239 points

239 points

The Tidy Towns adjudicator who visited Freshford found much to admire, from “Werm’s Bridge from 1788” to Prague House and the village walls.

The adjudicator was particularly taken by the millennium park. “The landscaping in the millennium park is beautiful and daring also. That tubular tunnel, like an extended pergola, with the yew controlled inside is a wonderfully creative construction. ... The Green is also exceptional. Sometime through the years the locals invested in the quality of your future by planting all of those trees. Beautiful.”

“Another important feature of your wildlife amenities is the looped walk,” the report noted. “Mind you the adjudicator had difficulty finding it but it is evident that this walk is frequently used. A fantastic informal safe country walk with nature abounding. Your next step now is to survey the habitats that exist in the vicinity of the river walk.”

The area of waste minimisation came as a disappointment, however: “Can you imagine how excited the adjudicator became when the composter was spotted in the distance at the millennium park? At that stage the adjudicator was in an advanced state of excitement anyway at the park experience. But can you imagine the let-down when the composter became a litter bin? What an opportunity lost. There is a lot of grass that must be disposed of each week so that composter’s hunger could be sated with grass cuttings rather than Coke cans.”

Overall, it noted: “While a village green is not unique to Freshford, the size, the planting and the rectangle of housing around the green create the Freshford character. The energy, hard work, creativity that have created and maintained this village centre and the millennium park are also needed in other elements of the village in order to improve the living surroundings of the inhabitants.”