The Iverk Show is Community

Although initial estimates suggest the numbers at the delayed Iverk Show was slightly down on the previous year, the Show appears to have been a tremendous success once again.

The weather was perfect, hot and dry but not roasting for the marathon walking and chatting. There was something for everyone. Cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and probably one of the best presented exhibits, the poultry, a recent positive addition. For the younger ones there was the ever popular Future Dance, bungees and Tutan Climb. There was fruit, vegetables, confectionary including the ever popular Great Cherry Cake Competition, and the massively popular Arts and Crafts tent. There was farm machinery and show jumping. There were hawkers selling everything from clothes to phone accessories to toys to Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions CD’s! There was music for all tastes at the pavilion and there were ice cream and chip vans. There were dignitaries and celebrities including an Olympic bronze medallist. James Dwyer of Carrigeen was seen with his wonderful medal at the show. James was successful at the recent Para Olympics in London with the Irish equestrian team. What an honour for the show. However, at the Iverk Show, everyone is a celebrity. How many who were there, heard the words “Well (name)!”. Yes, you! You are the name people know. You are the celebrity. In some cases, it was someone you met yesterday. In others it was someone you met a week ago or a month ago. For others it was the person you only ever meet at the Iverk Show every year. For a few it was a person you hadn’t seen in over twenty years and the thought crosses your mind that it was amazing you even recognised each other. An old friend, a relation, a colleague, an ex colleague, a team mate, a former team mate, even an ex-boy or girlfriend. They were all there at the Show. That’s one of the key enduring success factors of the Iverk Show. However, the show only happens thanks to the tremendous work of the volunteers. It must first be remembered, that Iverk is not just Piltown. It is also Mooncoin, Kilmacow, Mullinavat, and Windgap. People from these areas join with the Piltown volunteers in a magnificent military like performance. From before seven in the morning until everyone is gone home, they volunteer. They are wrecked by that night having put their bodies on the line to deliver a fantastic product. For weeks beforehand they volunteer. For weeks afterwards during the cleanup they volunteer. From aged 12 to their seventies, people volunteered. This is what community is all about. Friends and neighbours and volunteers working together to make something special. The Iverk Show is Community!