Pat Roberts, Kilkenny - A beautiful woman with a heart of gold

Pat Roberts, Kilkenny - A beautiful woman with a heart of gold

Sean Keane

The death at 67 years of age, of Pat Roberts, a member of the Hogan family has left a void in many lives.

She had been ill for only a few weeks and died in a Dublin hospital on March 25.

Her nephew, John Cleary gave the homily at her funeral Mass in a packed St Patrick's Church and he captured the essence of this wonderful woman who was so caring and giving, the first of her 13 siblings to pass away.

“A beautiful, beautiful woman with a heart of gold. That’s Paul’s perfect summation of his mum,” John told the heartbroken congregation.

A caring mother, wife, sister, aunty and friend to so many, Pat possessed an inner strength that those who knew and loved her probably took for granted, for it was not in her nature to put herself in the limelight,” John said.

“Everything Pat did was to benefit those she loved, she always put others first,” John said.

“ This innate selflessness is a trait we all recognise in her own mother, our grandmother Frances, and one that Pat shared with her 13 siblings. Our gran raised them all to be the most generous and kind-hearted people you could wish to meet and Pat would sooner spend her last penny on someone else rather than herself.

“And for all her generosity, she would never ask for anything in return, waving away thanks with a genuine humility and quick to excuse herself from praise. This caring nature shone through in Pat’s love of animals.

Pat will be remembered as someone with impeccable style. She was a budding fashionista from an early age, a dashing purple cloak with its red lining one of the more daring style choices remembered by some. But it demonstrated not only her passion for cutting edge style, but also her fearless character. Pat set trends in the 80s with her boutique, Options, demonstrating her great eye for style, often strapping a young Paul in his brown and orange buggy and touring the fashion wholesalers of Dublin with him in tow, scouring the racks for the trendiest garments.

In running her boutique she developed a strong business ethic, which she carried into setting up their successful café, Ragazzi, fostering the welcoming atmosphere that has made it such a popular meeting spot for so many.

Above all Pat embraced life, she loved to travel, especially to sunny destinations and equally loved the comforts of home, tending to her garden and accepting all-comers. And she loved fun and laughter, the familiar mischievous glint in her eye and her own distinctive and infectious laugh the perfect match for her wicked sense of humour. She took everybody at face value, accepting them for who they were without reservation or expectation. She was a beautiful woman with a heart of gold.

She is survived by her husband, Mike, son Paul; mother Frances, sisters Maeve, Annette, Frances, Eleanor, Valerie, Rosaleen, Maria, Fiona and Edel; brothers Eddie, Tom, Shay and Damien, Paul's partner Ciara, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, extended family and friends.