Picture gallery: Coup for Community Radio Kilkenny on 40th anniversary

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Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People



Popular voices and faces from the local radio world turned out on Thursday for a special event to mark 40 years of community radio in Kilkenny.

At the event in Langton’s Set Theatre, Michael Walshe, Chairman of the Board of Kilkenny Community Communications Co-operative Society had some big news for listeners of Community Radio Kilkenny City. He revealed that, from next month, there will be a further range of programmes set to complement the move to 97 hours of radio per week,

The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) has granted permission to the Kilkenny radio station for an extended 24 hours of broadcasting per week. From May 6, CRKC will broadcast from 9am to 10pm Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 12am Friday to Sunday.

“This is a significant development for CRKC and for Kilkenny. Community Radio is a rapidly growing third broadcasting sector and a force for community development, identity, and expression,” said Mr Walshe.

“Community Radio Stations are set up, owned, and driven by the communities they serve and make a positive contribution to media diversity. This is certainly the case with CRKC.

“Our extended broadcasting, which begins on May 6, will allow CRKC to continue to connect with the serve the community and to offer more variety to our listeners, who will soon be able to listen to CRKC from early morning to late at night.”

The announcement added to the celebratory atmosphere at Set Theatre on the night.