Kilkenny should be included in rent certainty measures - Murnane

Gillian Mooney


Gillian Mooney



Fianna Fáil Senator Jennifer Murnane O’Connor has called on the Government to extend its rent certainty measures to Carlow and Kilkenny.

Senator Murnane O’Connor, who is the Fianna Fáil Seanad Housing Spokesperson, further added that new housing is needed in Carlow and Kilkenny to provide a long-term solution to the housing and rental crisis.

With it just announced last week that Kilkenny rent prices rose by 15.1% late last year. The apparent demand for rental properties within the county is continuing to rise at an alarming rate. renters seeking a one-bed apartment are facing a €500 bill on average. with Kilkenny's average advertised rent now at €796  a month, which is up 39%  from the lowest point recorded during the economic downturn according to 

“People living in Carlow and Kilkenny have had to deal with substantial rent increases in recent years. The shortage of accommodation has led to excessive rental inflation. This has put enormous pressure on family incomes as wage increases simply are not keeping up with rent inflation,” explained Senator Murnane O’Connor.

“It’s been well acknowledged that the housing and rental markets simply are not operating normally at the moment. This is why the Government introduced legislation to provide rent certainty for people; however, Carlow and Kilkenny were not included in this. I’m calling on Minister Coveney to re-evaluate this and ensure Carlow and Kilkenny are included in the legislation given the difficulties people are having in keeping up with rent increases.

“Ultimately the housing crisis can only be overcome by increasing housing supply in the medium to long term. The Government needs to step up its efforts to incentivise housing construction in areas of high accommodation demand. We can’t have a situation whereby the number of new builds consistently falls well below of what is required on an annual basis to meet demographic changes. This will only prolong the housing and rental crisis.