Kilkenny granny hugs her grandchildren for the first time in months - thanks to her clever grandson!

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


The gorgeous moment a Kilkenny granny got to hug her grandson for the first time in months has been captured on camera and will bring a smile to your face!

Graignamanagh teenager Jody Brooks lives just across the road from his granny May, but because of cocooning and social distancing rules he hasn't been able to give her a hug in two months. 

"We live just across the road from our granny and so it’s been extremely difficult to not be able to go over and see her as we are very close," his sister Emma said.

We've all been missing hugs from family and friends while we've been in lockdown - but two months was long enough for Jody who has made a device to allow him and granny May share a much longed-for hug!

After seeing something similar on a TikTok video, Jody, who is 13, got to work. Emma says he's always been a creative person and is always busy making something with his hands. 

 Jody "surprised us all this morning by making it out of some cling film and steel bars from an old trampoline!"

Well done Jody! You've made your granny very happy and cheered us all up!