Kilkenny's revamped Callan Road on target to open in early 2018

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Callan Road realignment scheme

Works continue on the busy route

Good progress is being made on the Callan Road realignment scheme, with works now on course to be completed in the first three months of next year.

The scheme involves a significant body of work on the 4.4km section of road from the Callan Road roundabout on the ring road to the junction at Brownstown.

The bulk of the work is divided into two main parts, the first of which involves providing new footpaths, cycle tracks and public lighting from the ring road out as far as Tennypark Cross. The Improvement works have progressed significantly on the east side of the road, in terms of kerbing, footpath and cycle track, lighting and drainage. These will be completed before work switches over to the west side of the road.

The second part of the project involves new road construction and realignment between Tennypark Cross and the Brownstown Junction. There has been good progress on that too — earthworks and drainage — in part thanks to the largely dry weather.

Some minor traffic delays and alternative routes remain in effect.