There's gold in them thar Kilkenny hills

Minister to grant prospecting licences for Base Metals, Gold and Silver in Kilkenny townlands

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


There's gold in them thar Kilkenny hills

People living in dozens of townslands around Kilkenny could be sitting on precious minerals, including gold and silver — and the keen prospectors are on their way.

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and Environment has given notice of his intention to grant prospecting licences here for Base Metals, Barytes, Gold and Silver to a Wexford-based mining company. 

They'll be exploring in townslands across the city and county, in the baronies 0f Callan, Crannagh, Kells, Knocktopher, and Shillelogher.

Group Eleven Mining and Exploration Ltd, ‘Cratloe’, Ballyprecas, Bunclody, Wexford will have the opportunity to explore for  resources in hundreds of  townlands in both Tipperary and Kilkenny. The license, if granted, will entitle Group Eleven Mining and Exploration Ltd to explore for mineral deposits. It does not authorise the mining of any minerals. 

The activities permitted under such a licence are generally non-invasive and of minimal environmental impact.

The minister has assessed the exploration programme proposed by the company and has determined that the activities are not likely to have a significant effect on the environment.

Objections to the grant of the licences should be made to the address below within the next 21 days. The minister reserves the right to make details of the objections available to the applicant in order to fully consider their validity.

Here are the townlands named:

Townlands in Callan Barony

Ballyclovan, Ballyclovan Meadows, Ballywalter, Baunoge, Baunreagh, Baunta, Baunta Commons, Bennettsmeadow, Bigmeadow, Blackstaff, Bolton, Broadmore, Callan North, Callan South, Cannafahy, Cappahenry, Cappahenry East, Cappass, Castletobin, Castletobin East, Castletobin West, Clashacollare, Commoge, Coolalong, Corbally, Cornyeal, Crossoge, Curkacrone, Dirtystep, Drimeen, Drimeen North, Drimeen South, Earlsland, Foulksrath, Gortnasragh, Graiguesmeadow, Haggartsgreen, Kilbride, Kilbride Glebe, Kilminnick East, Kilminnick West, Kylevehagh Commons, Lintaun, Loughooly, Maxtown, Minnauns, Moanamought Commons, Moankeal Commons, Moanmore Commons, Molassy, Monarche Commons, Mullaunglass, Pawlerth, Prologue, Riversfield, Sheskin Commons, Skeaghacloran, Slade, Tinnamoona, Westcourt Commons, Westcourt Demesne, Westcourt North, Westcourt South, Whitesland.

Townlands in Crannagh Barony

Ardboy, Balleven, Ballycallan, Ballycuddihy, Ballyfrunk, Ballyhack, Ballyhendricken, Ballykeefe (E.D. Kilmanagh), Ballykeefe (E.D. Tullaghanbrogue), Ballykeefe Bog, Ballykeefe Hill, Ballykeefecastle, Barrackhill (Barton), Barrackhill (Cranesborough), Baungarriff, Bigbog, Bigmeadow, Bishopsfurze, Bonnetstown, Brittasdryland, Burntfurze, Cloghoge, Clonard, Cooleeshal, Coolgrange, Curragh, Curraghkehoe, Damma Lower, Damma Upper, Deerpark, Doorath, Dunningstown, Goldenfield, Gorteenteen, Graigue (Hartford), Graigue (Hayden), Keatingstown, Kilballykeefe, Knockeenbaun, Knockeenglass, Kylenasaggart, Loughmerans, Michaelschurch, Muck, Newtown (E.D. St. Canice), Redeen, Sheeptown, Toberbreedia, Troyswood.

Townlands in Kells Barony

Ahanure North, Ahanure South, Attateenoe Lower, Attateenoe Upper, Ballintee, Ballyfliugh, Ballyhall, Ballytobin, Barronsknock, Baunatillaun, Bauneen, Baunemon, Bawnhubbamadereen, Baysrath, Bog Commons, Boherawarraga, Bushtameen, Caherlesk, Cappalauna, Clashavaha, Clincaun, Clone, Clonygarra, Coolaghmore, Coologe, Courtnabooly East, Courtnabooly West, Courtnabooly, Croghtabeg (Bunbury), Croghtabeg (Courtown), Croneenlaun, Curragh, Danganbeg, Danganmore, Dunnamaggan East, Dunnamaggan West, Garranmachenry, Garranstan, Garrynamann Lower, Garrynamann Upper, Garryrickin, Glebe, Goodwinsgarden, Gort Phaudeen, Grovebeg, Haggard, Kells, Kellsborough, Kellsgrange, Killindra, Killinny, Kilree, Kiltallaghan, Knockbutton, Kyle East, Kyle West, Kyleadohir, Kyleateera, Lackendragaun, Laghtbrack, Lemonstown, Loughbeg, Loughsollish, Mallardstown, Mallardstown East, Mallardstown Great, Mallardstown Lower, Mallardstown Upper, Mallardstown West, Mantingstown, Memory, Mill Island, Moangarve, Moanmore, Monachunna, Monadubbaun, Monassa, Monawinnia, Newtown, Physicianstown, Pollagh, Pollagh (E.D. Callan), Poulboy, Raheen, Rathculbin, Rathduff, Rathduff (E.D. Bayley), Rathduff (Madden), Rathduff Lower, Rathduff Upper, Rogerstown, Rossenarra, Shancashlaun, Shortallstown, Spruceshay, Tinvaun, Trenchmore , Tuitestown, Tuitestown Little, Vinesgrove.

Townlands in Knocktopher Barony

Ballycoam, Barrettstown, Baunanattin, Baysrath, Bowersacre, Carrigeen (E.D. Jerpointchurch), Carrigeen (E.D. Knocktopher), Castlecolumb, Common, Cotterellsbooly, Croan, Floodhall or Rathtooterny, Glebe, Knocknabooly, Knocktopher Abbey, Knocktopher Commons, Knocktopher Manor (part), Monyheige Commons, Oldtown, Ricesland, Sheepstown, Waltonsgrove or Mountjuliet, Whitescastle Lower, Whitescastle Upper.

 Townlands in Shillelogher Barony

Acraroe, Aghdenderry, Aghinraheen, Annamult, Aughtanny, Ballybur, Ballybur Lower, Ballybur Upper, Ballybush, Ballyda, Ballylarkin, Ballyline, Ballymack (Desart), Ballymack (Flood), Ballyroberts, Baunavollaboy, Baunreagh (E.D. Stonyford), Booly, Burnchurch, Burnchurch Viper, Cappafaulish, Cappahayden, Castle Eve, Cherrymount, Church Hill, Coalsfarm, Coolapoge, Coolnabrone, Coontraght, Cotterellsrath, Cronoge, Dairyhill, Deerpark, Derreen, Desart Demesne, Drakeland Upper, Ennisnag, Farmley, Foxcover, Garraun, Gorteennalee, Gortnacurragh, Graigue Lower, Graigue Upper, Graigueooly, Grange, Greatoak, Greatwood, Grove, Holdensrath, Kilbrickan, Killaloe, Knockadrina, Knockavally, Knockreagh, Kyleandangan, Kylebeg, Kylenaskeagh, Lakyle, Lawcus, Monavaddra, Muckmeadows, Newtown (Baker), Newtown (Shea), Ovenstown, Paddock, Raheenduff, Redhouse, Riesk, Rossdama, Rossmore, Ryelanes, Scotsborough, Stonecarthy East, Stonecarthy West, Sunhill, Tingarran, Tinnakilly, Tullamaine (Ashbrook), Tullamaine (Flood), Viperkells, Washers Bog, Whitehouse, Woodlands.