Hehirs Funeral Home: Providing an excellent service at a sensitive time

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Hehirs Funeral Home:  Providing an excellent service at a sensitive time

For three generations, the Hehir family have assisted grieving families across the Kilkenny region through the most arduous times of their lives. Hehir's Funeral Home is a family run establishment whose core values reside with providing excellence of care which is both sensitive and personable.

Set up in the 1930's by Joe Hehir, Hehir's Funeral Home, Butt's Green, Kilkenny. is now run by his grandchildren Caran and her brother Tom. Running this small, family run business has become paramount in maintaining a high standard of care.

Hehir's provide a peaceful presence in an otherwise turbulent time, offering advice and easing the burden of the funeral arrangements. “From the first phone call, we meet the family and do everything we can to carry out their wishes” said Caran Hehir, explaining how helpful their service is in aiding mourning families.

“From buying the plot if they don't already have one, to contacting the priest and posting on RIP.ie, we go into houses initially and people don't know what to do so we work with them to lessen the burden.

“The idea is to allow the family time to grieve, they don't need the stress of organising a funeral. We strive to do the best for the families.”

Hehir's Funeral Home has garnered a reputation for fantastic service, one which families truly appreciate and return to throughout the difficult periods of the passing of a loved one.


Hehir's Funeral Home, Kilkenny. Tel:  056-7721737.