Sales in excess of €1million at Kilkenny Mart last week

Numbers increasing

George Candler


George Candler


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Numbers increasing at Kilkenny Mart

It’s been a busy time here in Kilkenny Mart since early March with numbers for both cattle and sheep increasing week on week.

Even allowing for the uncertain times we are living in, it’s good to see as far as agriculture is concerned livestock prices have remained solid and in cases increased in the last few weeks.
Over the last two Thursdays our cattle sales have recorded sales in excess of €1 million per sale, which is an indication of the larger numbers coming forward and of course the better prices that are been paid.

Thursday sale attracted an entry of 1180 head with a lift in interest for forward store bullocks and heifers plus beef types in both categories.
The top call for beef bullocks was for two Limousin weighing 750 kilo and making €1880 two Charolais 710 kilo €1720.

In the forward store category 595 kilo Limousin made €1510 with two Friesian 590 €1230.
Quality heifers were also in demand with a Charolais which weighed 630 kilo realising €1510 and 3 AA of 480 making €1080.
Cull cows also meet an excellent trade with continental types to a top of €2.16 per kilo and Friesians to a top call of €1.80 per kilo.

If you have cattle for sale the mart now offers a very real alternative to the factories.
Remember all cattle should be entered before 3.30pm on the previous Wednesday.
The office number is 056-7721407.

Calf Sales
Calf numbers are still remaining strong due to a good farmer demand plus renewed interest from exporters who have become more active in the last few weeks.
Good continental bulls are ranging from €320 to €400 with exceptional lots to €450 per head with their heifer counterparts to a top of €400.
Like cattle, calves should be entered before 3.30pm on Monday evenings.

Sheep Sales
Sheep are still selling very well with heavy hoggets peaking at €190 with spring lambs to a top of €185 with cull ewes to €188 per head.
These are excellent prices but when numbers start increasing there will be a reduction in prices.
Next week I hope to address other issues in the livestock world.
Until then do be careful on the farm and good buying, good selling and good luck.