Revealed - Kilkenny's favourite take away meal!

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Kilkenny People reporter


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Pizza is Kilkenny's favourite take away!

The weekend comes and a takeaway is on the cards. You’re on the sofa the TV is on but what is your go-to takeaway? Just Eat have the answer to your cravings to help you with that online order.

The classic Friday favourite of Fish & Chips, maybe it’s a curry from your local Indian, or possibly Chinese is your favourite every time. If you’re stuck for choice on what to go for, you can now see what your local area’s favourite is with Just Eat’s interactive online tool.

Chinese is the capitals’ favourite takeaway meal, whilst in Limerick and Cork pizza is preferred - but what's the top take away in Kilkenny?

By reviewing the number of orders placed for each type of takeaway, data reveals Kilkenny's the favourites:

1. Pizza

2. Chinese

3. Kebab

4. Indian

5. Fish & Chips