Kilkenny's FG councillors meet Simon Coveney over Boundary Review concerns

Minister agrees report on Kilkenny/Waterford border has caused distress and public anger

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes

FG councillors met with Minister Coveney

Minister Simon Coveney

Fine Gael members of Kilkenny County Council met with Minister Simon Coveney yesterday to express their total objection to any boundary change to the  Kilkenny boundary at Ferrybank arising from the report of the Waterford Boundary Review committee

According to the group, Minister Coveney acknowledged that any proposed changes to the Kilkenny County boundary creates a fundamental change in identity and culture for many of the 4,500 people directly affected, and the many social, cultural, educational, sports, business and community organisations indirectly impacted. He also  acknowledged that the  Report has caused huge public anger and concern throughout County Kilkenny with particular distress caused to residents directly impacted by the report.

The Kilkenny Fine Gael councillors stressed that co-operation will always continue between the two counties in the delivery of public services to Ferrybank and also pointed out there would be no financial savings for either local authority.

The group stressed to Minister Coveney that the  Report threatens the identity, culture and economy of all County Kilkenny, while failing to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Ferrybank area.

Minister Coveney, will consider the Boundary Review Report as part of the public consultation process of the National Planning Framework Ireland 2040 and intends to make a decision without undue delay.