284 points

284 points

The people working to make Castlecomer a Tidy Town have “made praiseworthy progress by making spectacular use of the natural features of the town,” the adjudicator found.

Among the highlights noted in the report were the fact that “much of its built environment from the 19th century has survived, including traditional shop fronts that “are now a priceless inheritance”.

Particular note was given to Wandesforde National School, the condition of which “marks a high point of a visit to your town”, although elsewhere in the town, “the lodge is a heart break”.

The town’s natural setting, particularly the Discovery Park, also received high praise: “The wildlife park would have to be the envy of any Irish town. A most user-friendly experience. The adjudicator did not understand the significance of the sculptures but was charmed by their presence.”

“The rich tree heritage of Castlecomer helps to create colour for the inhabitants and shelter for the little creatures. Those trees provide the canvas on which you can work,” the adjudicator noted.

Regarding landscaping, the report said: “In the walkabout one appreciates the fruit of your labour. The planting is varied in style, in shape, in colour content, in texture. A highlight is the planting in the coal skuttles, reflecting the mining background of the town. Somebody cares and has both green fingers and imagination”.

Things to continue working on include litter control: “One congratulates you on the ‘great effort’ you have put in this year. But the problem persists. You will have to continue the war.”

Also under the tidiness section, the adjudicator wrote: “Last year’s adjudicator mention the condition of signs on the Dublin approach road. This adjudicator regrets to say ‘Amen’ to this comment.”

However, many of the housing estates and the private houses along the approach roads were found to be in “beautiful condition”.