Labour wins in Piltown

Councillor Tomas Breathnach is elected on the first count

Zoha Khan


Zoha Khan


Kilkenny County Council election

Cllr Tomas Breathnach

"The first feeling is a sense of relief and the second is a sense of gratutide to the people of South Kilkenny for putting their faith in me again for the next five years" said Piltown's newly elected Councillor Tomas Breathnach. Elected on the first count Cllr Breathnach expressed gratitude to his electorate.

The councillor shared his plans to advocate against the issues of healthcare, housing and regional broadband. He plans to work with the other 23 councillors to find a solution. In relation to housing, Breathnach voiced the grievances of many young people whose incomes were too high for them to be eligible for the council housing lists yet they can not afford alternative housing.
The Pilltown electee believes that Kilkenny has a responsibility because of its shared borders with other south-east counties. Speaking at the election count, he expresses the need for a regional approach to issues. As in that manner they could work and eventaully progress together in relation to these common issues.

Cllr Breathnach is the first Labour candidate to win a seat in the Kilkenny County Council. There are predictions for another Labour candidate to win but nothing will be known for certain until the count is completed. When asked about his fellow party-members, he commented: "They are people that I have huge respect for and all I can do is promise them that I will work to my upmost for the next five years to work in a way that they would be proud of."