Kilkenny & Proud with Siobhan Donohoe

Kick off your weekend with Kilkenny's Trapeze Yoga

Synergy Pilates - Photos by Christopher Dunne

Siobhan Donohoe


Siobhan Donohoe


Aideen Stevens, originally an archaeologist, took an unusual route to Pilates. From Galway, Aideen moved to Kilkenny in 2005. She is a trained fitness instructor and opened up her own studio ‘Synergy Pilates’ in 2012. It aims at improving your technique and overall sport performance. Some people come to the classes to help with chronic pain and muscle imbalance.

Siobhan Donohoe in a trapeze for aerial yoga with instructor Aideen Stevens at Synergy Pilates

(Photo by Christopher Dunne)

 The studio is home to the first Reformer Pilate’s class in Kilkenny and now offers aerial or trapeze yoga. My daughter Hannah (10) and I attended Aideen’s class one Saturday morning recently. We are both huge fans of the The Greatest Showman, so we couldn’t wait to get into the trapeze. It was such a natural high and we were both buzzing for hours afterwards.


Aideen’s classes are fun, with lots of tricks and positions like Peter Pan to Super Woman! As well as parent and child classes, Aideen with three other teachers also provide a range of adult classes. Classes are available evenings, mornings and lunch times. For more information visit