Artist talk and exhibition in Castlecomer

30 Days 30 Faces

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Kilkenny Kilkenny

Artist Graham Carew

A wonderful opportunity to see the 30 Faces of Castlecomer, painted by the Artist in the Shop Window, takes place this Thursday evening.

Graham Carew, the artist in residence at Foley’s former shop, undertook the challenge of painting portraits of 30 people in 30 days, during September.

All people with local links, the exhibition will be on display in its current form until the end of November, however this Thursday evening, from 6pm, enjoy a glass of wine and a short talk from the artist himself. Graham will be reflecting on the Artist in the Shop Window project so far and talking about the next phase of his project.

The artists talk will take place in Foley’s on Chatsworth Street, supported by Kilkenny LEADER.