Those hazy, crazy days of summer

People from all over Kilkenny have been flocking to the county’s various water amenities during the past week, as temperatures soared, barbecues were lit, and ice-cream was doled out by the gallon.

Wednesday was the hottest day in Kilkenny in seven years, with the temperature peaking at 29 degrees, and cooling off by a couple of degrees in the days since.

And sunny Graignamanagh was the place to be for more than 200 people on that Wednesday afternoon, with children enjoying the kind of summer that many of them have never experienced before in their young lives. Adults described how they had had the good fortune to take their holidays during the heatwave, others confessed to having conjured any reason at all to abandon the office early.

The Kilkenny People went along to experience the life aquatic and the wonderful facilities we have. There are two diving boards in Graig’ – a metre-high one for more timid bathers, and a giant one for people who wear big-boy swimming togs.

Later on in the evening, we went to the Weir in the city, where around 40 people or so were still enjoying the water. The new platform there has made access so much easier – it’s money well spent and a credit to Paul Cuddihy who campaigned for it for so long.

We swam again there, and lifeguard Derbhilia Coogan even patched me up after I cut my knee on a rock. There are four locations in Kilkenny at which lifeguards are deployed during the summer: Bleach Road, the Meadows, Graignamanagh and Inistioge.

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