe, Patrick, Clara, Kilkenny, 1916-09-01, France.

O’Neill, Andrew, Kilkenny, 1917-04-28, France.

O’Neill, Daniel, Castlecomer, 1918-03-21, France.

O’Neill, James, Kilkenny, 1917-10-21, unknown.

O’Neill, Thomas, Thomastown, 1918-04-22, France.

O’Neill, Thomas, Kilmanagh, Callan, 1914-10-19, France.

O’Neill, Richard, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-08-03, France.

O’Neill, Michael, Paulstown, 1916-03-19, unknown.

O’Neill, Lawrence, Ferrybank, 1916-01-27, France.

O’Neill, Joseph Francis, Kilkenny, 1916-07-01,France.

O’Neill, John, Ballyhale, 1917-08-23, France.

O’Rourke, James, Kilkenny, 1914-11-06, France.

O’Shea, John, Callan, 1916-07-05, France.

O’Shea, Thomas, Inistioge, 1915-08-09, France.

O’Shea, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1917-11-04, France.

O’Toole, William, Ballyragget, 1916-07-05.

Pender, James, Kilkenny, 1916-07-05, France.

Perrin, George, Kilkenny, 1916-09-15, France.

Phelan, Kiernan, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-27, France.

Phelan, Kiernan, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1918-07-07, France.

Phelan, John, Gowran, 1914-10-20, France.

Phelan, James, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-26, France.

Phelan, Patrick, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-05-14, France.

Pittman, William, Thomastown, 1916-09-01, France.

Popkin, Thomas Joseph, Kilkenny, 1914-11-08, France.

Power, Jeremiah, Callan, 1915-05-07, France.

Power, Thomas, Bennettsbridge, 1917-08-27, France.

Power, Edward, Slieverue, 1915-05-17, unknown.

Power, John, Gowran, 1916-04-22, France.

Prout, William, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1917-01-30, France.

Purcell, Christopher, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-11-15, unknown.

Purcell, Jeremiah, Kilkenny, 1916-10-03, Balkans.

Purcell, James, Kilkenny, 1916-09-27, France.

Purcell, Robert, Kilmanagh, 1917-02-28, France.

Purcell, Richard, Urlingford, 1918-06-23, France.

Purcell, John, Gowran, 1918-06-23, France.

Pye, William, Kilkenny, 1918-10-15, Palestine.

Quinlan, Arthur, Kilkenny, 1918-10-15, Gallipoli.

Raftis, James, Thomastown, 1917-08-16, France.

Reddy, Joseph, Kilkenny, 1917-07-31, France.

Reddy, John, Mooncoin, 1916-09-09, France.

Redman, William Stephen, Kilkenny, 1915-05-03, France.

Redmond, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1915-07-30, France.

Reilly, Patrick, Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, 1916-12-13, France.

Reilly, Edward, Thomastown, 1916-06-10, France.

Reilly Edward Moonteen, Thomastown 19/10/1914

Reilly, David, Callan, 1918-09-27, France.

Richardson, Henry, Kilkenny, 1916-11-13, France.

Rielly, Edmond, Callan, 1915-04-15, France.

Roache, Patrick, Callan, 1918-10-02, unknown.

Roberts, Llewellyn, Kilkenny, 1915-05-18, France.

Roche, Thomas, Callan, 1917-06-07, France.

Rowe, Michael, Kilkenny, 1917-11-27, France.

Ryan, Michael, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-11, France.

Ryan, Martin, Kilkenny, 1915-01-25, France.

Ryan, Joseph, Urlingford, 1915-04-16, France.

Ryan, John, Freshford, 1915-05-24, France.

Ryan, John, Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, 1917-11-12, France.

Ryan, John, Kilmacow, 1916-09-09, France.

Ryan, James, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1914-08-20, unknown.

Ryan, R., Ballyhall (Ballyhale?), 1918-11-06, unknown.

Ryan, Joseph, Urlingford, 1915-04-16, France.

Ryan, Michael, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1916-09-11, France.

Sarsfield, Parick, St Patrick’s, Kilkenny, 1915-02-24, unknown.

Shea, Martin, Windgap, Callan, 1918-03-21, France.

Shea, Patrick Joseph, Kilkenny, 1916-09-01, France.

Shea, Joseph, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1917-11-02, Palestine.

Shea, Richard, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-24, France.

Shea, John, Kilkenny 1917-01-21, France.

Shea, Michael, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1915-04-28, France.

Sheehan, Patrick, Rosbercon, Co Kilkenny, 1915-08-09, France.

Shelly, John, Callan, 1915-07-23, France.

Shortall, Thomas, Kilkenny, 1917-09-13, France.

Smitheran, William, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1917-04-05, France.

Smyth, Patrick, St John’s, Kilkenny, 1917-01-19, France.

Smyth, William, Kilkenny, 1917-03-15, France.

Somers, John, Kilkenny, 1916-04-27, France.

Spillane, Patrick, Thomastown, 1916-09-09, France.

Stackpoole, James, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1917-07-31, France.

Stone, James, Castlecomer, 1918-03-21, France.

Stone, George, Castlecomer, 1916-09-03, France.

Strong, Albert Edward, Thomastown, 1917-08-16, France.

Sullivan, James, Newtown,Callan, 1915-06-27, France.

Sweeney, Charles W, Kilkenny, 1918-10-10, unknown.

Talbot, Luke, Kilkenny, 1917-06-14, Bethune, France.

Taylor, James, Urlingford, 1918-10-12, France.

Teehan, James, St Canice’s, Kilkenny, 1916-04-17, Salonica.

Tennyson, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1916-10-18, Mesopotamia.

Tierney, James, Callan, 1916-04-15, France.

Tobin, Edward, Paulstown, 1917-04-21, France.

Tobin, Michael, Ownin (Owning?), Co Kilkenny, 1916-02-04, Salonica.

Tobin, James, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1917-01-04, unknown.

Tone, John, Urlingford, 1915-04-19, France.

Trehy, Kiernan, Kilkenny, 1917-05-31, The Balkans.

Troy, Thomas, Patrick Street, Kilkenny,1914-08-24, France.

Tudenham, Maurice, Kilkenny, 1915-09-30, France.

Tynan, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1915-07-04, Gallipoli.

Waldron, Francis, St John’s, Kilkenny, date and place of death unrecorded.

Walker, John, Kilkenny, 1916-10-12, France.

Wall, Michael, Freshford, 1917-12-01, France.

Wall, Mark, Slieverue, 1917-12-19, unknown.

Wall, James, The Butts, Kilkenny, 1918-03-21, France.

Wallace, William, Clough, Co Kilkenny, 1915-08-25, France.

Wallace, James, Aughavillar, Co Kilkenny, 1916-09-07, unknown.

Walsh, James, Muckalee, 1915-03-16, France.

Walsh, Patrick, Kilmacow, 1916-09-24, France.

Walsh, Patrick, St Mary’s, Kilkenny, 1914-10-19, France.

Walsh, James, Kilkenny, 1916-05-26, France.

Walsh, William, Mooncoin, 1916-12-14, France.

Walsh, Richard, Green Hill, Kilkenny, 1916-09-03, France.

Walsh, William, Thomastown, 1914-08-23, France.

Walsh, Richard, Callan, 1914-12-18, unknown.

Walsh, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1916-04-06, France.

Walsh, John, Gowran, 1917-08-16, France.

Walsh, William, Mooncoin, 1916-09-26, France.

Ward, Thomas, Callan, 1915-04-24, France.

Whelan, Patrick, Kilkenny, 1916-09-09, France.

Whelan, John, Kilkenny, 1916-03-13, France.

White, Aubrey Cecil, Gowran, 1916-07-01, Somme, France.

Wholehouse, Francis, Callan, 1915-08-14, France.

Willoughby, Charles, Coolcullen, Co Kilkenny, 1915-05-18, France.

Willows, John, Kilkenny, 1916-02-27, France.

Willy, John, Kilkenny, 1915-12-25, unknown.

Woodhams, Alfred Thomas, Kilkenny, 1915-08-22, Gallipoli.

Wright, Peter, Glenmore, 1918-03-21, France.

Younge, Lawrence, Kilmacow, 1916-07-06, unknown.

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