Callan students take part in worldwide climate protest

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Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny Callan St Brigid's College

Students of St Brigid's College, Callan

St Brigid’s College, Callan students certainly made their presence felt Friday last as they participated in a demonstration to raise awareness of climate change.

Inspired by the 16-year old Swedish student Greta Thunberg who first staged a similar protest in September 2018 when she left school.

This solo protest has now mobilised students all over the world and are now campaigning to have adults and particularly adults in Government take action on climate change.

The St Brigid’s girls prepared placards and took to the Callan Bypass, encouraging passing motorists to take note of their concerns.

Pupils were delighted with support of passing vehicles and indeed the personal support they received from passers-by and members of the local community. Students are action focused and want to change things for the better.

One of the upcoming projects in the College will be the creation of a wildflower garden at the school to help support the bee and butterfly population that is under threat from pesticide use.

This worldwide student lobby is certainly going to get stronger and stronger and with local and European and Local elections coming down the line in May, it will be an opportune time for the young ladies of St Brigid