TechThursday to kick off Kilkenomics

TechThursday to kick off Kilkenomics


Kilkenomics opens in Kilkenny with a nod to the future as the ever popular TechThursday talk begins the programme and wonders can Kilkenny design a 'unique Digital Proposition for Kilkenny’s Economy.'

A big question indeed, hosted by Colm O'Regan with our own John Cleere of Red Lemonade and Kieran O'Hea, a specialist in digial economics and strategy.

It all takes place in The Set Theatre, John Street on November 10 at 12.30pm.

John in particular has organised very informative talks and this is sure to be no different.

Kilkenny, as we all know, is a medieval city but is our digital economy still in the dark ages? A unique digital position is important to a city with historical culture, quirks and characteristics.

And Kilkenny's past is as important as its future. Across the world's cities local digital hubs are taking root and emerging in refurbished bakeries, old train stations and breweries.

They are all intrinsically different yet have the potential to create hundreds of jobs. Kilkenny led the way with product design for export in the 1960s, can it now reposition itself to maximise the opportunity for digital design from a global perspective?

Best of all, the talk is free and refreshments will also be provided.

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