Gallery: Local Garda Awards 2019

Local heroes lauded for swift and brave actions throughout the year

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


The brave actions of local gardaí and members of the public were publicly acknowledged at the Excellent Policing and Citizenship Awards.

Gardaí from across the city and county were presented with certificates lauding their excellent policework while a number of members of the public who acted with courage were also commended.

Hosted by Superintendent Derek Hughes the awards saw 156 commendations for excellent police work presented to 67 gardaí and sergeants stationed in Kilkenny.

The awards covered examples of every aspect of police work varying from quick thinking tactical responses to diligent and resilient investigative work to sensitivity and empathy in dealing with tragic incidents.

Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes presented excellent citizenship awards to four students from CBS Secondary School who saved the life of a drowning man on November 6.

The swift actions of the teenagers prevented a death by drowning at Lady Desart Bridge. The students reacted quickly to the situation and managed to hoist the injured party onto a safe embankment where they could be attended to by medical professionals.

Mayor Brett remarked that the boys were “life-savers and a credit to young people everywhere”.

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick said that he was taken aback upon hearing the story and commended the lads’ quick-thinking.

Chief Supt Hayes noted the need for excellent citizens because often times situations like these occur when there are no emergency personnel or gardaí in the immediate vicinity.

Commenting on the awards and the policing year Superintendent Derek Hughes said that the successes in policing during 2019 particularly in the area of burglary prevention and night-time assault reduction were the result of the commitment of the Garda members attached to Kilkenny.

“I am very lucky to lead such a diligent and committed team of personnel and the people of Kilkenny are very fortunate to have such professional and dedicated people taking care of their personal safety. We look forward to maintaining our high standards of policing and community engagement in 2020.”