Kilkenny rejects Waterford "landgrab"

Unwanted Waterford "landgrab" will create Trump like wall - says Kilkenny Cllr Ger Frisby

Landgrab by Waterford will create Trump like wall - Kilkenny cllr

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


The large chunk of Kilkenny that Waterford wants to "rob"

The disputed ares which the boundary commission has recommended be given to Waterford

The unwanted "landgrab" by Waterford into South Kilkenny will create the construction of a Trump like wall that will build barriers between two peaceful counties. Cllr Ger Frisby from Slieverue told an emergency meeting of Kilkenny Co Council that the will of the people had been ignored by the boundary committee when they recommended that 15,000 acres and 5,500 people be moved from Kilkenny to Waterford.

He was supported by Cllr Tomas Breathnach who reminded the meeting that the boundary committee claimed their report was underlay by a sense of identity. 

He asked how this could be if 19,000 of the 20,000 submissions by people were against the boundary change. He said 99.8% of people had wanted no change.