Kilkenny Youthreach events promote positive mental health

Breaking the stigma


Kilkenny Youthreach events promote positive mental health

LCA students presented with Amber Flag by Alan Quinlan.

Kilkenny Youthreach was very proud to receive the Amber Flag for promoting Positive Mental Health throughout the school year.

The LCA students worked hard to break the stigmatism surrounding mental health amongst students and truly deserved the honour presented by rugby star Alan Quinlan.

The students put many initiatives in place such as decorative and informative posters and a mental health corner in the student kitchen where some students wrote and shared their experiences.

They organised a Mental Health Day where students received a talk from the ‘Daffodil Foundation’, had ‘tea and talk time’ and played some relaxing and integrative board games.

They also introduced a ‘feeling down, write it down’ box where students can confide in teachers in private without having to talk to them.

The LCA students felt half the battle of getting students to open up about mental health is that initial conversation.

It can be daunting so writing about it first can be a great relief for a student while they know someone is listening and will approach to help.

The LCAs have worked tirelessly on this issue that has affected each of them in some way or another and that staff at KK Youthreach couldn’t be prouder to see their hard work being rewarded.

The students feel they have made a difference and hope to continue their initiatives in the future.