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Do you remember? When the Ploughing Championships was held in Kilkenny?

Front pages from the Kilkenny People!

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Always a great day out, and never more than when it's in your own back yard - the National Ploughing Championships has been held in Co Kilkenny seven times.

There have been so many changes, to farming life and in Irish society, since the first time the competition came to the county in 1959. 

With headlines like 'The biggest thing that ever hit Knocktopher' and the report of a bishop starting the competition by firing a 'green rocket,' these pages are great to look back on.

Have a look at these front pages and some news pages from the Kilkenny People in many of those years - the nostalgia of the advertising, the other stories that made the front pages (some very sad or shocking) and photographs of the events.

National Ploughing Championships in Kilkenny

1959, January 28 and 29 - Burnchurch

1964, November 18 and 19 - Danesfort

1970, October 28 and 29 - Danesfort

1975, October 15 and 16 - Bennettsbridge

1978, October 11 and 12 - Knocktopher

1986, October 8 and 9 - Woodsgift

2008, September 23 to 25 - Cuffesgrange