Cutting edge technology at CBS Kilkenny

Local school has excelled in the STEM subjects

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School Days


The new 2D laser cutter.

The new 2D laser cutter.


With the opening of a new extension in August, CBS Kilkenny has been able to accommodate a new dining area, IT room, office space and bathrooms.

The construction work also facilitated refurbishment in several specialist rooms. The Technology Room in CBS is always in big demand, and it now boasts new cutting edge equipment and a significant increase in floor space.

Currently, the Leaving Certificate Technology curriculum awards 50% for project work and 50% for the final exam, meaning that a student must dedicate a significant amount of time to designing, specifying and constructing a fully working prototype machine. The addition of a new high speed laser cutter has significantly improved the standard of assembly and project which can be embarked upon by Leaving Certificate students.

In the past, students used one of the CNC routers to cut parts for their projects, meaning valuable time was spent doing painstaking routine work.

“The 2D laser cutter can perform the same job to a very high specification in a fraction of the time, meaning we are achieving very efficient throughput and output of a very high standard,” says Technology teacher Mr McCormack.

CBS has excelled in the Technology area since the subject was first examined in 2009. Since then, six students have received national recognition for producing some of the top projects in the country, including hand sanitisers for hospitals, domestic circuit control systems and a large scale tablet dispenser.


Most of the CBS Technology students go on to specialise in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects at university.