Kilkenny farmer spruces up his farm in Clara and wins award

Andrew O'Carroll wins forestry award

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Kilkenny farmer wins forestry award at RDS

Pictured at the RDS Spring Awards 2018 were Statia O’Carroll, Andrew O’Carroll and Mick Power of Coillte

A  Kilkenny man has become the first winner of a new prestigious agriculture  award.

Andrew O’Carroll, Rathcash, Clifden, Clara  was awarded the inaugural Teagasc Farm Forestry Award by the RDS last week. Andrew farms a total of 140 acres of which 47 acres are in forestry. 

The forest was planted in 2005. It is in three blocks all of which contain the same species mix: 80% Sitka Spruce; 15% Japanese larch; 5% alder

In 2005, Andrew was considering options for his farm’s long-term income financial security.

After doing some research and taking advice from Teagasc and Coillte he decided to plant some of his poorer quality agricultural land.

This land was on higher ground than the rest of the farm and had a shorter grazing season.

With the money generated from the 20-year guaranteed premium he rented an equivalent amount of good agricultural land on a long-term lease.

He can now plan his farm enterprise in a more predictable and efficient way and is less dependent on weather conditions. 

The forest is now approaching first thinning, is in excellent condition, and is just about to start producing a significant revenue stream for Andrew.