Pat Walsh memorial address delivered by Eilish Holden-

D.K.K. LOTTO- The winning numbers of the May 7th draw were: 6, 12, 15. There was no jackpot winner. The following won €30 each: Patricia Dowling, John Wallace, Bridget Hogan, Bob Doherty and James Moylan. Next week’s jackpot is worth €1,900. The Bingo jackpot in St. Eoghan’s Centre on Saturday evening is worth €1,210. The Pool number is worth €130.

D.K.K. LOTTO- The winning numbers of the May 7th draw were: 6, 12, 15. There was no jackpot winner. The following won €30 each: Patricia Dowling, John Wallace, Bridget Hogan, Bob Doherty and James Moylan. Next week’s jackpot is worth €1,900. The Bingo jackpot in St. Eoghan’s Centre on Saturday evening is worth €1,210. The Pool number is worth €130.

communion- FIRST HOLY COMMUNION was celebrated during 11.00 a.m. mass in St. Leonard’s Church, Dunamaggin for 14 pupils from St. Leonard’s School. Those who received their First Holy Communion were: Aaron Moore, Ben Kinsella, Aidan O’Neill, Charlotte Davis, Joe Fitzpatrick, Steven Sheil, Emma Dunne, Jimmy O’Neill, Padraig Davis, Ruaidhrí Holden, Shannon Wall, Ben O’Sullivan, Jamie Cashin and Richard Maher. Each of the first communicants took an active part in the ceremony and read the readings, the prayers of the faithful and prayers before and after communion as well as presenting the gifts at mass. The school choir and the first communicants sang during the mass. Rev. Nicholas Flavin P.P. celebrated the mass and welcomed all. He also thanked the parents and teachers for their preparation of the children for the day.

First Holy Communion will be celebrated in St. Eoghan’s Church, Kilmoganny on next Sunday during 10.00 a.m. mass. Parishioners are asked to note that mass next Sunday in Kilmoganny will be at 10.00 a.m. and not at the usual 9.30 a.m.. On Saturday 26th May first Holy Communion will be celebrated in Kells for the Children of St. Brigid’s School.

healing-A MASS FOR HEALING will be celebrated in St. Leonard’s ChurchDunamaggin on Tuesday 22nd May at 7.30 p.m. This celebration will coincide with the Ossory pilgrimage to Lourdes. All are invited to the celebration, especially all who need healing of body, mind or spirit. The ceremony will include anointing of the sick and Blessing with the Eucharist. If anyone requires transport to the celebration they are asked to contact any member of the parish pastoral council.

AGM-ALL COMMUNITY AND VOLUNTARY GROUPS from the county are invited to the A.G.M. of the Kilkenny Community & Voluntary Forum in the Ormond Hotel, Kilkenny on this Thursday 17th May at 8.00 p.m. A presentation on Local Development Plans will be given by Mr Denis Malone, Senior Engineer, Kilkenny County Council. Organisations in the county who have a community element such as the HSE, Digital Switchover Programme etc will have display stands on the night, sharing their information with volunteers in the County. Light refreshments will be served after the meeting. This is a great opportunity for any individual to attend and be informed of the plans which are being developed for the county. Reports will be available to those present on the involvement of the Kilkenny Community and Voluntary Forum on various committees and committees such as the County Development Board, Strategic Policy Committees, The Leader Partnership Company, Joint Police Committees etc. All are very welcome to attend. It is a reporting A.G.M. at which no election take place.

hurling-Dunamaggin Hurling Club And Kilmoganny Football Club will require additional funds to enable it to implement its strategic development plan during the next five years. A Fundraising Venture which should yield funds in 1.5 - 2 years time is to purchase calves now and request farmers to rear them. The difference between the purchase price and the selling price should be the income to the club. As the farmers who participate in the scheme will be providing the feeding for the animals all others are invited to participate in the purchase of the calves. You are invited to purchase a full calve or part of a calve. If you wish to participate in the scheme please contact any member of the Club Committee Members. Your support would be very much appreciated. If you know of any club supporters who are overseas or living away from the parish who would like to support this venture you are invited to contact them directly or give the contact details to any member of the club committee.

KELLS SCOUTS - participated in the County Camp for Carlow and Kilkenny in Woodstock, Inistioge during the past weekend. The theme of the Camp was the Olympics. On Friday night during the opening ceremony the Special Olympics Torch was used to light the camp fire. Garry, a member of the 1st Kilkenny Scout Group organized the torch for the weekend. The weekend consisted of pioneering skills, orienteering, and various games and concluded with water activities on Sunday morning. The following won prizes at the camp: Eva Capasso, Niamh Hughes, Jamie McLoughlin and Nicholas Rossiter. The weekend was jointly organized by Kells Scouts and Kilkenny 1st Scouts with help from Kilkenny Girl Guides. The leadership of Kells Scouts wishes to express their thanks to all the leaders and helpers who assisted during the weekend and in the preparation for the event. The weather was ideal for the camp and all had a very enjoyable weekend.

PAT WALSH-Ladies and gentlemen, dignitaries, members of the Pat Walsh memorial committee, boys and girls, tá an áthas orm a bheith anseo inniu chun caint libh.

This is the 91st anniversary of the death of Captain Pat Walsh in 1921 and only 4 years away from the centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising of 1916. I am very proud to be here in Dunnamaggin today and proud to say that I came from Dunnamaggin where every year since 1950 we have come out in large numbers to commemorate these men whose names are on the monument who played a huge part and some lost their lives in our struggle for freedom. We remember their strength, commitment and idealism.

We need leaders like Pat Walsh in times of recession. Our leaders come from the grass roots in our local community. They are the ones with dreams, vision, idealism and a fantastic work ethic with great drive. We meet them everyday – it is so important to support them, help them and join them in their strive for success for us as a community and a country.

The last time I was here, I mentioned a little about Captain Pat Walsh’s life. I’d like to do the same again – just to remind us of who he was and what he did. Pat Walsh was born in 1887. His father was Matt Walsh from Newmarket and Mary O’Neill from Dunnamaggin. They lived in a pub in the house that is now Eamonn & Trish of Creative Catering. Pat went to Baurscoob National School and later at the age of 10 Kells National School. After this he went to Callan C.B.S. where he showed a keen interest in reading and learning. He was a member of the local G.A.A. club called the “Glory Rovers” after the river Glory. He trained hard at hurling and football and even became a referee. He also trained local children hurling in the local field. His love and determination to uphold the Irish spirit were evident when he defied a British ban on Irish sport to captain the Glory Rovers against Ahenure in 1919. It is very fitting that the proceeds of the cabaret later tonight are going to the Dunnamaggin G.A.A. Club. In his late 20’s, Pat Walsh organised the Irish Volunteers locally and became an officer and a leader. He trained the 8th Battalion, (men from Kills, Kilmoganny and Dunnamaggin), in fields in Ballintee and Danganmore – after a hard days work. He was very active in the fight against the conscription of Irish men during WW1. He was arrested on 8th December 1920 when his house was raided and 7 copies of “An tÓglach”, a republican newspaper were found. He was convicted in Waterford Court and spent two months in jail. Imagine how hard it must have been back then - where people feared the Black ‘n Tans, and feared for their lives but yet they kept on going like the “Irelands Call Song – Rugby - Hearts of steel and heads unbowing, vowing never to be broken”.

Pat Walsh was captain of Dunnamaggin B Company. On Friday 13th May, Pat had joined Séan Hogan’s flying column when the British soldiers took them by surprise at Knocknagress in Tullaroan. Séan Quinn and Walsh we wounded. Séan Quinn died shortly afterwards. Pat Walsh was moved to Fermoy Military hospital where his leg was amputated without any anaesthetic. He died on Wednesday 18th May 1921 aged 34. Great crowds followed the cortege from Callan to Dunnamaggin for Pat Walsh’s funeral. The tricolour was removed by a British soldier at the church. But when it was taken to the graveyard Ellie Peters, who owned a shop - just where the credit union car park is, produced a tricolour and draped the coffin. A woman of great courage and determination.