Pictures: Graig' Waterways College makes waves with first graduation ceremony

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Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People

29 Nov 2021


After launching its first programme in September, the Waterways College at the Barrow Valley Activities Hub, Old Dock, Graignamanagh hosted its first graduation ceremony recently.

The graduating class had successfully completed the Waterways Ecology Ambassador Programme over eight weeks and on the graduation day 20 participants received their certificates.

The programme included a focus on freshwater ecology, habitats and ecosystems, water quality, native and invasive species, biodiversity, and the importance of citizen science, amongst other exciting and challenging aspects of the waterways.
Participants conducted group research projects and that included data collection and analysis of the waterways.

The Waterways College is Ireland’s first further education college which is focused on the outdoor classroom environment and takes all its inspiration from its incredible surroundings. The college is an initiative of Kilkenny LEADER Partnership in conjunction with its educational partners.

Centre of speciality
The college aims to grow into a centre of speciality learning and a training location for students for part-time, full-time and life learning. Fundamental to all courses will be the Waterways and how that will influence the learning.

“We are looking forward to an ambitious programme of learning in 2022 and will be launching our prospectus in early January,” said Mags Morrissey of Kilkenny Leader Partnership.

“Due to the overwhelming success of this programme we will be scheduling another Waterways Ecology Ambassador Programme early next year,” Ms Morrissey added.

“We also plan to facilitate programmes in the evenings and at weekends in our new prospectus.”