Video: 'Treasure Your T-Shirt to combat Climate Change, say Cuffesgrange kids

Burnchurch NS pupils' campaign to inform their t-shirt has a major environmental impact





The pupils from Burnchurch National School, Cuffesgrange, 'The T-Shirt Treasurers', have produced an original, innovative and informative video to promote their SEAI One Good Idea Campaign.

The video, “Treasure Your T-Shirt to Combat Climate Change”, encourages the public to save energy and Combat Climate Change. The goal of the video is to inform everyone that their t-shirt has a major environmental impact and to encourage participation in the circular economy.

It highlights the simple actions that can be taken each day to protect the environment. Support the pupils from Burnchurch in their campaign to raise awareness and inspire the public to tackle the terrible problems facing us with climate change. You can watch the video on YouTube - and by leaving a like, subscribing and sharing, the video will help The T-Shirt Treasurers spread the message of their campaign.