‘They’re coming to get you Barbra...’

THE LIVING DEAD were walking the streets of Kilkenny over the bank holiday weekend with ghosts, ghouls and zombies resurrecting themselves for the Thrillkenny Zombie Fest.

Gore and blood spilled on the streets during the two-night festival which included a zombie walk, zombified street performances, live outdoor samba music, pyrotechnic displays, knife juggling, stilt walkers, sword swallowing zombie-themed events in bars around the city. On Friday evening people of all ages transformed themselves into zombies with zombie brides, housewives and medical students moving to the groove of Michael Jackson’s zombie. Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’ “Thriller”.

After the Thriller dance the zombies slowly lurched and fell down Kieran Street adding to the creepy Halloween atmosphere that had descended on the city in scenes similar to that of a George Romero horror film.

Fantastically frightening beings roamed the city centre both nights as local pubs got into the spirit of the season with tight competition for best costumes. Skeletons, pirates, witches and wolverines danced down the laneways as they drifted from one event to the next as part of the inaugural festival.