Kilquan comedy takes to the stage

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Kilquan comedy takes to the stage

Actors getting their final rehearsals in before debuting next week

Kilquan Players in Coon are in final rehearsals for their annual production entitled, “I’m the one for you”

The three Act comedy by playwright Jimmy Keary will be staged in Coon Hall, north Kilkenny for three nights commencing April 21, 22 and 23.

The play is sure to have audiences laughing in their seats. No bookings necessary.

Patrons are advised to come early for the best seats.

The story revolves around Gerry O’Malley, a widower farmer living alone. Dorrie Sinnott cleans for him once a week. Dorrie fancies Gerry and has high hopes for wedding bells.

Batchelor Jack O’Dowd fancies Dorrie, having courted her years ago but she dismisses his advances every chance she gets.

Gerry meets Ruth Hickey, a newly arrived divorcee in the area who comes to borrow his lorry for an ICA event.

There is an instant rapport between them. As Dorrie’s advances becomes amorous and Jack becomes jealous Gerry has to address the situation but his colour-blindness on mixed up invitations makes matters worse. Who will end up with the partners of their dreams?

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