Kilkenny's craftspeople needed

Are you good at repairing, re-imagining and re-purposing old items?

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Reuse month

Reuse Month is this October

A database of Kilkenny craftspeople skilled repairing, re-imagining and re-purposing old items is being made in preparation for Reuse Month 2017.

Last year’s inaugural event was co-ordinated by the three Regional Waste Management Offices and its success means that even more people than ever are required to facilitate workshops and teach classes as part of the awareness month this October.

Reuse Month 2017 is part of a nationwide initiative to change attitudes to old and disused objects, while encouraging people to re-purpose, donate, sell or repair items and keep them out of landfill sites.

Irish people currently reuse less than 2% of old bulky goods including furniture, with the majority of the remaining 98% going to landfill.

Ireland has an obligation under the Waste Framework Directive to recycle 50% of household waste by 2020. Households across the country will therefore have to reduce their waste and increase their rate of recycling by an average of 5% in the next three years.

Pauline McDonogh Waste Prevention Officer with the Southern Region Waste Management Office said: “Re-purposing, reusing and re-imagining uses for old goods is a fun, cost effective and interesting way to meet those targets and reduce our waste.

“Demand for this year’s event is high and we require even more facilitators and tutors to sign up before the end of August. We are currently putting together a database of interested personnel.

“Kilkenny is very fortunate as it has a significant number of skilled artists, craftspeople and handymen and women that can find new uses for old furniture, clothes, jewellery, bicycles and every day items, and we really want to hear from them.

“We want to engage these people to share their skill and knowledge with others through workshops, classes and presentations during Reuse Month this October.

“Each local authority, including Kilkenny County Council hosted a programme of events  including workshops, talks, and demonstrations that promoted all aspects of Reuse Month [last year].

“Their aim was to inspire citizens to actively engage in reuse at a practical level, and it seems to have worked.”

Applicants need to be passionate about their chosen interest for example art, furniture, textiles, jewellery, or mechanics.

To apply to become part of the data base interested parties are asked to email for an application form before the end of August. The form will allow entrants to indicate their area of expertise, location, costs and other details.